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Magic Cubes And Magic Squares. October 12, 2006

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11th October 2006
B.D.Bhargava, Agra, India.
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Nothing is said now that hath not been said before – I am not being modest, whatever will be put here must have been said quite often, if not in print certainly in family conversation, in groups, in close circles etc. The only claim to originality, that I would like to make, is about BACRONYMS. They are my idea and my creation. I can claim that this is the world’s first and only Dictionary of its kind. More about it in the Introduction.
Also some of the words and sometimes the language may look odd, that will be because I would be reproducing ad – verbatim things of the past era. Words have been selected from the Oxford English Dictionary.


Let me start with my own exhortation of the Dawn: –

The DAY dawns and brings with it new vistas!
It is for us to explore and discover what we please?
Some of us will probably make hay while the sun shines,
While others would just let the opportunity slip away!
Some of us would grab the chances and achieve success,
But most of us will while away time in idle thoughts!
Our excuse – we are busy with our routine activities?
So – in time take time while time doth last,
For time is no time when time is past!!!

Now let me talk about Bacronyms:
Have you ever thought of EAR as the “Earliest Audio Receiver”? Or, EASY as “Effortless And Simple, Yea”. And NEW “Not Ever Witnessed”.
I call this word play, BACRONYMS. Well I take it you must be familiar with Acronyms. In acronyms we normally pick the initial letters of the name of an institution, enterprise etc., and form a word, which may have no meaning taken by itself. But the word Bacronym, I am sure, most of you would be seeing for the first time. It is not a dictionary word. First of all let me explain to you my concept. I am going to form a phrase (like those illustrated above) using only the letters of the word itself (no more, no less) in their sequential order, so that the phrase yields one of the dictionary meanings of the word or its common usage.
Here are some more examples:
Take BEST – doesn’t it mean – By Every Standard Tops.
WORDS – isn’t it – What Objectively Record Definitive Speech.
Take CRAM – ask any student and he will say – Constantly Repeat And Memorize.
CAGE – obviously it is – Captured Animals Guarded Enclosure.
BEAR – if correctly put it is – Better Endure And Reconcile.
BUT – well more often than not it means – Better Understand That.
MAGIC – I believe it is merely – Mystery And Gimmickry In Collusion.
CHAOS – It is just – Confusion Hyperactive At Operation Site.
DREAMS – You can hardly disagree – Daringly Realistic Experiences Amidst Mystique Scenes.
STOMACH – Ask anyone who has a stomach upset and he will painfully say – Sensitive, Turbulent Organ, Metabolism Activity Conducted Here.
TABLEAU – Imagination running wild – Theatrical And Beautiful Looking Exposition Arranged Uncannily.
In other words you can call my BACRONYMS – an attempt to create a special dictionary or a work of literature for pure entertainment. I can confidently assert that if students/readers decide to go for this exercise – they would find it very thought provoking, it will enhance their interest in the English language and will certainly enlarge their vocabulary. Since one word has often more than one meaning, normally only one meaning can be incorporated. So you have plenty of scope to try your ingenuity and bring out the other meanings. In order to make it clear which meaning I have in mind I have classified the words under appropriate themes as far as practicable. Also in order to use as many words as possible, I have deliberately chosen uncommon words, wherever possible.
I have also included some thought provoking items. I am sure after reading some of them you would like to add to what I have stated. I would welcome your additions. You may feel free to e-mail me at

Subtle Words Cocktail
Schematic What Conceptualized.
Undoubtedly Ordinarily Offering
Bemusing, Record Cosmetic,
Truly Definitive Knotty,
Lively Speech Thoroughly
Expressions, Appealing,


BAR Block And Restrain.
BUG Brazenly Urge, Goad.
DIG Doggedly Impact Ground.
END Emphatically Notify – Desist.
MAR Mastermind Adverse Results.
RID Removal Is Deliberate.
RIP Ruin Items Permanently.
RUB Remove Using Brush.
WAY What Assertiveness Yields.
WET Water Exposed Things.


APE Almost Perform Exactly.
CAT Cute And Timid.
DOG Devoted, Obedient Guard.
GID Goats Incurable Disease.
PAW Poise, Alacrity, Wheels*.
WAG Wave And Gyrate.
*Wheels here means ‘transports’.


ACE Acknowledged Champion, Expert.
ACT Astutely Copy Traits.
ART Advertises Realistic Themes.
BOW Bend Over Willingly.
CUE Correct Understanding Enables.
DIN Disorder Immensely Noisy.
HAT Hides Amazing Tricks.
JOG Jostle Onwards Gradually.
LAG Leave A Gap.
OFF Obvious – Final Footwork.
OPT Opinion Precisely Translate.
PAD Protects Against Damage.
RUN Rush Up Now.
VIE Valiantly, Intelligently, Engage.


BAD Boisterous And Defiant.
CON Cunningly Outwit Nonchalantly.
DO Dare Others.
END Enough! Now Drop.
FIT Faithful, Imperturbable, Tactful.
ICY Inimical, Chastises You.
JAG Jut Almost Gawkily.
LIE Leave Incriminating Evidence.
MAY Monosyllabic, Ambiguous, Yes.
MUM Maintain Uncommunicative Mask.
NAG Nastily Accuse, Generally.
OPT One Possibility Tick.
RAM Rash Act Mutilates.
RUE Repent Urging Exoneration.
ZAP Zealously Attack, Perishing.


AIR Advertise Ignoring Response.
FIT Fully Informed, Trained.
FOB Frantically Offered Bargain.
LOT Large Order That.
SET Skillfully Execute Task.
TAB Tells All, Briefly.
TIP Truly Induces Promptness.
WAD Wisely Accumulated Documents.


BAN Bars Activities Notified.
CON Convince Others Naughtily.
DEN Disreputable Elements Nest.
DIG Deeply Investigate, Grope,
DON Dominates Our Neighbourhood.
FAN Fanatically Air News.
MOB Marauders Operating Boisterously.
NAP* Nim** And Possess.
PIN Pursuing Incriminate Neatly.
RIG Rules Infringe Gustily.
ROB Remove One’s Belongings.
SPY Secret Prying Yuppie.
TIP Tender Information Perfidiously.
TAG Trail Along Guardedly.
* Nap here means ‘to seize, to take hold of, to steal’. **Nim here means ‘to steal’.


APT A Proper Thought.
ASK Address Soliciting Knowledge.
FAN Forceful Air Negotiator.
GUN Guards Unspoken Necessity.
KIT Key Implements, Typically.
LOG List Observations Glimpsed.
MAP Mark Accurately Positions.
MID Meticulously It Divides.
OIL Omnipresent Insoluble Liquid.
ON Operational Now.
PAR Precisely As Required.
PIN Pointed Instrument Nails.*
PUN Prankster Undoing Names.
TOP Triumph Of Purposefulness.
TOW Take-away On Wheels.
WHY Willy-nilly Haunts You.
* Fastens.

AIR Advertise Innermost Reasoning.
AWE Anticipate Weird Experiences.
HOT Hurts On Touching.
IRK Irritate Reviling Knowingly.
LIE Legally Incorrect Expression.
LOW Looks Overmuch Worried.
SAD Shaken And Depressed.
SHY Self-consciousness Haunting Yet.
WRY What Rankles You.
ZIP Zeal, Idiomatically Perceived.


AID Assistance Initiated Diplomatically.
ADO Activity Dramatized Overmuch.
BIB Baby’s Imperfections Blots.
CRY Crib, Rave, Yell.
DOG Despicable Or Ghastly.
FOR Fortifies One’s Right.
FUN Freely Unleashed Noise.
HUG Hold, Unabashedly Gripping.
IRE Irritation Released Egoistically.
KID* Knowingly Interject Deception.
LAP Luxurious Armchair, Pacifies.
MUM Mother, Understands Me.
OLD Offhand Lately Debilitated.
PAT Praise And Tap.
PET Personal Entertainment Toy.
ROD Regimens Our Demeanour.
SIR Shrewdly Inserted Respect.
TOY Treasure Of Youngsters.
WIG Winsome, Impressive, Guise.
* Kid here means deceive.

AGE A Growth Enumerator.
ARM Assists Regulating Mechanism.
CUT Contagious, Ulcerous Tear.
EAR Earliest Audio Receiver.
GAG Guard Against Groans.
HIP Holds In Place.
LEG Locomotion Enabling Gadget.
LIP Luscious Invokes Passion.
MAD Mentally Aberrant, Decidedly.


ASS* A Self-seeking Simpleton.
BAD Base And Decadent.
BUT Brings Undercurrents Through.
CAD Cunning And Deceitful.
OAF Outright Arrogant Fool.
ODD Obviously Decides Differently.
OWE Oblige With Expectations.
WOE What Oppressively Exasperates.
* Ass here taken to mean ‘stupid person’.


CAB Commercial Automobile, Broadly.
DAM Dedicated Aqua Manager.
DIM Dull, Indistinct, Misty.
FAR Further Away, Remote.
FOR Focus On Recipient.
GAD Get Around Dawdling.
GOD Governs Our Destiny.
JAM Jeopardizes All Movement.
OUT Order Urging Take-off.
TAN Taupe Acquired Naturally.
WAR Wantonly Activated Ruin.


AIR Atmospheric Ingredient, Restorative.
FOE Fiercely Outpours Enmity.
GOD Grand Omnipotent Divinity.
GEM Gorgeous, Exotic Mineral.
SKY Scintillating Kingdom Yonder.
SUN Solar Unit’s Nucleus.
VOW Vital, Obligatory Wording.


AIM Achievements Indispensable Master-key.
CAN Confidence Asserted Nimbly.
OWE Obligation Wisely Endured.


AIM An Important Monitor.
ANY Alternatives Now Yours.
APT Appropriately Put Thought.
BEG Benediction Encourages Generosity.
BID Best Is Decisive.
CAN Conviction Asserted Nonchalantly.
CAT Children Adore Thee.
CRY Catalyst, Relieves You.
CUP Cheers Us, Proverbially.
EAR Earliest Audio Receiver.
EGO Exclusively Governs Orientation.
FAD Favourite Activity Drill.
FAT Freely Accommodates Taste.
FLY Fictitiously Levitate Yourself.
FOE Fiend, Our Enemy. –
FOR Fight Over Right.
FUN Flinging Utter Nonsense.
HAT Headgear And Trickster.
IMP Intractable Mischievous Prankster.
INK Incidentally Nurtures Knowledge.
JAB Just Abrupt Blow.
JOY Just Overwhelms You.
MAN* Make Appropriate Noises.
MOB Mostly Operating Busybodies.
NEW Not Ever Witnessed.
NIP Naughtily Inflict Pain.
NOD Note – Obviously Drowsing.
RAG Requires Action – Gruesome.
RUT Routine, Understandably Tedious.
SIN Simply Ignore Norms.
SIP Surely It Pacifies.
SIT Standing Is Tiring.
SO Seek Opinion.
TAB Typifies, Albeit, Briefly.
TIE Togetherness Instantly Ensure.
VOW Valiant Offbeat Words.
WAY What Assists You.
WIN What I Need.
WIT Well It Thrills.
WOO Willy-nilly Oblige Overenthusiastically.
YES You Easily Smile.
* Used here as a verb.


AGO Already Got Over.
AND Adds New Details.
AT Along There.
BE Better Ensure.
BIT Briefly – Insignificant Thing.
BY Besides, Yonder.
CUT Causes Ugly Tear.
DIG Deftly Irrupt Ground.
DIP Douse – Immediately Pull.
DO Distinctly Order.
GO Get Out.
HAD Handled And Divested.
HI Hail Impulsively.
HOW Has One Wondering?
IF i) Instructively Fascinating.
ii) I Foresee.
IN I Notice.
IS Indeed Seems.
IT I Think.
LET Leave Even That.
MAY Many Alternatives Yet.
ME Mere Ego.
NAY Nearly Appropriate, Yet!
NO Not Obeying.
NOT Never Occurred Though.
ON Operative Now.
OR Other Recourse.
SAY Simply Asking You?
SO Seeking Observations?
TOO That’s Obviously Overmuch.
TRY Tenacious Repetition Yields.
USE Unveils Service Extractable.
WAS Where Activity Stops.
WAY What Adventures Yield.
WHY Worried, Howl, Yell?
WIT Wisely It Targets.
YAP Yammer Along Peevishly.
YEA Yes, Endorse Agreement.

Time to try completing some phrases. A word is required for letters in italics.


BAG Brings A Goods.
CAFE Coffee-house Assuring Festive E.
CHEF Cooks H, Exotic Food.
CLOG Choke, Loaded Overmuch G.
COOK Conductor Of Our K.
DIET D In Eating Things.
FEED Furnish* Energizing E Dishes.
FOOD F Of Our Development.
FRY Finely R, Yes.
ICE It Cools E.
LAP Lick And P.
MASH M And Stir Hard.
MENU Manual Elucidating N Update.
NUT Nucleus, U Tough.
RIPE R Inside, Presently Edible.
ROTS Roughly – Outran T Span.
RUM R Unsubtle Melancholy.
SACK Stores And C Keeps.
SINK S It Needs Keeping.
SOUR Strong Odour, U, Rancid.
TEA Tasty, Energetic, A.
WINE Wise I Nutritional, Exhilarates.
* Furnish here means ‘supply’.

Let us now have a look at “Our common EXCUSES”

I meant well.
I will start afresh.
It just slipped my mind.
I can give it up anytime.
I will attend to it tomorrow.
This time I could not help it.
I am sorry it will not happen again.
Just give me one more chance please.
It just happened that luck didn’t favour me.

And can you believe it?
Doctors flourish on Poor Health.
Gardeners grow on Plants.
Tailors make money Cutting Clothes.
Priests rely on Blind Faith.
Butchers depend on Slaughter.
Plumbers capitalize on Leaks.
Policemen shoot up on Criminals.
Electricians climb up on Poles.
Palmists live off Lines.
Chemists lean on Drugs.
Firemen warm up on Fires.
Lawyers bank on Litigation.
Bureaucrats get along on Rules.
Grave-diggers prosper on dead bodies.


One BABY can enliven our homes.
One BELL can start a prayer.
One BIRD can herald spring.
One BLOT on your character can spoil your image.
One CANDLE can light the hall.
One FLOWER can kindle love.
One GUST of wind can rain havoc.
One HANDCLASP can lift a soul.
One HEART can guide us to truth.
One HOLE can empty a tank.
One ray of HOPE can raise our spirits.
One IDEA can make us stand apart from others.
One INCIDENT can change our lives.
One INVENTION can change our lifestyle.
One LAUGH can conquer gloom.
One LOOK can transform the mood.
One PRAYER can lead us to Nirvana.
One SIGN can lead us to our goal.
One SMILE can start a friendship.
One SONG can recall old memories.
One SPARK can start a fire.
One STAR can guide a ship.
One STEP can begin a journey.
One STIGMA can tarnish our character.
One SUNBEAM can lift darkness.
One TEAR can excite emotions.
One THOUGHT can direct us to wisdom.
One TIP can lead us to success.
One TOUCH can heal a wound.
One TREE can start a forest.
One VOICE can brighten our day.
One VOTE can change the fate of a Nation.
One WORD of encouragement can be the key to ambition.
One WRONG can result in our ruin.
Overall One LIFE can make a difference to all it comes in contact with.



AVER Affirm Vehemently, Emphatically Rather.
BASH Barbarically Attack, Seriously Hurt.
BUMP Brake Unwarily, Mildly Push.
CALL Come Asking Little Loudly.
CLIP Conveniently Lock In Place.
CURB Control, Unstintingly, Repugnant Behaviour.
DARE Defy And Ruggedly Express.
DATE Dote Around Touching Erotically.
DONE Disposed Off Neatly, Enjoying.
DRAG i) Doggedly Roll Along, Gaspingly.
ii) Draw Roughly, After Gripping.
DROP Doubtlessly Released On Purpose.
FIND First Investigate, Next Deliver.
FLIT Flee Letting Insecurity Takeover.
FOIL Frustrate Others’ Interference, Luckily.
FREE Fortuitously Release Ensuring Escape.
HALT Having A Little Trouble.
JERK Jolt Energetically Roughly Kicking.
JOKE Jesting Overbearingly Keenly Entertain.
MEET Make Entry, Enable Togetherness.
OVER Ongoing Visit Ends, Return.
PACK Pile And Cautiously Keep.
PEEP Painstakingly Eyeing, Enterprisingly Perceive.
PICK Preference Indicate, Collect, Keep.
PLOY Profuse Lip-service Outwitting You.
REAP Realize Eventually, Actively Pursuing.
RUIN Render Unfit, Impairing Noticeably.
RUSH Reach Up Stepping Hurriedly.
SLAM Shut Loudly And Maniacally.
SLIT Simply Leave In Tatters.
SPIT Saliva Perversely, Impertinently, Throw.
STIR Significant Trouble Inciting Rebellion.
TRIM Transform Removing Irregularities Minutely.
WADE Walk Across Difficult Expanse.
WALK Waddle Along Little Keenly.


BETS Blithely Enchanted, Tries Speculation.
CARD Creative Artist Resolves Dilemma.
CAST Competitive Artists Showing Talent.
CLAP Cheer Loudly And Praise.
DAIS Distinctly August, Imposing Space.
FEAT Flattering, Exceptional Accomplishment, Triumph.
FILM Fantasy Interfusing Lively Mimicry.
FLOP Film Low On Popularity.
FOOL Fudge Or Outwit Light-heartedly.
GALA Gathering Assuring Lavish Amusement.
GAME* Gives Audience Maximum Entertainment.
GOLF Gravitate Over Lambent Field.
HAIL Hilariously Acclaim Intense Liking.
JUDO Ju-jitsu’s Universally Doted Offshoot.
JUMP Judiciously Unwind Maximising Pounce.
LEAP Lift Excitedly And Propel.
PLAY Pastime, Leisure Activity Yearlong.
POEM Portrays Ostentatiously Exotic Mood.
POSE Pretend, Offering Sophisticated Explanation.
SNAP Smile Naughtily And Photograph.
STAR Superb Talented Artist, Really.
SWIM Stroke Where It Matters.
TOSS Throw Offering Some Solace.
WAFT With Alacrity, Float Through.
WINS Wholesome Initiative Nets Success.
ZOOM Zap, Often Outdistancing Miraculously.
*Willing to go along.


BARE Brusquely Answer, Revealing Everything.
BEAR Better Endure And Reconcile.
BLOT Behaviour, Leaving One Tarnished.
BRAG Boast Risking Antagonistic Guffaw.
CALM* Convince And Lure Meaningfully.
CARP Complain Agitatedly, Ranting Pugnaciously.
CROW Cry Reveling Over-much Wittingly.
CURT Convey Unpalatable Reaction Tersely.
DAMN Display Annoyance, Muttering Nonsense.
DIRT Dishonourable, Irksome, Rough Thing.
FACE Fight And Contain Emergencies.
FLEE Fearing Lawlessness Expeditiously Escape.
FUME Fuss, Upbraid, Maniacally Express.
FUSS Fervently Utter Something Silly.
HARM Humiliate And Really Malign.
HARP Humbly Address Repeating Persistently.
HIDE Hold In Different Environment.
JEST Jocularly Entertain Speaking Theatrically.
JILT Just Ignominiously Leave, Torment.
LAME** Looks Apparently Mundane Excuse.
LATE Linger After Time Expires.
LAST Leisurely Arrival, Significantly Trailing.
LOAF Live On Apparent Foolishness.
MESS Missed Entirely Simple Solutions.
MOCK Masking Observations Comically, Kid.
NONE Neither Option Now Exercising.
OBEY Order Blindly Execute, Yield.
PROD Poke Roughly Often Disdainfully.
PUSH Prod Unceasingly, Shove Harmonically.
QUIT Quibbling Untiringly Interrupt, Turn-off.
RAVE Reveal Admiration Voicing Ecstatically.
REST Relaxation, Eases Significantly Tiredness.
RUDE Roughly Unleashes Derogatory Expressions.
SHOW Straightaway Help Others Watch.
SHUN Safely Hiding Utterly Neglect.
SNAP Speak Nastily And Provocatively.
SOME Simply Overlook Mentioning Exactly.
STEM Stop Timely Emerging Mess.
STEP Serenely Tread Eschewing Pessimism.
STIR Silently Turn In Repose.
TAKE Thankfully Accepting, Keep Eagerly.
VAIN Vaunts Abilities Irksomely Notifying.
WANT Warmly Announce Need, Timely.
WARN Warily Announce Risks Noticed.
WHIP Whacks Hard, Inflicting Pain.
* Calm here means ‘cool down’.
** Lame here means ‘unconvincing’


BAIL Barter Agreement Incorporated Lawfully.
CLUE Crucial Leftover, Unmistakable Evidence.
EVIL Entirely Vicious, Invariably Loathsome.
FAKE Forged Article Knowledgeably Engineered.
FLAW i) Favourable, Legally Advantageous, Way-out.
ii) Features Loopholes, Allows Wrongdoing.
FLOG Furiously Lash, Often Grimly .
GAIN Get Additional Incentive, Nefariously.
GRAB Go, Rob And Brag.
KILL Knowingly Injure, Leaving Lifeless.
LOOT Lousy One’s Often Take-away.
LURE Laud Unnecessarily, Reassure, Entice.
NULL Non-existent, Unauthorised, Legally Lost.
OATH Ordeal Activating Truth Hunting.
OUST Overthrow Using Strong Tactics.
POLL Public Opinion Legally Logged.
RIOT Rowdyism, Inciting Others Too.
ROBS i) Removes Objects By Stealing.
ROBS ii) Removes Others Belongings Stealthily.
RULE Reference Underscoring Legal Entitlement.
RUSE Roundly Used Subtle Explanation.
SCAM Surreptitiously Collecting Amounts Monumental.
SCAN Scrutinise Continuously Alerting Nimbly.
THUG Terrorises Harasses Us Gruesomely.
VEST Valid Entitlement Showering Things.
VICE Verily It Connotes Evil.
VOID Very Obvious — Invalid Document.


CALM Confident And Logical, Mostly.
CARE Comfort And Reassure Emotionally.
COOL Calm, Orderly, Optimistic Looking.
DARE Defy And Robustly Execute.
DATE Dance, Arousing Thy Emotions.
EASY Effortless Accomplishment Satisfies You.
FEEL Face Emotional Experiences Lucidly.
FRET Feverishly React, Exhibiting Temper.
FUSS Fanatically Urge, Seeking Something.
GLAD Good Luck Always Delights.
GLUM Gloomy Looking, Unduly Morose.
GRIN Grudgingly Rejoice Inviting Notice.
HATE Hostile Attitude Thought Explosive.
HOPE Humane Objective, Positively Envisaged.
LOUR Looks Outwardly, Utterly Resentful.
LOVE Link Of Vibrant Emotions.
MASK Mocking Appearance Sagaciously Kept.
MISS Misplace Item, Subsequently Suffer.
MOAN Manifestation Of Agony, Nervousness.
MOOD Mistress Of Our Designs.
NEED Normally Expresses Earnest Desire.
RAGE Reaction Against Glib Evildoer.
RANT Roar About Nothing Tangible.
RAPT Rigidly Attune, Persevering Tenaciously.
SAFE Secure And Firmly Entrenched.
SORE Seems Offended, Remonstrates Explicitly.
THAW* Timely Help And Wheedle.
UGLY Unusually Grotesque, Lashes** You.
VAIN Vanity Afflicted In Nature.
WANT Wish And Nonchalantly Target.
WARM Welcomes Affectionately, Respectfully Ministers.
* Thaw here means ‘ to become gentle’
** Lash here means ‘to rouse, incite’.


ALMS Assistance, Light Monetary Support.
BABE Beautiful And Bland* Eve.
BACK Believe And Confidently Kindle.
CARD Conveys Appreciation, Records Delight.
CHAT Converse Happily About Trivia.
CLAN Community Linking Ancestral Natives.
CODE Compilation Of Desirable Etiquette.
COSY Comfortable Outfit Soothing You.
CRIB Cozy, Recreational, Infants Bed.
CUTE Charming, Usually Talented, Enchanting.
DAFT Dumb Actor Foolishly Talking.
DAME Dainty, Alluring Madam, Enchants.
DATE Dream Appointment, Tricky Entertainment.
DOLL Darling Of Little Ladies.
FACE Firmly Address Crucial Events.
FAST Forsake Appetite, Satisfying Treats.
FEUD Familial Enmity, Uncontrollable, Despicable.
FOND Favours Overmuch, Nakedly Dotes.
GARB Gorgeous Apparel, Racy, Beauteous.
HOST He Oversees Several Things.
HOWL Hysterical Outburst, Weep Loudly.
KNOT Known Nuptial Ornamental Tie-up.
LASS Lovely And Somewhat Spirited.
LIKE Love, Invariably Keeps Enraptured.
LUST Largely Unabated Sexual Thirst.
PAIR Purposefully Associate Invoking Relationship.
PALS Polite, Attentive, Lively Stereotypes.
PECK Plainly Expressed – Clumsy Kiss.
PRAM Portable Resort, Accelerates Movement.
RAGS Ruined Attire, Garments Specifically.
RICH Rolling In Costly Holdings.
RIFT Results In Frequent Tiffs.
ROPE** Resistance Overcome, Participation Ensure.
SAFE Standard Article, Freely Enjoy.
SAKE Soliciting Acceptance, Kindly Endorse.
SAVE Sagaciously And Voluntarily Economise.
SLAP Serious Lapse Attracts Punishment.
STEP Sensibly Taken, Echoes Progress.
TIFF Tacitly Implies Faultfinding Foray.
TWIN Two Well-connected, Identical Noteworthies.
WIFE Warden In Family Empire.
ZEST Zeal Ensures Spontaneous Tickling.
* Bland here means ‘mild, gentle in nature’.
** Rope here means ‘take along with you’.


DIRE Dreadful, Inimical, Results Emphasised.
ENVY Eternal Nuisance, Vexes You.
FAIR Fellow Acts Impartially, Really.
FAME Favourable And Mesmeric Environment.
FINE Fairly Impressive, Nay, Excellent.
FIRM Fully Implements Resolutions Made.
GIFT Generosity Instantly Finds Transport.
GOAL Germane Objective Authentically Listed.
HELP Hopefully Expects Lusty Protection.
JUST Judges Uniformly, Squarely Treats.
LOOK Lend Objectivity Observing Keenly.
NICE Nature Is Conciliatory, Enchants.
REAL Rational, Existing And Logical.
RISK Result Is Scarcely Known.
SIDE Show Inclination, Disregarding Everything.
SOLO Singly Operate, Lead Offensively.
VIEW Vacuous Idea Expressed Wittingly.
WHIM What Hypnotically Interests Most.
ZEAL Zooms Enthusiasm, Adds Lustre.
Offensively here means ‘aggressively’.

Now it is your turn to complete Bacronyms under the theme “ANIMALS”.
ADDER A Decidedly D Elusive Reptile.
ANIMALS A Natives, Instinctively M Activities Living Sagaciously.
BAIT By Attractive I Trap.
BITE Brutishly I Teeth, Entrap.
CALF Cow’s, Animal’s, Lineal F.
COOP Cage, Only Occupants, P.
EAGLE Extremely Agile, Grabs L Expectantly.
FABLE Features Animal B, Lofty, Educative.
HAWK Highly A Winged Killer.
MANTIS Moving Aggressively, Neatly T Insects, Swallows.
PARROT Pet, Avidly, R Repeating Our Talk.
POUNCE Peeping O Uplift, Next Cleanly Entrap.
SNARE Select Noose A Resolutely Entice.
STING Simple, Troublesome, I Neatly Given.
TAME Train And Master E.
WILD W Intercepted Lunges Dangerously.
WING What Initiates N Gliding.
WINGS i) What Inbreeds Natural G Safely.
ii) W It No Gliding Surely.
YELP Yowl, Eerily L Petrified.
YOWL Yelp – Ominous, W, Loud.

Let us have a different type of interesting word-game?

The most arrogant – 1 letter word – I – Avoid It.
The most pleasant – 2 letter word -We – Use It Often.
The most poisonous – 3 letter word -Ego – Suppress It.
The most used – 4 letter word – Love – Value It.
The most pleasing – 5 letter word – Smile – Spread It.
The most nonsensical – 6 letter word – Rumour – Bury It.
The most sought after – 7 letter word – Success – Strive Towards It.
The most undesirable – 8 letter word – Jealousy – Fight It.
The most powerful – 9 letter word – Knowledge – Acquire It.
The most essential – 10 letter word – Confidence – Win It.
The most dangerous – 11 letter word – Provocation – Conquer It.
The most desirable – 12 letter word – Perseverance – Cultivate It.
The most indispensable – 13 letter word – Determination – Strengthen It.
The most thought provoking – 14 letter word – Discrimination – Judiciously use it.
The most desirable yet rarely followed – 15 letter word – Straightforward – Stick to it.

Time to play with words in a different way – a number game:

1 word I am always receptive to – We.
2 words I always wait to hear – You too.
3 words I want always to echo – I love you.
4 words I am always eager to hear – I care for you.
5 words I always fear to hear – I miss you very much.
6 words that always delight me – Just be with me and relax.
7 words that always enliven my heart – The day dawns, we shall share together.
8 words that make my day wonderful – The day shall traverse with its sweet melodies.
9 words that bring peace – The night arrives, relax, sleep soundly, enjoy sweet dreams.
10 words that I know to be true – God is in heaven watching all children of His land.

MARK OF A SUPERIOR MAN! It is the mark of a superior man that left to himself he is able to endlessly amuse, interest and entertain himself out of his personal stock of meditations, ideas, criticisms, memories, philosophy, humour and what not!!!

Devote time to Work – It is the path to Success.
Take time to Think – It is the source of Power.
Spare time to Play – It is the secret of Youth.
Allow time for selective Reading – It is the fountainhead of Wisdom.
Find time to be Friendly – It paves the way to Happiness.
Take time to Dream – It is nothing short of hitching your wagon to a Star.
Grab every available opportunity to Laugh – It gives Music to the Soul.
Take time off to share in Fun – It provides the shortest route to Harmony.
Try to look Around – It is too short a day to be Selfish.
Avail of time for Meditation – It is the shortest route to Peace Of Mind.


BEST By Every Standard Tops.
BOSS Bureaucratic Official, Some Snob.
COST Consolidation Of Several Transactions.
DEAL Divide Equitably Available Largesse.
DEAR Damn Expensive And Rigged.
DENT Deftly Engineer Novel Techniques.
EDIT Efficiently Doctor Idea Transmission.
FAIL Falter And Inevitably Lose.
FILE Fragmented Information Links Efficiently.
FIRE Fully Infuriated Rescind Employment.
GAIN Generate Additional Income Now.
GURU Guide Underpinning Religious Upbringing.
HEAD Higher Executive As Documented.
HIRE Have It Rented Expressly.
ITEM Identifies Things Expressly Mentioned.
JOIN Juxtapose Or Insert Neatly.
LIST Likely Items Selectively Tabulate.
LOAN Lend Obligingly Assessing Need.
NOTE Neatly Organise Topics Explained.
OPEN Officially Put Entry Notice.
PACT Projects A Common Target.
PEON Person Every Office Needs.
PLAN Ponder, List, Arrange Notionally.
SACK Sanguinely Accuse, Craftily Kick.
SALE Sly Advertisements Lure Everybody.
SAME Similar And Matching Exactly.
SAVE Salvage Acting Very Efficaciously.
SHOP Sales House Of Products.
SIGN States Intention, Gingerly Notifies.
STEP Stimulant That Ensures Progress.
STOP Strategy To Overcome Problems.
SWAP Substitute Without Any Payment.
TALK Trade A Little Knowledge.
TASK Tough Assignments Suiting Know-all’s.
TIDE Tells Important Developments Emerging.
WAGE What Authority Gives Employee.
WORK What Obviously Requires Know-how.

ACHE Affliction, Commonly Harrowing Experience.
ANUS Abnegates Nudged Useless Substances.
BALM Beneficial, Aromatic, Largely Medicinal.
BILE Bitter Ingredient Liver Exudes.
BODY Bone Orientation Distinguishing You.
BONE Brittle Object, Natural Element.
CARE Comfort And Restore Energy.
CLOT Coagulated Liquid Overly Thick.
COLD Condition Often Lowering Defence.
COMA Condition Of Mental Abortion.
CURE Clinically Useful Restorative Exposure.
DEAD Departed, Entered Another Domain.
DEAF Dysfunctional Ear, Aberrant Faculty.
DRIP Dispenser, Regulates Intake Precisely.
DULL Definitely Unenterprising, Lacking Lustre.
DUMB Disabled, Unquestionably Mute Being.
EYES Ensures You Enjoy Sights.
FACE Formal Appearance Conveys Emotions.
FIST Fingers Instinctively Stifling Thumb.
GULP Get-away Unsavoury Liquid Prematurely.
HAIR Highly Alluring If Regulated.
HAND Human Arm Nozzle, Dexterous.
HEAL Help Ensure Ailment Leaves.
ITCH Irritation That Clearly Harasses.
LAME Locomotion Aberrant, Medically Expressed.
LUMP Low-grade, Unattractive Mass, Perhaps.
LUNG Life’s Uppermost Nuclear* Gear.
MIND Manipulates Individuals Needs, Desires.
MOLE Mark Often Like Echinates.**
MOOD Mysterious Object, Often Dramatises.
MUTE Mainly, Unable To Elucidate.
NECK Nudge Emotionally, Caress Keenly.
NOSE Numerous Odours Sorts Effortlessly.
PAIN Posture Adjustment Is Necessary.
PALE Possibly Afflicted, Listless, Exhausted.
PALM Parades Always Lines Mystical.
RISK Recovery Issue Seemingly Known.
SANE Sound Attributes, Not Eccentric.
SCAN Scientifically Comprehend And Note.
SCAR Sign Caused After Rupture.
SICK Somewhat Indisposed, Coddle Kindly.
TONE Tells Obdurate Nature Effectively.
TRIP Tumble Resulting In Pain.
WEAK Wanting Energy And Kick.
WEEP What Eyes Emotionally Perform.
WELL When Everything Looks Lovely.
WOMB Wonderful Organ Moulds Babies.
YAWN You Are Weary Now.
*Nuclear here means ‘relating to nucleus’ and nucleus means ‘central part’.
**Echinates means ‘covered with spines or bristles, like a hedgehog’.


ALMS Assistance Liberally Meted, Satisfies.
ALSO Adding Later Some Observations.
BOLD Brazenness Overcomes Latent Defiance.
BORE Blossoms On Receiving Ear.
COPE Contend Or Painstakingly Endure.
CURT Callously Underscore Righteous Thinking.
DEFT Dexterous, Exhibits Flamboyant Techniques.
ELSE Enigmatic, Leaves Simply Exasperated.
FAIR Favours Anyone Identified Right-minded.
FATE Final Approach Towards Escapism.
FIND Fastidiously Investigate, Next Diagnose.
FOOL Footloose Oaf Overlooks Logic.
GOOD Gratuitous Objective, Ostensibly Dealt.
IDEA Innovative, Dynamic, Explanation Advocated.
KIND Keenly Implements Noble Deeds.
LAUD Lavishly Appreciate Underscoring Dedication.
LOVE Landscape Offering Vivid Exteriors.
MEAN Malicious, Envious, And Niggardly.
MOOD Most Often Outrageously Deceptive.
PEST Parasite, Enrages, Stinks Totally.
RUDE Routinely Uses Derogatory Expressions.
SLOW Sluggish Looks, Outwardly Wavering.
SURE Statement Uttered, Relayed, Emphatically.
TYPE Translates Your Peculiarities, Eccentricities.
WHAT Which Harrowingly Activates Thoughts.

ARCH Alluring Raised Curved Hallmark.
ARMS Augments, Routinely, Military Strength.
BOLT* Bar Orderly Linking Terminals.
CAMP Comforts And Manages Participants.
CAVE Camouflaged, Archaic, Viable Establishment.
EACH Everyone Apparently Concerned Here.
EVER Enduring, Virtually Eternally Relevant.
FORT Formation On Rocky Terrain.
GATE Guards Access To Establishment.
HEAP Hotchpotch, Easily Assembled Pile.
HOME Haven Of Memorable Experiences.
HORN Hit Originates Roaring Noise.
HURL Howl Using Roguish Language.
JAPE Joke As Practically Encountered.
KEEP Knowingly Exercise Exclusive Possession.
LEAN Lightly Encase, Attach Naively.
LOCK Left Objects Carefully Keeps.
LOST Left Object Somewhere Thoughtlessly.
MAIN Manifestly All Important Now.
NEAR Now Easily Accessible, Really.
NUDE Naughtily Unclothes Disregarding Ethics.
ONLY Others Not Linked Yet.
PAIR Partner Always Is Required.
PARK Public Accessible Recreational Kit.
PATH Pointed Approach That Helps.
PLUG Prevent Leak Undoing Gap.
POSH Positively Ostentatious, Scintillating Habitation.
RISK Reconnoitre Inimical Surroundings Knowingly.
SAME Similar And Manifestly Emulated.
SAVE Stringently Act, Voluntarily Economize.
SEND Solicitously Entreat – Now Depart.
SHUT Seal, Hinder Unwanted Traffic.
SNOB Surely Nasty, Obstinate Bloke.
SURF Some User’s Routinely Fish.
TALL Tower Above Local Landscape.
TIER Tells Intelligibly Elevation Relationship.
TRIP Travel Radiating Immense Pleasure.
VOID Very Obvious, It’s Deserted.
WHIM i) Wild Hypnotic Intentions Manifestation.
ii) What Hypnotically Interests Me.
*Bolt here means ‘long pipe of rigid material’.

AURA Aesthetic, Unique, Radiant Apparition.
BANK* Bears Admirably Natures Knocks.
BOON Blessing Of Omnipresent, Naturally.
DATE Daily Advances Time Elapsed.
DAWN Day’s Arrival Warming Nature.
ECHO Essentially Concerns Hollow Orifices.
FATE Final Authority, Tackles Everything.
HALO Hovering And Legendary Opalescence.
HELL Houses Every Lowly Leech.
HOPE Highly Optimistically, Picturised Expectations.
IDOL Icon, Divine, Overemphasized Luminary.
LIFE Logs Intimate Fruitful Experiences.
OGRE Omnivorous Giant, Ravenous Evildoer.
PARK Pay And Rent Kerb.
PRAY Praise Religiously Almighty Yonder.
RITE Religious Invocation Tersely Executed.
SAGE Self Appointed Gods Emissary.
SNOW Somewhere Nature Ordains Whiteness.
SOUL Strange, Occult, Urbane, Liability.
STAR Scintillating Torch Albeit Remote.
STUN Startle, Tricking Uncannily, Numb.
TIME Traversing Instants, Marches Eternally.
TRUE Transparently Right, Utterly Ethical.
VIEW Vivid Impressions, Especially Witnessed.
WIND What’s Invisible Nonetheless Detectable.
*Bank here refers to ‘river bank’.

ABLE Attentive Bloke Learns Easily.
AIDE Always I Do Everything.
BETS Believes Every Time Stars.
BIAS Bothersome It Always Seems.
BOSS Beyond Official Scrutiny, Standard- bearer.
BOTH Brackets One That Helps.
CHAT Come Here And Talk.
DARE Defying Authority Requires Enterprise.
DIET Dare I Eat This.
DISH Delicious Items Served Here.
DUTY Doing Unconditionally Troubles You?
EATS Eventually A Treat Satisfies.
ECHO Eerie Circumstances Hound Often.
EYES Enlighten You, Everything Superintends.
FACT Features – Admissible Concrete Thing.
FINE Finish It Now. Enough.
FLEE Forthright Leave Expecting Evildoings.
GIFT Gratitude Invariably Furthers Ties.
GRIP Gradually Roll In Place.
IDEA I Dreamt Every Application.
IDLE I Don’t Look Energetic.
KISS Knight In Secret Service.
LEAK Law-breakers Exchanging Acquired Knowledge.
LEFT Least Exhilarating, Forget Them.
LEGS Lets Everyone Go Sauntering.
LIFE Let It Float Exuberantly.
LOVE Lots Of Variants Exist.
MIND Meaning I’ve No Doubt.
PAST Present After Some Time-lag.
PUFF Praise, Under Fanciful Flight.
ROSE Redolent Offering, Sentiments Elixir.
SIGH Sadness Is Guardedly Hidden.
SITS Simply Ignores Those Standing.
SOLO So Operate Legendary One’s.
SURE State Uncannily Revealing Everything.
SWAY Strange Waves Around You.
TICK Time It Can Keep.
TYPE Tells You, Precisely, Everything.
VEIL Very Easily It Lowers.
WHEN Without Hesitation Explain Now.

BOTH Brings One Through, Harmoniously.
DIRE Distinctly Indicates Rueful End.
FOUL Filthy, Obscene, Unfair Language.
FROM Factually Reveal Origin Mark.
GIST Gives Information Summarizing Topic/Theme/Treatise.
HANG Hold Aloft, Nastily Gagging.
MERE Mainly Exclusive Requirement Emphasises.
MOST More Of Same Thing.
MUST Most Urgently Sought Thing.
NAME Normal Address Mechanism Essentially.
POOR Pernicious, Out Of Resources.
QUIP Quite Unpalatable Ironical Phrase.
SOAP Substance Overseeing Apparels Purification.
STUB Some Totally Useless Bit.
SUCH Succinctly Understand, Comparisons Highlighted.
TAPE Tighten And Paste Effectively
THAN This Holds Alternate Notions.
THIS Truly Helps Identify Something.
TILL Telling Icily, Laying Limit.
UPON Uncovers Proximity Observed Now.
YAWP Yelp, Also Wail, Puerile.
WAIL Weep Along Inconsolably, Loudly.
WHAT Without Hesitation Answer That.
WHEN What Happened Escaped Notice.
WITH Willingly, I Take Help.
WORD What Ordinarily Records Doings.

Your turn to complete some Bacronyms under the theme EDUCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL
BLAB Babble L And Blithely.
BOOK Beehive Of Our K.
CANE Comforts, Assists Needy E.
CHIP C Historian, Interprets Programmes.
COIN Create O Interesting Nomenclature.
CORE Considered O, Really Essential.
EASY Effortless A Simple, Yea.
EVEN Equal Value, Equally N.
FIRE Fatal I Requiring Extinguishers.
GATE Guarded A To Entry.
GAWP Gaze, Albeit, Without P.
GIST Gingerly Inferred S Theme.
GROW Give Reason Open W.
HARD H Attempted, Really Difficult.
HINT Help In N T.
KNOW Knit Nub Of W.
MAIL Multifunctional, Acclaimed Interactive L.
MARK Meticulously A, Rank Knowledgeability.
MESS Military Establishments’ S Services.
MINE M Internally Natural Elements.
MODE Method Of Doing E.
NONE Neither Odd Nor E.
NOTE Neatly O Themes Examined.
OMIT Obviously M Item, Throw-away.
PASS P Assessed, Standing S.
QUIP Quite U Idiomatic Passage.
RATE Rank A Technical Evaluation.
READ Refer, E And Digest.
ROOT Rational Or Obdurate T.
SCAN See C And Note.
SEEK Search Everywhere Ever K.
SHIP S Housing, In Part.
SKIP Simply Keep I P.
SOFT L Smooth, Of Fine Texture.
STEP Stage T E Progress.
TAPE Transfer Audio P Efficiently.
TAUT Tight And U T.
TELL Transmit Effectively L L.
TILT Tamper Inclining Little T.
UNIT Unambiguously Notifies I Thing.
VETO Victory Ensured Through O.
VISA Vividly Identifies S Assigned.
VOTE Voice Of The E.
WISE Worldly, Intelligent, Scholarly, E.

A look at some of the words which end in “ty”.
No value can be placed on some of the words that we can form which end in ‘ty’. But there are many words and this is an attempt to examine some of them, you are welcome to add to them!!!
Ability – cultivate it and nurture with industry.
Ambiguity – avoid it at all cost.
Animosity and hostility are twin brothers – look before you leap.
Anxiety – don’t rush towards it.
Austerity – should be welcomed with open arms.
Beauty – it is in the eye of the beholder.
Brevity – results of doubtful value – exercise caution all the time.
Brutality and Cruelty are just twin sisters – keep your distance from both.
Calamity – face it courageously and you will not be disappointed.
Capacity – needs to be exploited fully unless intent is to do harm to someone.
Charity and Generosity are twin sisters – they deserve all encouragement and
respect, but they should be showered after understanding the purpose.
Chastity – is a virtue beyond words?
Clarity – welcome it and stick to it.
Complicity and Duplicity are twin brothers – keep away from them whatever be the
Creativity – it demands single-minded devotion, encourage the artist.
Dexterity – give due respect to those who have it, but don’t be envious.
Dignity – a shield, it promises to guard you whatever the odds.
Duty – an indispensable gem, it needs to be polished from time to time.
Facility – be always willing to provide it.
Haughty -look at it after dropping both ‘h’ and ‘y’.
Honesty – is the best policy eternally, strive to revive it if it has lapsed.
Humanity – child of circumstances, rarely is one able to rise up to it.
Humility – avoid the path which may cause it.
Laxity – put a ‘no entry’ board for it.
Loyalty and Fidelity need careful analysis – loyalty towards whom? Judiciously
examine the consequences.
Mighty – those whose deeds are universally recognized in their field of activity.
Modesty – to a limited degree only, don’t stick to it at the cost of your self-respect.
Nasty -don’t let this label spoil your image any time.
Pity – cousin of Sympathy with a touch of sarcasm.
Promiscuity – keep away from it and those who indulge in it.
Propriety – lay a red carpet for it.
Purity – is commendable, but like Virginity it has to be defiled if life is to survive.
Quality – maintain it and don’t allow it to suffer at anytime.
Sensitivity – excellent, but at times only.
Simplicity – spread it.
Spirituality – a matter of faith and inner conviction.
Stupidity – knows no age, colour or race barriers for its manifestation,
Temerity – keep a good distance away from it.
Tenacity – has its own rewards with patience to guide it.
Treaty – be sincere in observing the terms.
Unity and Diversity – two opposites, but they can be good friends with a little help
from sanity.
Vanity – it is undue recognition of one’s own importance keep away.


ADORN Artistically Decorate, Ornamentally Refurbish Nicely.
AMUSE Almost Mocking Unabashedly, Somehow Entertain.
BLARE Blow Loudly Almost Ruining Eardrums.
CARVE Cut Artistically Rock Venturing Eclectically.
CHESS Contest Having Enticing, Sacrificial, Stratagems.
CLOWN Comical Looks, Oafish, Wildly Naughty.
DANCE Divine, Aesthetic, National, Cultural Exposition.
FARCE Funny, Admittedly Ridiculous, Comical Enactment.
GAMES Glamour, Artistry, Mobility, Entertainment, Satisfying.
MAGIC Mystery And Gimmickry In Collusion.
MARCH Move About Ritually Clinking Harmoniously.
MIMIC Mocking Impassively, Majestically Imitating, Captivate.
MUSIC Melodious Unruffled Sound, Is Celestial.
PIANO Pacesetter Instrument, Accentuates Natural Overtones.
SCALE Successfully Climb And Look Elated.
SINKS Safety Ignored, Not Knew Swimming.
SPREE Sudden Pampering, Rather Extravagant Entertainment.
STAGE Show Theatre, Also Grand Entertainer.
STORY Some Telling Observations Regarding Yesteryears.
TRACE Tenaciously Roll And Copy Exactly.
VOCAL Voice Obtrusively Casting Aspersions Lavishly.
WAGER Wantonly Adopt Gambling Expecting Riches.

ABASE Abusively Berate And Squarely Execrate.
ABUSE Address Brazenly Using Sadistic Expletives.
ADEPT Assuredly Dexterous, Efficiently Performs Tasks.
ADOPT Analysing Different Options Pick Tactfully.
AGREE Accept Gleefully Reasoned Explanation Entirely.
ALARM Attracts Limited Attention, Reminding Mechanically.
ALTER Adjust, Looking Thoroughly Errors Rectify.
ANGRY i) Annoyed, Nastily Gobbles Rankling You.
ii) Annoyed, No Good Results Yet.
ARGUE Aggressively Reason, Giving Ultimatum Even.
BLAST Brutishly Look And Speak Threateningly.
BOAST Brag On About Something Trivial.
CHIDE Criticise Harshly, Indeed Deliberately Embarrass.
CLASH Curtly Lash And Show Hatred.
CLASP Close Links And Strongly Press.
DETER Discourage Emphatically, Tactfully Explaining Reasons.
ERASE Entirely Rub And So Eradicate.
FLARE Fret, Loathe And React Explosively.
GRACE Gentleness Reflects, Almost Charms, Endears.
GROPE i) Go Round Optimistically, Peering Everywhere.
ii) Go Roaming On Purpose, Expectantly.
GUARD Gravity Understand, Arrange Right Defense.
GUESS Gingerly Unveil, Excitedly, Some Secret.
GUISE Generally Unrecognisable, Imaginative, Self-effacing, Exterior.
HAILS Highly Appreciative, Instantly Lauds Sincerely.
MAYBE Most Ambiguous, Yet Barely Evasive.
MINCE Mention Indifferently, Nay, Converse Evasively.
NEVER Not Ever, Vigorously Expressed Refusal.
NUDGE Nakedly Urge, Deliberately Grabbing Elbow.
OUGHT Obligation Usually Governs Hollow Transactions.
SHAKE Sway Hard Almost Knocking Excitedly.
SHARP Shrill, Hearty And Relatively Piercing.
SHOUT Speak Heatedly, Often Using Threats.
SKILL Specialized Knowledge Implies Less Labour.
SPARE Simply Part As Readily Expendable.
SPEAK State Plainly, Even Arguing Knowingly.
SPOIL Support Perversity Overlooking Insubordination Laughingly.
STALL Sense Trouble And Lie Low.
STARE See Things Attentively, Relentlessly Eyeing.
STEER Steadily Turning Elbow, Easily Reach.
SWEAR Speak With Expletives And Repugnantly.
TAUNT Teasingly Address Using Nasty Tone.
TEASE Tantalize Echoing Ambiguous Saucy Expressions.
TIMID Truly Insipid, Maybe Insecure, Dithers.
UTTER Unwillingly Translating Thoughts, Edgily Recount.
WHILE Waste Hours Idiotically, Looking Engrossed.
YIELD Your Immaturity Effectively Lowers Defence.

ACTOR Astute Character, Taking Orders, Re-enacts.
ALTER Adjust Leaving Things Elegantly Recast.
AMPLE All Materials Plentiful, Levels Excceded.
AUDIT Analysis Undertaken, Duty-bound, In Totality.
BOGUS Bereft Of Genuineness, Undisputedly Sham.
BRIBE Bestow Riches, Influence Business Expectations.
CHAIN Creation Having An Interlinking Nature.
CHEAP Characteristically Hints Economic Affordable Price.
DRAFT Detailed Rough And Formal Text.
EQUIP Especially Quantified Utility Items Provide.
FALSE Fake And Largely Spurious Entry.
MERGE Make Enterprise Really Gigantic Entity.
ORDER Obligatory Request Desiring Execution Rigidly.
PRESS Push Resolutely Explicitly Seeking Support.
PRIME Precious, Really Important, Most Expensive.
QUITS Quibbling Ultimately Intimates Terminating Service
QUOTA Quantified Unit Of Tangible Allocation.
SCOOP Scandalous Coverage Often Obtained Perchance.
SCOPE Specifies Contractual Obligations Precise Extent.
SCRAP Stop Contemptuously Realising Adverse Performance.
SPIES Slick Professionals Illegally Extracting Secrets.
STACK Store Things And Conveniently Keep.
TEMPO Though Enthusiastic Maintain Proper Order.
TRADE Transactions Requiring Acceptance, Delivery, Exchange.
VALUE Very Accurately Logged Utility Evaluation.
WASTE What Actually Survives The End-product.

ADMIT Accept, Denying Matter Initially Though.
BANNS Behold, Another Nuptial Notice Served.
BLEED Blackmail, Loot, Employing Evil diatribes.
CATCH Chase And Then Cautiously Hold.
COURT Convicts Offenders, Undertaking Rigorous Trials.
CROOK Criminal, Rogue Overruns Our Kitty.
ELUDE Escape, Lying Undercover Deftly Evade.
FACTS Fully Authenticated Cum Testified Statements.
FATAL For Actions That Annihilate Life.
FIEND Fearsome Individual, Exceptionally Nasty, Demoniac.
FORGE Fraudulently Overreach Reproducing, Gainful Entitlements.
FUDGE Falsify Using Deceit, Guardedly Execute.
GROPE Go Reconnoitering Or Painstakingly Explore.
JUDGE Justly Utter Decision, Gauging Evildoer.
GAFFE Give Away, Foolishly, Facts Entrusted.
LEAKS Lets Evildoers Acquire Knowledge Surretiously.
LEGAL Lawfully Enacted Governmental Actions Literally.
LICIT Lawful It Certainly Is, Technically.
PLEAD Paraphrase Legal Entity And Debate.
PINCH Pick Items Nefariously Causing Harm.
PROBE Painstakingly Review Objectives Behind Effect.
PROOF Pragmatic Record Of Observed Facts.
QUASH Questioning Utility Annul, Scrap, Happily.
REBUT Refute Easily By Unquestionable Testimony.
RIFLE Rob Ignobly, Fob Leading Evilly.
ROGUE Rascal Or Goon, Unprincipled Element.
SATAN Sadistically Acts Towards All Naughtily.
SCARE Suddenly Cause Alarm Rattling Everyone.
SOLVE Settle Outstanding Litigation Very Equitably.
STEAL Swiftly Take, Escaping After Loot.
TWIST Talk Wildly Ignoring Simple Truth.
VALID Very Accurate, Logical, Irrefutable Declaration.
VOUCH Verify Outright, Unambiguously, Case History.
WAIVE Willingly Assign, Ignoring Valid Entitlements.
WITCH Wicked, Intriguing, Tricky, Crazy Human.
WRACK Wantonly Ruin Almost Crudely Knocking.
WRECK Wrathfully Rack Everything, Crowing Keenly.
WREST With Robust Effort Snatch Triumphantly.


ALARM Adjustable, Lyrical, Audio Resonating Mandatorily.
AWARE Already Well-informed As Required, Eventually.
BASIS Broadly Accepted, Sometimes Implied, Source.
BOOKS Bring Openly Outstanding Knowledge Sources.
CHART Certainly Helps Assimilate Results Tendered.
CLASS Creates Learning Atmosphere, Shapes Scholars.
CLEAR Completely Logical, Explains Arguments Rationally.
COUNT Calculate Or Using Numerals Total.
EMAIL Exhilarating, Manipulative, Addictive, Industrious Lackey.
ERROR Expressed Relatively, Reverse Of Right.
FALLS Formal Attempt Indicates Lamentable Score.
FINAL For Immediate Next And Last.
FIRST Foremost In Rank, Simply Tops.
FLUNK Fail, Lacks Understanding, Nay Knowledge.
GRASP Get Relief After Studying Problem.
GUESS Groping Ultimately Extract Some Solution.
GUIDE Generate Understanding, Identifying Difficulties, Educate.
IDIOM Incomprehensible, Distinctive, Ideas Often Melodramatic.
LEARN Lesson Effectively Absorb, Recording Notes.
MINUS Mathematical Interpretation — Now Use Subtraction.
NOVEL Normally Offers Vivid, Enchanting Literature.
MOUSE* Moves Obediently Upon Screen Enquiringly.
PHONE Permits Holding One-to-one Nitty-gritty Encounter.
PRIME Puissant, Remains Indivisible, Mathematically Expressed.
QUOTE Quality Utterances Often Tersely Expressed.
RADAR Remarkably Analyses Direction And Range.
RATIO Relationship, Arithmetical That Is Operative.
RIVET Renders Immovable, Verily Ensuring Togetherness.
ROBOT Religiously Obeys Business Operation Techniques.
SABOT Shoe Assembled Battering Obtruncated Tree.
SCOLD Sarcastically Criticize Openly Letting Down.
SCOUT Search Covering, Often, Uncharted Territory.
SENSE Serene, Eclectic Narrative Signally Expounded.
SPELL Sequentially Position Each Likely Letter.
THEME Topic Highly Exploratory Mesmerizing Everyone.
THINK Temporary Hold-up Inviting New Know-how.
TIGHT Taut, Iron Grip Holds Thus.
TOPIC Theme Or Point Inviting Consideration.
TOTAL Tabulate Objectively Thereafter Add Logically.
TUNIC Tight Uniform, Natty, Impressive Coat.
TUTOR Teaches Us Technicalities Optimizing Revision.
USAGE Usual Symbolic Application Generally Employed.
VIRUS Very Infectious, Ruins Utterly Systems.
*Computer related.
ABHOR Act Belligerently, Hating Often Roundly.
ALARM A Loud Announcement Regarding Mayhem.
ALERT Always Looking Energetic, Reacts Timely.
ANGST Anxiety, Neurotic Guilt, Sensitively Translated.
AWAIT Anxiously While Away Intervening Time.
BRASH Bumptious, Really Arrogant, Somewhat Hotheaded.
CHEER Compliment Heartily Encouraging, Ever Rapturously.
CLING Consciously Lean Interminably — Neatly Gripping.
CROSS Critical Response, Often Seething Stoically.
DRIFT Discreetly Relay Intentions, Feelings, Timidly.
EAGER Excited As Generally Expecting Rewards.
FEIGN Falsely Exhibit Intention Grinning Naughtily.
IRATE Is Really Angry, Truculent Even.
MIGHT Maybe, It Generally Hides Thoughts.
PANIC Perturbed, Acts Nervously, Insinuating Catastrophe.
QUALM Quite Understandably Apprehensive, Little Morose.
QUIET Quit Urgently Irritating. Ensure Tranquillity.
SCOFF Speak Contemptuously Or Flippantly Face.
SHOCK Scary Happening, Overawes, Can Knockout (Could Kill).
SORRY Sincerely Offer Regrets, Reconciliation Yearned.
SPITE Show Perversity In Tackling Embitterment.
TACIT Tells All Concerned Implication Telepathically.
TEMPT Trickily Entice, Mislead Pleasantly, Though.
TENSE i) Traumatic Experiences Noticeably Stretch Emotions.
ii) Traumatic, Extremely Nervous Stressed Emotionally.
THANK Truly Honour Acknowledging Naively Kindness.
TRUCE Temporary Respite, Unsteadily Containing Enmity.
UPSET Under Pressure Suffer Emotional Torture.
VOICE Vent Opinion, Intimate Comments Expectantly.
WORRY Whensoever Operational Results Rankle You.
WRATH When Raging Anger Turns Hostile.

APRON Apparels, Perchance, Ruination Obstructs Neatly.
BINGE Bout Involving Nutty Gluttonous Eating.
FILTH Foul, Infectious, Lousy Thing, Hideous.
LADLE Long-handled Accessory, Dispenses Liquids Efficiently.
SCOUR Systematically Clean Outside, Uniformly Rubbing.
STALE Simply Taken – Aged Left-over Eatables.
TASTE Tongue Accurately Senses Things Edible.
TASTY Toothsome, Appetizing, Stirring, Tickles You.
TOAST Thoughtfully Offer Audience Spirituous Treat.
TREAT Tasty Refreshments, Entertainment And Thrills.
WAITER Watchful Attendant, Intently Tends Every Requirement.
WATER* Whip Aqueous Thereby Enabling Rinsing.
WATER Wets, Abates Thirst, Energizes, Rejuvenates.
* Water used here a ‘verb’.

ALBUM A Look Brusquely Uncovers Memories.
ALONE Abandoned, Languishing, Ordinarily Not Entertained.
ANTIC Action Normally Termed Idiotic, Crazy.
BLESS Bolster Luck, Encourage Successful Striving.
BRAVE Boldly Reacts And Valiantly Engages.
BRUSH Briskly Rubbing Uniformly Smoothens Hair.
CANON Compilation Apprising Notanda*, Obligatory Norms.
CHILD i) Combative Hostage In Loving Domain.
ii) Choosy, Helpful Imp, Lively Darling.
CHORE Cumbersome Housework Often Routinely Entrusted.
CLING Clumsily Lean. Inclining Nervously, Grin.
CRACK Clear Rupture After Crude Knock.
CRAWL Creep, Rolling Arms With Legs.
CREED Comprises Religious, Ethnic Ethical Doctrine.
CURSE Creates Unfamiliar Ripples Scaring Everyone.
DIARY Divulges Idiosyncrasies Alongside Romantic Yarns.
DREAM Describes Really Exciting Ambitions Module.
ENDOW Ecstatically Notify Donating One’s Wealth.
FEAST Formal Entertainment And Sumptuous Treat.
FLAME Favourite Little Angel, Mesmeric Eve.
FLIRT Fool**, Lovers Intentions Roguish, Transient.
FORUM Formal, Objective Related, User-friendly Me.
GABBY Garrulous, Always Babbles, Brazenly Yawps. /Brags, Yaps.
GREET Gently Receive Eclectically Entertain Tastefully.
GROUP Gentlefolk Rigidly Observing Uniform Practices.
GUEST Gentlefolk, Usually Enliven Social Ties.
HAREM Houseroom Accommodating Regimental Eves, Mistresses.
JAUNT Joyous And Usually Noisy Trip.
NAKED Nude, Attire Knowingly, Entirely, Discarded.
PURSE Pecuniary, Utilitarian, Resources Suitably Encompasses.
SAPID Sweet And Pleasant, Interesting Demeanour.
SHRUG Shoulders Half-heartedly Raised, Unconvinced, Groan.
SLIDE Smoothly Lying Inch Downwards Exultantly.
SMACK i) Spirited, Moderately Aloud, Cheeky Kiss.
ii) Spontaneous, Melodic And Crackling Kiss.
SOUND*** Solemnly Offer, Usually Non-committal, Dictum.
SPANK Swiftly Punish And Noisily Knock.
SWING Sway With Intervals Neatly Gyrating.
SWIRL Spin, Whirl, Impress Rotating Luxuriously.
TOUCH Tinge Of Understanding Causes Happiness.
UNITE Urging, Nestling, Interceding, Tie Everybody.
WALKS With Alacrity Legs Keep Shifting.
WHERE Whither, Helplessness Express Requesting Enlightenment.
*Notanda here means ‘something to be specially noted or observed’.
**Fool here means ‘deceive, dupe’.
*** Sound here means ‘inform’.

BLIND Brightest Light Is Not Detected.
CHEEK Chubby Hollow Edifice Enjoys Kisses.
CRAMP Completely Restrictive Acute Muscular Pain.
FRESH Feel Recouped, Even Seem Happy.
HAIRS Highly Alluring Impeccable Radiant Strands.
MORON Mentally, Overall, Retarded, Oaf, Nescient.
NAILS Natural, Artistic, Increasing, Laminated Studs.
NASAL Nose Activated Sound Avoiding Larynx.
NAVEL Necessary Appendage, Very Eye-catching Look.
OBESE Overall Body’s Entire Structure Enlarged.
PENIS Penetrating Erotically Neatly Injects Semen.
QUACK Queer, Uneducated, Astute, Cunningly Kind.
SLEEP Slumber, Leisurely Enjoy Enchanting Peace.
SMELL Strong Mysterious Essence Let Loose.
SNORE Silly Noises Outdoing Resonating Echoes.
SOUND Sensible, Ordinarily Unruffled, Not Diseased.
TEARS Torn Emotions Attract Rapid Showers.
TEETH Trustingly Eat Everything Thrashing Hyperactively.
THYME Tropical Herb Yielding Medicinal Emollient.
TOUCH Translates Our Understanding Creating Harmony.
ULCER Ugly Lump, Can Easily Rupture.
VIRUS Viciously Infects, Result – Universal Suffering.
VITAL Very Important Therapeutic And Life-preserver.
VOICE Visibly Overall Intimates Concerns Emotionally.

AGILE Active, General Inference – Living Energetically.
BEAST Boisterous, Evil And Simply Terrible.
BLIND* Barely Listening Ignores Nastiest Deed.
BRAVE Bold Resourceful And Veritably Enterprising.
CLEAN Convincingly Look Elegant And Neat.
CYNIC Confronts You Negatively, Icily Comments.
FINAL Firmly Insist Negating Alternate Lines.
FLUKE Fabulous Luck Unearths Kingly Enrichment.
FOCUS Firmly, Obsessively Concentrate Upon Subject.
FREAK Features Reportedly Exclude Anything Known.
GREAT Generally Resourceful, Exemplary And Talented.
GRIPE Grumble Retailing** Immodestly Painful Experiences.
HABIT Hardy Attitudes Blatantly Instigating Thee.
HARSH Haughty And Rancorous Sounding Hyper-criticism.
KNACK Known Natural Ability Cultivated Keenly.
KNAVE Known Naughty And Villainous Evildoer.
LAPSE Listlessness, Absentmindedness Precipitate Sweeping Errors.
MISER Master In Saving Extremely Rapturously.
NAIVE Not Affected, Innocent, Very Ethical.
NASTY Noisily Abusive, Sarcastic, Torments You.
POISE Posture Outwardly Impressive, Serene, Efficacious.
QUEER Questionable, Unbearable, Eccentric, Even Repulsive.
RABID Religiously Antagonistic Behaviour, Indeed Despicable.
RIGHT Rare Insight Governing Harmonious. Thinking.
RIGID Really Inflexible, Generally Is Domineering.
SCORN Show Contempt Or React Nastily.
SMILE Success Manifesting In Lively Expressions.
SOBER Serious, Observes Behavioural Ethics Rigidly.
SPEAK State Purposefully, Express, Address, Knowledgeably.
STYLE Singular Traits You Lavishly Employ.
TERSE To Express Ruggedly, Sometimes Erroneously.
VISTA Visualizing, Imaginatively, Sensational Times Ahead.
WRATH Wild Rage, Anger That Horrifies.
* Blind here taken to mean ‘not governed by reason or purpose’.
** Retailing here means ‘recounting, relating details of’.

ATTIC A Terrace That Is Covered.
CABIN Compact Accommodation, Boxy In Nature.
CACHE Conveniently And Completely Hides Everything.
CADET Characteristic Army Designation, Early Trainee.
CHART Clearly Helps Access Rough Terrain.
CRUSH Chip Roughly Under Something Heavy.
CURVE Course, Undoubtedly Round, View Elliptical.
DARTS Danger Ahead, Runs Towards Safety.
FAINT Feeble And Indistinct Non-conformist Thing.
FLASH Fiery, Laconic Action Staged Hurriedly.
FRAME Fond Remembrances Artistically Made Everlasting.
LIMIT Level Indicating Maximum Intransigence Tolerable.
NADIR Normally Acute Despair, Immeasurable Really.
PLUCK Please Look, Unusual Courage Kneads.
ROUTE Roadway Or Updated Travellers Encyclopaedia.
SCENE Surroundings Circling Events Noisily Enacted.
SPACE Specific Portion, Area Considered Empty.
SPIES Slick Professional Imparting Entrusted Secrets.
STARK Sharply Tuned Absolute Reality, Kittenish.
THORN Tingles, Hurts, Object Resembling Needles.
TRAIL Track Radiant, Ambivalently Inviting, Lifeline.
TRASH Tawdry, Rotten And Saggy Hogwash.
TWINS Two With Identical Naturalistic Semblance’s.
UNITE Understanding Now Intricacies Together Endeavour.
WORDS What Objectively Record Definitive Speech.
WORST What Obviously Represents Something Terrible.

DEVIL Demoniac, Eerie Visitor, Insidious, Lubricious.
ELECT Endorse Legally Empowerment Choosing Troubleshooters.
FAITH Firmly Accept, Ignoring Temporary Hurdles.
GHOST Ghastly Hallucination Of Spirit.
GRAVE Ground Required After Very End.
HAUNT Habitually Access Unleashing Nasty Tricks.
HAVOC Holocaust, Also Visitation Of Catastrophe.
HUNCH Harbingers Utterances Naturally Caution Humans.
JIHAD Judgement Ignominiously Hiding Antagonistic Directive.
PEACE Pacific, Exemplary And Composed Effect.
PEARL Priceless Exhibit, Alluring, Really Lustrous.
QUEST Quintessentially Undertaken Exploration Seeking Truth.
SPELL Strange Paranormal Effect Let Loose.
STORM Sandy, Thunderous Outburst, Rainy Moments.
THORN Terribly Hurts, Otherwise Resembles Needle.
WEIRD Wild, Eerie, Images Raised Devilishly.

ANGER A Natural Generally Emotional, Reaction.
BLESS Bestow Largesse, Extend Superlative Support.
CHARM Certain Hypnotic Assisted Regal Manifestation.
DELVE Diligently Explore Looking Very Efficiently.
DOGMA Doctrine Obsessively Guiding Moral Attitudes.
DOUBT Different Opinions Understandably Bewilder Thee.
FAULT Failing, Alternatively, Unveiling Latent Tangles.
FIGHT Face Indignantly Great Harm Tenaciously.
GRACE Gentle, Radiant, Attentive, Captivates Enigmatically.
GREED Grabbing Readily Everything Ever Desired.
GUILT Getaway Under Insecurity, Lying Turbidly.
HABIT Hardy And Beguiling Instrument Truly.
IDEAL Imaginative, Distinctive, Efficacious And Legendary.
IMAGE It Makes A Good Exhibit.
MERIT Measures Excellence Rewarding Inherent Talent.
MORAL Mix Of Rational, Adorable Lessons.
NOVEL Not Ordinary, Very Exclusive, Laudable.
PRIDE Personal Respect, Individuals Decide Extent.
PROUD Passionately Reports On Unimportant Doings.
QUITE Quantifies, Unambiguously Implies, Totality, Entirety.
SKILL Superlative Knowledge, Important Lessons Learnt.
SMART Singular Means And Rare Talent.
STYLE i) Singular Techniques You Lavishly Employ.
ii) Some Techniques I Lavishly Employ.
SUPER Simply Unmatched, Pristine, Excellent Really.
TRAIT Typical Rigid Attribute, Identifies Transparently.
TRUST To Rely Upon Someone Thoroughly.
TRUTH Temporal Reasoning Universally Thought Honourable.
VITAL Veritable, Indispensable Thing Assisting Life.
YEARN Your Ego Aggressively Requiring Non- essentials.

AWARD Acquired Wisdom Attracts Recognition Double-quick.
BLISS By Looking Ignorant Seek Solace.
BRIDE Believes Readily In Divine Edict.
CHAOS Confusion Hyperactive At Operation Site.
CHART Curiously Hides And Reveals Technicalities.
IDIOT Imbecile, Duffer, Ignorant Of Tact.
LAUGH Loud And Unfettered, Gusty Ha-ha.
LINES* Literally Interpret Numerous Events Scientifically.
LOGIC Letting Others Go In Circles.
LYING Launching Yourself In Naughty Games.
NOISE Normally Outrageous, Indistinct Sounds Encountered.
PHONE Please Hold Off, Network Engaged.
PRINT Please Render In Neat Type.
SHARE Some Have And Rest Enjoy.
SLEEP Seductive Little Eve, Ever Playful.
SMILE Some Milestones In Life Enjoy.
TRASH Thrown Rubbish, Always Somewhat Hazardous.
TRYST The Reality Your Stars Target.
WHITE What Has It To Entice.
* Reference is to lines on the palm.

ABOUT A Brief On Unknown Topic.
AFTER Attend First, Then Execute Rest.
DIARY Describes Intimate Associations Reviewing Yesterdays.
HEARD Had Earlier Also Received Details.
LEAVE Leisurely Exit, Alternatively Vacate Establishment.
NOISE Nonsensical, Obnoxious, Intense Sound Explosion.
PRESS Perceptibly Restore Exact Shape, Smoothen.
QUEST Quizzically Undertaken, Exploration, Simply Tantalizing.
SINCE Specifies Interval Noticed, Covered, Elapsed.
WHERE Whatsoever Hidden Elaborately Reveal Early.
WORDS What Ordinarily Records Descriptions Systematically.
WRITE Words Record, Ideally Transcribe Elegantly.

This time try to make complete phrases i.e. coin your very own Bacronyms treating the words under the theme ACTIVITY.

Now match our views about: THE HUMAN BODY
The human body is a self-nourishing, self-regulating, self-repairing, self-starting and self-reproducing machine installed at birth and lasting for good three-quarters of a century, like a good grandfather’s clock, requiring very little attention.
It is a machine. A machine provided with wireless vision, and wireless hearing with a much more complicated system of nerves and lymph’s than the most complicated telephone and telegraph system of the world. It has a system of filing reports, done by a vast complexes of nerves, managed with such efficiency that some files, the less important ones, are kept in the attic and the others are kept in a more convenient desk, but those kept in the attic, which may be more than 30 years old and rarely referred to are nevertheless there and found with lightning speed and efficiency. Perhaps the system is much faster and efficient than the fastest and latest of the present day computers. In computer terminology the memory capacity of the human brain is 10 trillion bytes or 100 times bigger than one gigabyte disc. It functions as a private television and broadcasting station, carrying out its functions transmitting electrical impulses.
It also manages to go about like a motor-car with a perfect knee-action and absolute silence of engines and if the motor car has an accident and breaks its glass or its steering wheel, the car automatically exudes or manufactures a substance to replace the glass and does its best to grow a steering shaft, for we must remember that when one of our kidney gives way, the other swells and increases its functions to ensure the passage of the normal volume of urine. Then it also keeps up a normal temperature within a tenth of a Fahrenheit degree and manufactures its own chemicals for the purpose of transforming food into living tissue.
Above all, it has a sense of rhythm of life and a sense of time, not only of hours and days, but also of decades; the body regulates its own childhood, puberty and maturity, stops growing when it should no longer grow and brings forth a wisdom tooth at a time when no one of us even thought of it. Our conscious wisdom has nothing to do with our wisdom tooth.
It also manufactures specific anti-dotes against poison on the whole with amazing success and it does all those things with absolute silence without the usual racket of a factory, so that our superfine meta-physician may not be disturbed and is free to think about his spirit or essence.
It relies on a very cheap and abundantly available source of material for survival. Ventilation takes place to maintain a constant flow of fresh air, around 16 times a minute. It has a network of pipelines, stretching over 40 miles to transfer oxygen poor blood from all body tissues to a muscular pump, the best in the world, which purifies it and sends oxygen rich blood to all tissues to maintain their strength and vitality. The pump works uninterrupted, between 60 to 80 times a minute, to keep life flowing. The body has around 600 trillion tiny air bags in the lungs. The surface area they provide for oxygen and carbon dioxide is equivalent to that of a tennis court.
It has a defense system that seeks out and engulfs any invading bacteria or viruses or disease causing organisms. It also has a mechanism, which protects it from physical injuries by releasing chemicals, which enable blood to clot and thus prevent blood outflow.
It has storm troopers that carry carbon dioxide from tissues to the lungs where it is exuded. It has garbage clearance apparatus, which carry metabolic wastes from its factory to the kidneys, which help to excrete it as urine, and digested food is also transferred to this factory for processing and passing onward to the body cells as nourishment and waste product is routinely thrown out.
Do you know how you are able to distinguish the various smells you come across in everyday life? Well there are about 5 million small receptors located in a patch, about the size of a postage stamp, on the roof of each nasal cavity. When the receptors detect an odour, signals speed along a nerve path to the olfactory bulb, an area of the brain where smell is interpreted. And believe me our sense of smell decreases with advancing age.
Do you know what is UMAMI? It is the fifth and most recently discovered ‘taste sense’. It has been described as ‘savoury’ Parmesan cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and some sea
foods all have a distinctive umami taste.
And marvel of marvels, the genetic engineering ensures that all organs and body features are identical in all human beings, except in very rare cases, and yet no two faces or body structure are identical in all respects, irrespective of which part of the world we look for them.


ACTION Anticipating Certain Trouble Initiate Operation Now.
ACCEPT Accord Consent, Clearly Expressing Pleasure Thank.
BATTER Beastly Attack That Torments, Executed Remorselessly.
CANCEL Confidently Annul Now, Consciously Exclude Logically.
COMPEL Contrive Obedience Making Persuasive Entreaties Lucidly.
DABBLE Drift Along, Bit Brusquely, Lightly Engaged.
DAMPER Diminishing Aftermath* Makes People Endure Risk.
DEFEAT Daring Encounter Facilitates Early, Artistic, Triumph.
DETECT Divine, Effectively Trace, Elaborately Concealed Things.
FINISH Firmly Indicate, Nay, Insist, Simply Hasten.
FUTILE Forget, Useless Trying It, Literally Expendable.
GATHER Get Articles, Thrown Hereabouts Earlier, Reassembled.
GLANCE Gently Look And Notice Certain Essentials.
HAMMER Hit After Making Maximum Effort Relentlessly.
HAMPER Hinder Activity, Maybe, Prevent Even Rowdily.
HUSTLE Hurry, Unabashedly Steer Through Leading Eagerly.
JUMBLE Just Unloosen, Mix Brusquely, Looking Expectantly.
MANAGE Make Appropriate Noises And Get Established.
PRONTO Promptly Rush Off Now, Timely Organize.
TAMPER Twist And Manipulate, Possibly, Erasing Record.
* Aftermath here means ‘unpleasant consequences’.


BRIDGE Best Regulated Inductive, Deft, Game, Entertains.
CAMERA Captures All Moments Expertly, Really Amazingly.
CENSOR Critically Examines Neutralizing Squarely Objectionable References.
COMEDY Confluence Of Melodramatic Events Delighting You.
CREATE Conceive Romantically, Execute Artistically, Tastefully Exhibit.
CRITIC Censors Religiously, Indiscriminately Testing Intelligibly Comments.
DESIGN Distinctly Evolve Some Intricate Graphics Now.
GAMBIT Gradual Advance Masking Brilliantly Integrated Traps.
GAMBLE Go Ahead Making Bets Literally Everywhere.
INVENT Identifying Nascent Visions Evolve Novel Things.
KARATE Key Acquisition Roundly Assists Tackling Evildoers.
MELODY Musical Effort, Lavishly Oriented, Delighting You.
PARODY i) Plagiarize And Recast Often Daringly Yodelling.
ii) Phrases Altered, Rhyming Overall, Delights You.
PROMPT Placidly Remind Or Manipulate Performance, Trickily.
PUZZLE Ponder, Unabashedly Zesting, Zealously Listen Earnestly.
REGALE Revel Enthusiastically, Generating Atypical Lively Entertainment.
RIDDLE Resolving It Demands Deft, Logical Examination.
SEQUEL Successive Episodes Quizzically Unfolding Events Lazily.
SPRING Suitably Positioning, Rising Instantaneously, Neatly Go.
SPRINT Some People Run In Neat Treads.
STUNTS Scary, Tantalizing, Unnerving, Nifty, Tricky Show.
THRILL Tempestuous, High-spirited, Rapturous Incident, Lusty Living.
UMPIRE Unusually Meticulous Person, Imposes Rules Expertly.

ACTION After Contemplation Tactfully Initiated Operation Network.
ACTIVE Agile, Competitive, Takes Initiative, Vibrantly Executes.
ADJUST Accept Differences Judiciously Using Supreme Tact.
AFFIRM Assert, Feeling Fairly Important Reiterate Majestically.
AMENDS After Minor Error Noticed Does Something.
ASSERT Affirm Strongly, State Effectively, Represent Tactfully.
AVENGE After Victorious Engagement Nearly Get Even.
BADGER Bother, Agitatedly Demanding Generate Evermore Resentment.
BOTHER Bring Others Trouble, Harassing Ever Relentlessly.
ELICIT Extract Latent Information Carefully, Indeed Tactfully.
FALTER Flounder, Almost Linger Tackling Ever Reluctantly.
FIDGET Feeling Insecure, Distraught, Get Extremely Turbulent.
FURORE Fishy Uproar, Result Of Rapturous Excitement.
GROUSE Grievance, Result Of Unbearable, Sombre Events.
HARASS Hopefully Approaching, Rattle And Strongly Stress.
HINDER Hostile Intentions, Naughtily Delay, Even Restrain.
HURDLE Hindrance, Ultimately Requires Deft, Lively Effort.
IGNORE Imperceptibly Glance Not Openly Recognizing Even.
INSULT Injure Nastily Self-respect Using Lousy Talk.
LOITER Linger, Or Idiotically Turnabout Endlessly Roaming.
MODEST Mild, Outgoing, Doesn’t Exhibit Showy Tactics.
MOLEST Mischievously Or Lustfully Exploit, Sexually Torment.
NIMBLE Nifty, Instantly Moves But Lightly Exerts.
OBJECT Oppose Blatantly, Justifying Emphatically, Course Taken.
OBLIGE Overlooking, Boldly, Legality Involved Grant Entreaty.
ODIOUS Outright Detestable, Indecent, Often Utterly Sadistic.
OPPOSE Openly Parade Pinpointing Objections, Seeking Explanations.
OPTION Other Possibility That Is Open Now.
OUTWIT Overcome, Using Tact, Wily Individuals Trickery.
PAMPER Praise And Meet Pleasantly Every Request.
PARDON Please Accept Regrets, Dispute Overlook Now.
PATTER Persistent And Trifling Talk Expounded Rapidly.
PERSIST Patiently Endure Reverses, Success Is Surely There.
PESTER Press Emphatically Seeking Things Exaggerating Relevance.
PLEASE Pursue Looking Earnest And Smile Endearingly.
PROMPT Punctually Reports Or Maintains Proper Timing.
REBUKE Reprimand Evocatively, Berate Using Knotty Expletives.
REPENT Reviewing Events Painfully Examine Now Transgressions.
REVEAL Relate Egoistically Virtually Everything, At Last.
SAVAGE Sadistic And Villainous, Aggressive, Ghastly Evildoer.
SILENT Simply Ignores Loving Entreaties, Not Tempted.
SQUEAL State Quizzically, Uttering Excitedly And Loudly.
STRICT Stand That Rigidity Incorporates Causing Trouble.
STRIVE Steadfastly Trying, Repeatedly Improvising, Vibrantly Execute.
TARGET Tests Achievement Results, Gives Encouragement Too.
THRASH Tellingly* Haul Repeatedly And Savagely Hit.
TURGID Talk Unstintingly, Rant, Generally Impress Dashingly.
*Tellingly here means ‘having a marked effect’

ACCORD Agreement, Conveys Consent Often Recording Dynamics.
ADMIRE Approving Dedication, Mastery, Imagination, Respectfully Eulogize.
AGENDA A Guide Enlisting, Now Debatable, Arrangements.
BARTER Business Arrangement Regulating Trade Exchanging Requirements.
BEMUSE Bewilder, Entirely Muddle Up, Satirically Express.
BUDGET Brings Under Distinct Groups Economic Transactions.
CHANGE Coolly Hustle Attempting New Goals Excitedly.
CHOOSE Considering Hosts Of Opinions Select Enterprisingly.
CONFER Consult Others Now For Eliciting Recommendations.
DECODE Decipher Entire Contents Of Documents Exactly.
DIFFER Disagree, In Fact, Fault Every Reasoning.
DIRECT Dictate Instructions Regarding Exact Carry-on Tactics.
DOCTOR Diagnoses, Outlines Correct Treatment, Organizes Recovery.
EDITOR Expertly Dictates Information To Offer Readers.
EXPERT Elaborately X-raying Problem Explores, Redesigns Techniques.
FACTOR Facets Admittedly Contributing Towards Operational Results.
FATHER* Formalize, Articulate, Then Help Execute Robustly.
FOLDER For Ordinary Loose Documents, Enables Retracing.
FORMAT Features Objective Related Model Arrangement Tacitly.
LACUNA Link, Although Crucial, Unfortunately Not Available.
LAUNCH Leading Actively, Uplifting Nimbly, Candidly Help.
LAWYER Legitimately Argues, Wishing You Early Recompense.
MANNER Modulated Attitude, Nurtured Normally, Exhibited Routinely.
MARKET Merchants Abiding Rendezvous Keenly Exploring Trade.
PLEDGE Provide Legal Entitlement Documenting Guardedly Eventualities.
POINTS Precisely Outlined Important Notes, Traditionally Stressed.
POLICE i) Public Order Lawfully Integrates, Catches Evildoers.
ii) Promotes Officiously Lawful Injunctions, Confronts Evaders.
PROFIT Pecuniary Returns Obtained From Items Traded.
REASON Reviewing Expertly, Asking Support, Overtly Negotiate.
REPAIR Readily Effecting Prime Alterations Indicated – Restore.
REPORT Relate Everything Precisely, Or Record Thoughtfully.
RESIGN Relinquish Existing Status – Immediately Giving Notice.
SAMPLE Showpiece, Advertisement Material, Precisely, Lovely Exhibit.
SETTLE Satisfactorily Endorse Transaction, Tying Loose Ends.
SOURCE Specifies Origin Underlying Relevant Creative Exercise.
TARIFF Table Advertising, Routinely Itemized, Fixed Fares.
URGENT Unquestionably Rush, Grave Emergency, No Talking.
ZENITH Zeal Ensures Nifty Individuals Top Heights.
* Father here means to ‘originate’.

ABDUCT Acting Boldly, Dragging Unceremoniously, Carry Triumphantly.
ACCORD Agreement Clandestinely Concluded, Overlooking Running Disputes.
ACCUSE Air Criminal Charges Using Scornful Expressions.
ACQUIT Absolutely Clear Questioning Unsatisfactory Indictment Testimony.
ALLEGE Accuse Loosely, Largely Evading Giving Evidence.
BALLOT Backs Approval Lawfully, Lets Options Testify.
CHARGE Consciously Hurled Accusations Regarding Grave Evildoings.
CORNER Confront Outpouring Reliable New Evidence Righteously.
DECEIT Dishonest, Evil Conduct Ending In Treachery.
DEDUCE Derive Explanation Deftly Using Circumstantial Evidence.
DELUDE Double-dealing, Easily Looking Unruffled Deceive Entirely.
DETECT Discover Eventually Tenaciously Exploring Criminals Tactics.
EGRESS Easy Getaway Routinely Ensures, Somewhat Safely.
ENTICE Enthusing Naughtily, Tempt Intimating Compensatory Endowment.
ESCAPE Eventually Safely Come Away Praying Emotionally.
EXPOSE Elaborately X-raying Pour Out Secrets Extracted.
FLEECE Financially Leave Entirely Exhausted Causing Embarrassment.
GUILTY Get Undoubtedly Indicted Lamely Telling Yarns.
INDICT Inimically Naming Directly, Imperviously Charge Technically.
KIDNAP Keep Illegally, Demand Notify And Pester.
LAWYER Leaves Anxious Weary You Entirely Repenting.
LOCATE Look Over Confidently And Trace Eventually.
MOLEST Maliciously Overstep Limit, Entice, Sexually Torment.
MURDER i) Most Unlawfully Render Dead Evading Responsibility.
ii) Most Unabashedly Rain Death Ever Remorselessly.
NOTICE Narration Of Things Important, Clearly Enunciated.
OUTLAW Outwardly Uppity Tyrant, Legally Absconding, Wanted.
POGROM Primitively Organized Genocide, Resembles Outrageous Massacre.
RAVISH Rape And Vengefully Inflict Sexual Harassment.
REJECT Refuse, Even Justify Eventually Contract Termination.
ii) Revoke Enactment Passed Earlier, Acting Legalistically.
RESCUE Reacting Exemplarily Save Checking Unpleasant Experience.
RETORT Reply, Exuding Temper, Often Resenting Truth.
ROBBER Removes Others Belongings Braving Every Risk.
SHIELD Surreptitiously Help In Evading Lawful Decisions.
SNATCH Stealthily Nab And Thereafter Carefully Hide.
STIFLE Suffocate Till It Finishes/Fells Life Eventually.
SUBORN Satanically Using Bribes Order Results Needed.
SWITCH Stealthily Wrest Items, Tactfully Changing Halfway.
TYRANT Terrorizes You, Revengeful And Noticeably Temperamental.
VANISH Veritably Appear Nearly Invisible Successfully Hiding.
VICTOR Valiant In Combat Triumphs Obtaining Rewards.

ADVICE Almost Distinctive, Vital Instructions, Cleverly Enunciated.
ADVISE Address Delivering Vital Instructions Serenely Expressed.
ABACUS Assists Beginners Assimilate Calculations, Understanding Stimulates.
ASSUME Accept Stated Stipulations Unquestioningly, Mutely Entertain.
CIPHER Coded Instructions Presumably Having Exclusive Renditions.
CREATE Chance Results Enable Another Technical Exposition.
DEDUCE Deftly Examining Data Ultimately Connect Events.
DEFINE Describe Every Facet In Neat Expressions.
DIVIDE Distinctly Identifying Various Items Distribute Expertly.
FLUENT Flowing, Literally Uninterrupted, Eloquent, Not Turgid.
MASTER Meritorious Achievement Signifying Thorough Expertise Really.
METHOD Meticulously Explains Techniques Helping Orderly Development.
MIDDLE Mark Indicating Division Done Largely Equally.
MINUTE Measurement Index, Neatly Under-scores Time Element.
MIRROR Monitors Imagination, Rigidly Reflecting Only Reality.
MYRIAD Many, Yes Really Innumerable, All Distinct.
PHRASE Proverbial, Highly Relevant And Sensitive Expression.
RECITE Repeat Everything Calmly In Totality, Efficaciously.
RESULT Record Embodying Success Usually Laid Tailor-made.
RIDDLE Requires Intelligence Driven, Dramatic, Logical Evaluation.
SEARCH Scan Expectantly And Rummage Checking, Hunting.
SIGNAL Systematic Indicator, Guidance Network Assisting Locomotion.
SPEECH Systematic Programme Ensuring Everyone Communication Help.
SPIRAL Substance Projected In Round Artistic Look.
SQUARE Sides Quite Uniform, Angles Rigidly Equal.
STARCH Something That Assists Restore Clothes Hardness.
STENCH Smell That Endangers Neighbourhood Communities Health.
SYSTEM Supports Your Specific Task’s Efficient Management.
TALENT Tangible Ability, Learning Excellence, Noteworthy Triumphs.
USEFUL Utilitarian, Supportive, Efficient Facility, Usually Labour-saving.
VERIFY View Evidence, Relevant Inferences, Facts Yourself.
WARDEN Watchful Authority Rigidly Disciplines Errant Natives.
WISDOM What Is Seldom Discernible Or Measurable.


ADMIRE Approving Dedication, Mastery, Imagination, Respectfully Eulogize.
BEMUSE Bewilder, Entirely Muddle Up, Satirically Express.
BURDEN Bothersome, Unduly Rigorous Duty, Even Nasty.
CAJOLE Coolly Appease, Judiciously Opine, Lavishly Eulogize.
CHOICE Currently Having Options In Conducting Endeavours.
DESIRE Definitely Evince Strong Interest, Require Earnestly.
GRUDGE Grim Resentment, Umbrage Deeply Getting Emotional.
HUMOUR Heralds Unbridled Melodrama Often Underscoring Reality.
INDUCE Impose Naughtily Decision Uttering Catchy Expressions.
LAMENT Look Aghast, Mourning Edgily, Nervously Talk.
MALICE Malevolent And Loathsome Intentions Cherished Egoistically.
MISERY Mental Indisposition, Suffering, Exasperates, Rocks You.
PESTER Press Emphatically Seeking Things Eschewing Rationale.
PLEASE Politely Lobby Exploring Altruistic Support Earnestly.
PONDER Peruse* Orientation Now Deliberating Ever Relentlessly.
PREFER Performance Results Evaluated, Favour Exhibited Rating.
PROPER Pertinent, Responsible, Operation Performed Exactly Right.
RESENT Reacting Extra Sensitively Exhibit Nasty Temper.
RESIGN** Reluctantly Endure State Increasingly Getting Numbed.
TEMPER Thus Express Mood Passing Excruciating Remarks.
* Peruse here means ‘read or study carefully’.
**Resign here means – to reconcile.


ABSENT Aware But Silently Evades, Nay, Truant.
ACCORD Agreement Containing Conditions On Resolving Differences.
ASSIST Actively Support Someone In Speeding Task.
BATTLE Boldly And Tenaciously Tackle Life’s Encumbrances.
CARESS Cosy And Reassuring, Extremely Sensitive, Stimuli.
CRADLE Child’s Relaxing Abode, Delightful Light Entertainment.
CRECHE Child Resort, Ensures Carefree, Healthy Environment.
CUSTOM Certain Unique Social Traditions Obeyed Mechanically.
DAMSEL Dainty, Attractive Maiden Serenely Enjoying Life.
DESPOT Dictatorial Emperor, Self-centered, Psychotic, Often Tyrannical.
DIVIDE Deviously Intervening, Vaguely Inciting, Destroy Equanimity.
FIANCE Fate Initiated, Acceptable Nuptial Companion, Essentially.
FRIEND Free-handed, Responsive Individual, Endearing, Never Discourages.
GOSSIP Gibber Over Some Silly Information Passionately.
LETTER Literally Enables Thought Transmission – Even Romantic.
MISTER Male Individual, Symbolism That Embodies Respect.
MOMENT Minutest Of Minute Event Neatly Times.
MOTHER Mummy, Orderly Tends Household’s Every Requirement.
NATURE Normal Attributes, Thy Unmasked Responses Explains.
OLD-AGE Often Living Death Amidst Grotesque Environment.
ORPHAN Offspring Rickety, Parental Help Altogether Non-existent.
PAMPER Please, Appease, Magnanimously Praise Even, Repeatedly.
PARDON Placated, Accept Regrets, Duly Overlooking Negligence/Naughtiness.
PAUPER Poor And Undernourished Person, Extremely Ragged.
POCKET Perfect Opening Customarily Keeps Everything Trim.
REASON Reliving Experience, Argue Sympathetically, Overall Nurse.
REFORM Realizing Errors, Faults, Organize Remedial Measures.
REMIND Recalling Earlier Mention Implore, Now Decide.
SCREAM Startling Cry Reflecting Extreme Anger, Misery.
SEDUCE Sexually Entice, Deceiving Utterly, Cause Embarrassment.
SOLACE Sincerely Offered Loving Assistance, Condolence, Encouragement.
URCHIN Unloved Ragamuffin, Clumsy, Hanger-on, Invariably Neglected.
WARMTH When Affection Refreshes Me, Touching Heart.
WEALTH What’s Earned Assimilating Learning, Toil, Husbandry.


BREATH Best Restorative, Exchanges Air That’s Harmful.
BENIGN Broad Examination Now Indicates Growth Non-malignant.
BRAINS Boundless, Resourceful, Analytical, Intelligent, Neuron Storehouse.
CANCER Clinically Abnormal Nodules, Currently Excludes Recovery.
DOCTOR Diagnoses, Ordinarily Correctly, Then Offers Remedy.
HEALTH Honestly Evaluates Activity Level, Translating Hazards.
LUNACY Letting Unsoundness Numb And Control You.
MANIAC Mentally Afflicted, Naturally In Abnormal Condition.
PALLID Pale After Long Lasting Illness, Debilitating.
POISON Positively Obnoxious, Injurious Substance, Offensively Nauseous.
RECTUM Releases Excreta Clearing Totally Unwanted Material.
SENILE Superannuated Elders, Now Infirm, Living Edgily.
SEPTIC Substance Exciting Putrefaction, Totally Incapacitates Cells.
SPRAIN Swelling, Pain Resulting After Injury, Normally.
TONGUE Taste Organ. Nimbly Guides Utterances Eloquently.
TRAUMA Tensile Reaction After Unforeseen Mental Affliction.


ABRUPT Almost Brusque Reaction Usually Perforce Taken.
ACTION Adventurous Course That Interfuses Objectives Noticeably.
AFRAID Almost Frightened, Raising Alarm, Invites Deliverance.
BENIGN Believed Essentially Noble, Inherently Gentle, Naive.
CASUAL Carefree Approach, Somewhat Unconcerned, Almost Lukewarm.
CLEVER Convincing, Lively, Extremely Venturesome, Ever Resourceful.
CLUMSY Commonly Looks Ungainly, Maybe, Sloppy Yokel.
COWARD Cringes, Obviously Weak-kneed, Afraid, Really Diffident.
CREATE Considering Requirements Evolve Aesthetic Things Eclectically.
CRISIS Certain Revelations Indicating Serious Internal Subversion.
DEFECT Dubiously Exact Favours, Eventually Crossover Treacherously.
DUFFER Dunce, Usually Foolish, Funny, Even Retarded.
FIERCE Frightening, Intimidating, Edgily Reacting Cruelly Engages.
FRIGHT Faulty Reasoning Initiates Grim, Horrid Thoughts.
HAMMER Haughty And Mainly Monotonous Endless Reiteration.
HURDLE Hindrance, Usually Requiring Deft, Laudable Effort.
IMPACT Impression Made, Perspicacious Action Causing Transformation.
INSIST Impress Need, Stress Importance. Solicit Tenaciously.
LIVELY Lofty, Imaginative, Very Energetic, Looks Youthful.
LONELY Leave Obliging, Nobody Even Likes You.
LOVELY Lotus Of Vibrant Emotions – Luminously Youthful.
MOTIVE Meaningfully Outlines Tacit Inducement Vindicating Endeavour.
ORDEAL Oppressive, Repugnant, Dirty Experience, Almost Lethal.
REASON Reflect, Examining Assumptions, Studying Options Nonchalantly.
RESIST Refrain Extending Support In Strong Terms.
SHREWD Skillfully Handles Regimenting Everyone Without Difficulty.
SIMPLE Straightforward, Innocent, Manifestly Pliable, Largely Easygoing.
STRICT Strongly Treats, Rather Irritates, Crudely Tough.
STRONG Sprightly, Tough, Resists Outright Nefarious Goings-on.
STUPID Suffers Timidly Under Poor Image, Duffer.
SUPERB Striking, Unique Performance, Excellent, Really Breathtaking.
TENDER Trembles Easily, Noticeably Delicate, Easily Reforges.
UNIQUE Undoubtedly Nifty, Ingenious, Quizzical, Unbeatable, Extraordinary.
VULGAR Vain, Unseemly, Lacks Grace, Almost Ruffian.


ACCESS Allows Clear Comfortable Entry, Simply Stated.
ACCORD Agreement Comprehensively Concluded Overcoming Recent Disputes.
ASYLUM A Shelter You Lean Upon Mutely.
ATTACH Affix, Take Together And Carefully Hitch.
CARPET Colourful, Artistic Rug Prepared Ensuring Thickness.
CASTLE Circumspectly Assembled Stonework, Time-honoured, Lasting
CENSUS Citizens Environmental, Numerical, Study Undertaken Systematically.
CHOOSE Carefully Hand-pick Objects Offered, Select Early.
CIRCLE Continue In Round Curves, Leisurely Enveloping.
CURFEW Confine, Using Reinforcements, Forcibly Everyone Within.
DEBRIS Damaged Effects, Believed Remnants, Instantaneously Scattered
DELETE Duly Encircle Listed Entries, Then Erase.
DENIAL Deliberately Expressed ‘No’, Is Almost Libelous.
DOMAIN Demarcates Ownership, Main Area Identifies Neatly.
GUTTER Guides Useless Things Through Exit Route.
INDITE Intentions Neatly Disclose, Inscribe, Tersely Express.
PARDON Placated, Accept Regrets Dotingly Overlooking Naughtiness.
RUMOUR Reports, Usually Manipulated, Often Uttered Righteously.
SPREAD i) Singly Proceed, Relocate Elsewhere And Diverge.
ii) Simply Pick, Relocate Everything And Distance.
STATIC Still, Totally Avoids Tasks Ignoring Consequences.
STINKS Scrap Thrown Indiscriminately Now Keeps Smelling.
STRIFE State That Results In Fight Even.
THREAT Tirade Hinting Repercussions Expressed Angrily, Truculently.
ULLAGE Undetected Leakage, Loss After Gradual Evaporation.
VACANT Verily All Clearly Away, Nobody Traceable.
WITHIN What Is That Hidden Inside Now.


BELIEF Blind, Emotional, Largely Intractable, Enchanting Faith.
DEPOSE Dethrone, Effectively Push Out Someone Entrenched.
DESERT Dreary, Entirely Sandy Environment, Relatively Torrid.
DREAMS Daringly Realistic Experiences Amidst Mystique Scenes.
FLOWER Fragrant, Lovely, Ornamental Weapon, Enriches Relationship.
FOREST Field Offering Robust, Evergreen, Superabundant Trees.
GARDEN Greenery And Resplendent Diversity Enlivens Nature.
HEAVEN Holy Establishment, Allows Virtuous Entry Naively.
LEGEND Lustrous, Extraordinary, Grandiose Epic Neatly Documented.
MARVEL Markedly Astonishing, Rare View, Eternally Lustrous.
MIRAGE Mere Illusions, Recognizable And Gripping Exposition.
MOMENT March Of Mystical Events Notifies Truly.
MUSEUM Magnificent Unique Storehouse, Enshrines Unquestionable Masterpieces.
ORDAIN Order, Religious Decree, Assertive In Nature.
OTIOSE Obsolete Thing, Irrelevant Object, Simply Expendable.
PREACH i) Promote Religious Ethics And Cultivate Holiness.
PREACH ii) Prudently Relate Experiences Adding Choicest Hypothesis.
iii) Parables, Religious Experiences, Almighty’s Connections Highlight.
RELICS Remnants, Emotional Links, Impressive, Considered Sacred.
SACRED Socially Acceptable, Considered Religiously Evermore Desirable.
SERMON Sagacious, Ethical, Religious Messages, Overall Noteworthy.
SPRING Season Promoting Regeneration, Initiates Natural Growth.
TEMPLE Tranquil Establishment, Meditation, Prayers Lavishly Enkindles.


APPEAL Assiduously Plead, Painstakingly Educate, Addressing Lacunae.
BEGGAR Blesses Every Generous Giver And Rejoices.
DANGER Directs Attention, Notifies Going Extremely Risky.
DOCTOR* Dubious One Continuously Torment Others Routinely.
FIASCO Failure In Attaining Simple, Clear-cut Objective.
MISFIT My Intuition Says Fellow Is Tawdry.
STARVE Stop Taking All Refreshments, Various Eatables.
WISDOM What Is Sensible Depends On Mood.
* Reference is to ‘quacks’.


ASPIRE Ambitiously Sought Performance Index Religiously Embraced.
BEAUTY Bewitches Everybody, Adorable, Unblemished, Tantalizes You.
CANDID Correctness Adheres, Never Deviates, Ideally Determined.
CHANCE Certain Happenings, Adventures, Not Connected Events.
DESERT Defect, Expecting Significant Extraneous Rewards, Treacherously.
EFFORT Exertion, Forceful, For Obtaining Required Thing.
FOIBLE Failing Or Idiosyncrasy But Largely Excusable.
HABITS Hardy And Beguiling Instrument That Subjugates.
HONEST Habitually Observes Norms Earnestly Serving Truthfulness.
INTENT Indicate Neatly, Tactfully Elaborating, Nascent Thinking.
MATURE Morally Acts Truly Understanding Rudimentary Etiquette
MEMOIR Majestic Experiences, Momentous Occasions, Imaginatively Recorded.
MEMORY Mercurial Events Mechanically Orbitting Remote Yesteryears.
OBLIGE Offer Benefits, Largesse Ingratiating Graciously Evermore.
POLITE Prudently Observes, Listens Ingratiatingly, Tenderly Entreats.
PROMPT Punctual, Religiously Observes, Maintains Proper Timing.
REASON Rationally Expounded Assumptions Specifying Objectives, Needs.
REGARD Respect Easily Given And Rarely Disputed.
REGRET Readily Express Genuine Repentance Explaining Temerity.
RESIST Refuse Earnestly Some Inducement, Some Temptations.
SECRET Something Everyone Conveys Requesting Exceptional Treatment.
SPIRIT Supernatural Personal Identity Really Inspiring Thee.
STANCE Signifies, Truly, Attitude Normally Cultivated Egoistically.
TARGET Tactical, Ambitious, Regulated Growth Expectation Tie-up.
THIRST That Haunting, Irresistible, Requirement Sought Tenaciously.
WISDOM What Instinctively Seems Desirable Or Moral.

Your turn to complete the Bacronyms from Food and Connected Things:


These words will have multiple solutions so try for more than one, ignoring theme:


SEEDS and TREES (Some could be controversial.)

Action is the seed of a tree called Results – one has to work hard for its growth.
Adventure is the seed of a tree called Fun and needs good company to mature.
Ambition is the seed of a tree called Frustration, if unsupported by manure comprising of intelligence, hard work and knowledge.
Challenge is the seed of a tree called Opportunity, it’s flowers wither away very fast.
Co-incidence is the seed of a tree called Superstition, which seldom grows on rocky ground.
Contentment is the seed of a tree called Happiness, is hard to cultivate and needs timely and proper nourishment.
Desire is the seed of a tree called Misery, which never fails to bear fruit.
Diet is the seed of a tree called Health, which bears fruit with right hygienic conditions.
Discipline is the seed of a tree called Behaviour, which is long lasting and has a wide spread.
Education is the seed of a tree called Knowledge that nurtures on diligent learning.
Ego is the seed of a tree called Individualism and derives strength from pride and stubbornness.
Emotions are the seed of a tree called Tears, they have a tendency to flow like a flooded river.
Envy is the seed of a tree called Depression, easy to grow and expands like weeds.
Existence is the seed of a tree called Awareness and the debatable question is whether it is the other way round.
Experience is the seed of a tree called Wisdom and fructifies if lessons are learnt in time and acted upon.
Faith (Religious) is the seed of a tree called Almighty, its branches cover the entire universe and are supposed to govern, guide and oversee all our actions.
Failure is the seed of a tree called Sadness, nurtures on lack of patience.
Fear is the seed of a tree called Anxiety, hard to bear.
Flattery is the seed of a tree called Favours, which normally is expected to bear fruit out of season.
Grievance is the seed of a tree called Revenge and generally is harmful to all
Greed is the seed of a tree called Grumbling and thrives on generous dose of receptive ears.
Guilt is the seed of a tree called Remorse and is painful if one gets near it.
Grit is the seed of a tree called Strength and needs stimulants from time to time.
Ignorance is the seed of a tree called Bliss, it normally gives tasty fruits but sometimes they are very bitter.
Instinct is the seed of a tree called Dharma, is universally similar in manifestation.
Intelligence is the seed of a tree called Success and only bears fruits if labour and luck work together.
Jealousy is the seed of a tree called Sarcasm, a perennial plant.
Legislation is the seed of a tree called Justice expected to serve in all seasons.
Luck is the seed of a tree called Fate and is governed by planetary configuration.
Melody is the seed of a tree called Music, which flourishes, in harmonic surroundings.
Misdemeanours are the seeds of a tree called Guilt.
Misunderstandings are the seeds of a tree called Distrust.
Nature is the seed of a tree called Beauty that flowers with grace and charm and needs an occasional dose of praise.
Optimism is the seed of a tree called Hope which requires perseverance and hard labour to bear fruits.
Pessimism is the seed of a tree called Depression which thrives on misery as soil.
Practice is the seed of a tree called Habit, which is indeed very hard to uproot once it takes hold.
Religion is the seed of a tree called Places of Worship – known by various names, such as Temple, Church, Mosque etc.
Sleep is the seed of a tree called Dream, its branches provide varied and sometimes eerie experiences.
Stress is the seed of a tree called Nervousness, difficult to get rid of once it takes root though Wisdom is the seed of a tree called Maturity, which normally springs with age, and lessons learnt from guru called experience.
Temptation is the seed of a tree called Sin, once it takes root, it is near impossible to uproot.
Tradition is the seed of a tree called Culture, it has a long life but time has a tendency to alter its influence.
Truth is the seed of a tree called Honesty, Its fruits are generally very bitter.
Wisdom is the seed of a tree called Maturity, which normally springs with age, and lessons learnt from Guru called Experience.
Yoga is the seed of a tree called Youthful Living, its branches pervade all walks of life eventually one overcomes it.



ABANDON Abruptly Betray And Nefariously Desert Or Neglect.
COLLECT Check Order List, Lift Everything Cited Therein.
CONDEMN Considering Overall Nature Disapprove Exposing Machinations, Nastily.
CONDUCT Confidently Oversee, Neatly Disposing Unanticipated Complications, Tactfully.
CONSENT Concur Openly Now Supporting Every Novel Technique.
CRUMPLE Crush Rapidly Using Manual Pressure, Leave Entwined.
DELIVER Distribute Entire Lot Identifying Various Eligible Recipients.
DEPRIVE Deny, Extract Possessions, Rights Interfere Vexing Egoistically.
ENDORSE Enter Now Distinctly Offence Registered Stamping Entry.
GLIMPSE Glance Looking Intently, Moving Perpetually Sight Eventually.
GRAPPLE Grimly Retaliate, Aggressively Push, Prod Lunging Energetically.
INTRUDE Inquisitively Nip Through, Reach Unobtrusively, Deceptively Encroach.
ISOLATE Inimically Separate Or Let Alone Totally Excommunicating.
PROTECT Plainly Remove Overt Threats Eliminating Current Tensions.
PROTEST Pour Resentment, Often Taking Extreme Steps, Tumultuously.
PROVIDE Procure Required Objects, Verify Items Deliver Early.
ROUTINE Rendering Ordinary, Useful Tasks, Inevitably, Necessary Everyday.
SUPPORT Stand Uphold, Promote Particular Objective, Recommending Tacitly.


APPLAUD Ardently Praise Performance, Loudly Acclaim Utmost Delightfully.
CAPTAIN Conducts Affairs Promoting Teamwork And Inspires Nobly.
CHARADE Clues Highlight And Relate Acting Dramatically, Extemporaneously.
CLASSIC Clearly Laudable, Albeit Simple, Stirring, Immaculately Conceived.
EPISODE Each Part In Sequence Offering Dramatic Entertainment.
FANTASY Fanciful, Astounding, Novel Theme, Artistic, Stupefies You.
FICTION Features Incidents, Circumstances, Tactfully Inserted, Often Non-factual.
IMITATE Ingeniously Mimic Identifiable Traits And Theatrically Enact.
MIMICRY Mere Intelligently Manipulated Imitation Comically Regaling You.
NARRATE Naively Address Recounting Ramblingly, Although Truthfully, Events.
PASTIME Purposeful Activity Selected To Increase Mental Enlightenment.
PATTERN Picturesque, Artistic Typeface Tastefully Executed, Repeated Nimbly.
PERFORM Present Entertainment, Refreshing Fantasy Or Rapturous Music.
REPLICA i) Represents Exact, Proportionate, Lookalike Image Created Adroitly.
ii) Realistic, Exactly Proportionate Lookalike, Impeccably Constructed, Artifact.
SCRATCH Straightaway Cancel, Reacting Angrily To Complaints, High-handedly.
TABLEAU Theatrical And Beautiful Looking Exposition Arranged Uncannily.
TRAGEDY Troubles, Racking And Grieving Even Devastating You.
TRIUMPH Thrilling Result Implying Undoubtedly Masterly Performance, Honestly.
TROUNCE Thrash Roundly,* Outmanoeuvre Under Normal Circumstances Easily.
VICTORY Vigilance In Combat Triumphs, Obviously Rewards You.
* Roundly here means ‘squarely’.


ABOLISH Absolutely Break Off Leaving Ineffective Supportive Hierarchy.
ABSOLVE Acquittal Beyond Suspicion, Offence’s Legitimacy Verily Eliminates.
ADAMANT Acting Doggedly Avoid Making Any New Turnabout.*
AGITATE Angry Gestures, Irritating Tactics And Taxing Exclamations.
APPEASE Actively Pursue, Pacify Eventually And Somehow Enliven.
CAUTION Cause Alarm Using Timely Information Obtained Newly.
COMPARE Cautiously Observe, Monitoring Piecemeal, All Resemblance’s Efficiently.
CONNIVE Cooperate Ostensibly, Nay Naughtily In Vengeful Evildoing.
CONTACT Crossing Over Nervously Touch And Converse Timidly.
DEPLORE Duly Express Pain, Lament Or Regret Even.
EXTRACT Employing X-ray Techniques Remove And Contain Tacitly.
FRANTIC Frenzied, Rushes Around Nearly Tumbling In Consternation.
FURIOUS Facing Unpalatable Results, Implacably Overreacts, Unsparingly Snarls.
GRUMBLE Getting Riled Up, Murkily Bemoan Losing Equipoise.
IMPRESS Influence, Methodically Pampering, Respectfully Enthrall, Speaking Sincerely.
NATURAL Normal Actions Thought Universally Rational And Logical.
NEGLECT Nominally Entertain Giving Least Emphasis, Callously Treat.
PLACATE Pacify, Looking Attentive Consciously Assuage Tempers Eventually.
PROTEST Pointedly Raise Objections Trading Even Some Threats.
REFRAIN Reviewing Endeavour Firmly Resist Advising Insistently Now.
RIPOSTE Retort Instantly Provoked Or Short Thrust Even.
SATIATE Satisfy And Totally Ingratiate Always Treating Endearingly.
SCEPTIC Sweepingly Contests Experiential Postures, Tersely Inveighs Conclusions.
SUGGEST Speak Unassumingly, Guide Guardedly, Encourage Sincerely Treating.
STUMBLE Slip, Trip, Unsteadily Move, Behave Little Enigmatically.
TARNISH Tear Away Reputation Now Invariably Showing Hatred.
UMBRAGE Usually Means Bitter Reaction After Grievous Event.
* Turn-about here means ‘Abrupt change of policy’ etc.

ACTRESS Attractive Character That Really Entertains Skillfully Starring.
ACTUARY Assessing Carefully Transparent Uncertainties Advises Reference Yardstick.
APPOINT Assessing Performance Pick, Officially Induct, Narrating Tasks.
APPRISE After Proper Preparation Responsibly Inform, Selectively Emphasizing.
AUCTION Allow Users Concerned To Irrevocably, Openly, Negotiate.
BARGAIN Boldly Arguing, Resisting Gracefully Acceptance, Intelligently Negotiate.
BESEECH Bashfully Entreat Seeking Eagerly Early Constructive Help.
BUTCHER Bash Unwaveringly Tearing, Crushing, Hacking Ever Relentlessly.
COMMENT Critical Opinion Meticulously Made Expressing Nascent Thoughts.
COMPARE Check Out Meticulously Parameters And Report Errors.
CONSUME Convinced Of Need, Suitability, Utilize Most Economically.
CONTACT Communicate Ostensibly Now To Accomplish Closer Ties.
CONTROL Check Often, Not Taking Risks, Operate Lawfully.
DENTIST Doctor Expertly Nursing, Treats Infections Saving Teeth.
DISCARD Enunciate Neatly Query Urging Immediate Rational Exposition.
EXAMINE Elaborately X-ray Aspects Minutely Identifying Noteworthy Elements.
EXPLOIT Evilly X-raying Probable Lacunae Obtain Ignominiously Things.
IMPROVE Improvising Methodology Promote Realistically Objectives, Viability Enhance.
MEASURE Monitoring Efficiently Applicable Standards, Understanding Relationship, Evaluate.
MISLEAD Mention In Subtle Language Emotionally And Deceive.
MISTAKE Merely Indicates Some Thoughtless Action, Known Error.
MONITOR Minutely Observe Network Instrument, To Objectively Regulate.
PAINTER Perceptive Artist, Imaginatively Negotiating Themes, Eclectically Represents.
PROCESS Plainly Relates Or Clarifies Every Successive Stage.
POPULAR Practical Object Public Universally Likes And Requires.
PROCURE Provide Requirements Ordered, Considered Useful Resource, Early.
PROFILE Publicity Related, Objectively Framed, Information, Likely Exaggerated.
PROJECT Publicity Related Observations Juxtaposing Every Catchy Trait.
PROPOSE Properly Relating Options Push Openly Suggestions Expectantly.
PROSPER Profitably Running Operations Successively Post Excellent Results.
REBATES Reductions, Economic Benefits Allowed To Encourage Shopping.
RESPOND Reply Eventually Submitting Precise Observations Nimbly Demanded.
SALVAGE Save Almost Lost Valuables Although Glaringly Embroiled.
SPONSOR Someone Promising Others Necessary Support Organizing Resources.
SUCCEED Specifically Undertaken Commitment Conclude Efficiently, Employing Determination.
SIMILAR Seems Initially Mirror Image, Look-alike Also Really.


ABSOLVE After Being Satisfied, Overruling Lapses, Vindicate Explicitly.
CONVICT Concerns Offender Notified Villain In Court Trial.
COVER-UP Clandestinely Offer Visionary Evidence Reactively — Unreservedly Protect.
DEFRAUD Deliberately Endorse Fudged Results And Ultimately Deceive.
DISABLE Deeply Injure, Sadistically Attacking, Body Limbs Enfeeble.
DIVORCE Disturb Irrevocably Validity Of Relationships Changing Equations.
FORFEIT Fearing Obstreperous Reprisals Forgo Entitlements In Toto.
EYEHOLE Enables You Evasively Hear Or Lookout Easily.
HOSTAGE Held Over Subject, Tormentors Anticipating Gains Eventually.
ILLEGAL Ignoble, Lacking Legitimate Entitlement, Generally Against Law.
PEDDLER Person Exclusively Distributing Drugs Loitering Everywhere Roguishly.
PERFIDY Provocative Engagement Rescinding Faith Imprinted — Deceives You.
PIRATES Persons Impassively Raiding And Taking Everything Suddenly.
PLUNDER Punitively Loot, Usually Naughtily, Destroying Enemy’s Resources.
PRETEND Pose, Reassuring Endearingly, Treacherously Exploit, Nay, Deceive.
PROVOKE Purposely Rouse, Object Viciously, Often Knowingly, Enrage.
RAMPAGE Ruin Activated Maniacally, Paralyse And Grab Everything.
SCANDAL Surreptitiously Conducted Affair, Nimbly Directed, Admittedly Loathsome.
SMOTHER Suffocate, Murder, Obviously Treacherously Holding, Extract Revenge.
SUSPECT i) Summing Up Significant Pointers, Evil Connections Trace.
ii) Scrutinizing Upsetting Signals Project, Eventually, Criminal Tactfully.
THWARTS Timely Halt Worrisome Attempt, Reining Troublemaker Smartly.
TORTURE Thrash Overbearingly Repeating Threats Undermining Resistance Eventually.
TRAITOR Treasonably Reveals And Informally Transmits Official Records.
VERSION View Expressed, Regarding Some Incident Observed Naturally.
VICIOUS Vile, Intimidating, Cantankerous, Icy, Offhand – Utterly Sadistic.
VILLAIN Very Imperious Looking Leading Actor, Influential, Notorious.
VIOLENT Very Intimidating, Offensive, Lashing, Ever Noxious, Tyrannical.


BRAILLE Blind Readers Aid In Learning Lessons Easily.
CANVASS Candidate’s Antecedents Notify Voters And Seek Support.
COLLEGE Conducts Objectively Lucrative Learning Exercises, Guiding Expertly.
COMPILE Collect, Organize, Making Proper Illustrations Lucidly Edit.
CONCEPT Clearly Outlined Notion, Carefully Enunciated. Precious Theme.
CONSULT Court Opinion, Now Sharing Utilitarian Lessons Thoughtfully.
CRASHED Computer Requires Attention, Systems Haywire, Effacing Disc.
CUSHION Critically Underplaying Shocking, Horrendous Incident, Obtrude Nimbly.
EDUCATE Expertly Directing, Unambiguously Coach And Tell Everything.
EXPLAIN Essentially X-raying Problem Listing Alternatives Instruct Now.
GRAMMAR Governs Rules, Applications, Meticulously Monitoring All Reasoning.
HISTORY Human Interest Stories Transcribed Overseeing Relevant Yesteryears.
INSPIRE Instruct Now, Supporting Psychologically Ingeniously Rain Encouragement.
MACHINE Mechanical Appliance, Can Handle Input Non-stop Easily.
MEANING Methodical Explanation About Named Item Neatly Given.
MEDIATE Maintaining Equipoise Discreetly Intervene Averting Troublesome Encounters.
OPTIMAL One Preference That Is Most Acceptable Largely.
PREFACE Pretentiously Recount Essential Features, Aims, Contents Embodied.
PREFECT Propriety Regulates, Encourages Fellowship, Effectively Counsels Tactfully.
PUBLISH Print Utility Books, Literature, Imperatively Serving Hunanity.
SCHOLAR Studious Character, Honourably Overreaching, Lands*, Achieves Records.
SCIENCE Study Concerning Interactions, Empirically Nurtured, Comprehensively Examines.
SEMINAR Specialists Examining, Meticulously, Ideas, News And Reports.
STUDIES Strives To Understand Different Implications, Eyeing/Eclipsing Success.
VENTURE Voluntarily Entertained Nebulous Transaction, Undoubtedly Risky
*Land here means ‘reach a place or destination’.


ABASHED Awkward Behaviour, Actually Seems Highly Embarrassed, Distressed.
ASSUAGE Appease, Soothe, Softly Utter Appreciation Gripping Endearingly.
AVARICE Addicted, Vacuously Aspires Riches, Indeed Covets Egoistically.
BESEECH Bashfully Entreat Seeking Eagerly Early Constructive Help.
CAUTION Convey Alarm Using Troublesome Information Obtained Newly.
CHAGRIN Candid, Heartfelt Annoyance, Generally Rattles, Induces Nervousness.
COMFORT Console Or Modulate Feelings Obliquely Releasing Tension.
CONDOLE Concerned Or Not Dutifully Or Lovingly Empathize.
CONDONE Concerned, Overlook Naughty Designs Or Naive Evildoings.
CONFUSE Convey Offhand Newfangled Facts Upsetting Someone’s Expectations.
CONSOLE Comfort Outpouring Nervously Sympathies, Often Looking Emotional.
DESPAIR Deep Emotional Setback, Panic, After Insurmountable Reverses.
FORGIVE Freely Offering Regrets Gratefully Invite Veritably, Exoneration.
GESTURE Give Enough Stimuli To Unfold Response Early.
HALCYON Happy And Lustrous, Calm, Yet Otherwise Normal.
IMAGINE Intentionally Minister A Great Idea Nodding Ecstatically.
INCENSE Infuriate, Normally Causing Extreme Nerve-racking Stress Eventually.
JEALOUS Judges Emotionally And Lives Often Unfairly Suspecting.
LACONIC Largely Avoids Conversation, Overall Not Inclined, Cagey.
MISTAKE Making Injudicious Suppositions Tackle And Keep Erring.
PERHAPS Pessimistic Evaluation Regarding Happenings And Possibilities Sensed.
PURPOSE Principally Underscores Reasons, Pinpointing Objectives Sought, Explicitly.
REMORSE Regret Earnestly Manifested, Or Repentance Sincerely Exhibited.
REQUEST Rationally Explaining Quandary Urgently Elicit Support Thereto.
TORMENT Tease Obnoxiously, Rebuke, Maul Emotionally, Nastily Treat.
TROUBLE That Really Oppressive, Unseemly, Bothersome, Lousy Experience.


ALIMONY Atonement Largesse In Marriage Otherwise Needling You.
CULTURE Customs, Unique Lively Traditions, Usually Religious, Everlasting.
DARLING i) Doted And Richly Lovable, Indeed Naively Good-natured.
ii) Dear, Attractive, Really Lovable, Infectiously Naughty, Generally.
DIAPERS Directly Intercepts And Prevents Excreta Ruining Surroundings.
DECORUM Delightful Etiquette Courteously Obeyed, Reflecting Uncluttered Manners.
EPITAPH Elegiac Phrase Inscribed To Aesthetically Pay Homage.
FASHION Features Aberrant Social Habits Inviting Others Notice.
FLOWERS Friendship, Love Optimizes, Winsomely Enliven Romantic Scenario.
MENTION Mustering Enough Nerve Trustingly Inform Or Name.
INSPIRE i) Implore Nicely, Schematically Projecting Impressive Results Eventually.
ii) Implore Nicely, Serenely Promising Immensely Rewarding Experience.
NOMINAL Neither Of Much Importance Nor Apparently Latent.
NURSERY Neat, Utilitarian Rooms, Sophisticated Environment, Rears Youngsters.
PRESENT Praise, Reward Encouragingly, Squarely Enjoying Now Together.
PROBLEM Probably Result Of Believing Literally Every Manipulator.
PROFILE Pertinent Record Offering Full Information Laboriously Expressed.
RECLUSE Renouncing Everything Consciously Leads, Undeterred, Secluded Existence.
REDRESS Remedy Effectively Damaging, Roguish, Encumbrances Striving Successfully.
ROMANCE Result Of Mesmeric Attraction, Nature’s Chemistry, Endearment.
SCATTER Satanically Cruise Along Throwing Things Everywhere Randomly.
SOCIETY Supplements Our Conscience, Influences, Educates, Trains Youth.
SPECIAL Someone Particularly Endowed Charming, Inimitable And Lively.
SUPPORT Strengthen, Understanding Purpose Provide, Offer, Resources Timely/Thoughtfully.


AMNESIA Annihilates Memory Naturally Erasing, Specific, Incidents Awareness.
BERSERK Behaves Ever Rip-roaringly, Somewhat Eerily, Raves, Kicks.
FATIGUE Fairly Acute Tiredness, Indeed Generally Unbearable Experience.
FINGERS Firmly Indicate, Neatly Grip, Execute Rituals Sagaciously.
HYGIENE Health Yardstick, Green, Immaculate Environment Normally Excellent.
MALAISE Mild Affliction, Lassitude And Indiscernible Suffering Experience.
MASSAGE Muscles Actively Stimulates, Soothes And Gently Exercises.
MUSCLES Movement Usually Strictly Controls, Largely Elastic, Servile.
POLLUTE Poisonous Odour Let Loose Ultimately Tainting Environment.
SCRATCH Seeking Comfort Rub And Thence Cause Hardship.
STAMINA Strength That Appropriately Matches Individuals Natural Adaptability.
STAMMER Stratified Talk, Alternately Muffled Murmur Evidently Reverberating.
STERILE Somewhat Tersely Expressed Reproduction Impossible, Lifeless Environment.
STOMACH Sensitive, Turbulent Organ, Metabolism Activity Conducted Here.
SCRATCH Seeking Comfort Rub And Thence Cause Hardship.
SUICIDE Submerged Under Internal Conflicts Invoke Deadly Embrace.
TENSION Those Exasperating Notions Straining Individuals Often Needlessly.
VERTIGO Viewing Earthwards, Reaching Top, Induces Giddiness Overtly.
VITAMIN Vital Ingredient That Aids Materially In Nutrition.


AGITATE After Getting Irritated Torment And Trouble Everybody.
CALIBRE Character Assessment Linking Interests, Behaviour, Reputation, Etcetera.
CERTAIN Convinced Entirely, Recollecting, Tells Accurately Information Non-stop.
CONVERT Convincing Options Not Very Effectual, Resolutely Transform.
CORRECT Cite Objections, Recommend Remedies, Ensure Change Thereafter.
COUNTER Contradict Outrageously Using Noteworthy, Technical, Evidence Roundly.
CURIOUS Concerns Unblushing Robust Inquirer Openly Usurping Secrets.
EMOTION Elemental Measure Of Tensions, Intentional Or Natural.
FACTUAL Fully Authenticated, Correct Testimony Uttered At Length.
FANATIC Follows Adamantly Norms, Adores Teacher, Ignores Counselling.
FERVOUR Fully Emotional Reaction, Vigorous, Overenthusiastic Urge Reflects.
FORGIVE Fully Overcoming Resentment Graciously Ignore Vexatious Exchanges.
FRANTIC Feverishly Rushes Agitatedly Now Totally Ignoring Caution.
FURIOUS Feeling Upset Rave Incessantly, Often Using Sarcasm.
HAUGHTY Highly Assertive, Unyielding, Generally Harps Tormenting You.
IMPRESS Influence, Meeting Painstakingly Requirements Expect Significant Success.
IMPROVE Invariably Make Progressive Refinements Operating Very Enterprisingly.
LENIENT Lightly Enforces Norms, Ignoring Errors Nicely Treats.
MACABRE Merciless And Cantankerous Appearance Being*, Really Execrable.
OBSERVE Overall Become Spectator, Exercising Restraint, View Everything.
PARTIAL Prefer And Reward Tendentiously Individual Abandoning Logic.
PICTURE Photographic Image Created Truly Using Rare Expertise.
PRESUME Proceed Recognizing Endorsed Suggestion Undoubtedly Materially Established.
PROBLEM Powers Reasoning, Occasionally Bewilders, Lubricates, Exercises Mind.
RANCOUR Rancid Annoyance, Nasty Conduct, Openly Unrelenting Reproach.
SELFISH Smilingly Enjoys Looking Fairly Important, Self-advances Himself.
STAUNCH Steadfast, Touchy, Adherent, Unfailingly Nurtures Cause Happily.
SURMISE Seemingly Unsure, Resolutely Matching Information, Studiously Evaluate.
TEDIOUS Tiresome, Extremely Dull, Irritating, Onerous, Unquestionably Sickening.
VIBRANT View Intensely Bright, Radiant And Not Tawdry.
VIOLENT Viciously Interact, Occasionally Laconically Exhibiting Noxious Temper.
* Being here means ‘person or creature’.


ADDRESS Accurately Describes Details Recounting Establishments Sensitive Surroundings.
ARRANGE Assess Requirements, Ransack And Neatly Group Everything.
CASTLES Circumspectly Assembled Stonework That Look Elegant, Safe.
CONVERT Convince Ordinary Non-entities Verily Excluding Rational Thinkers.
EMPOWER Endorse Meticulously Precise Orders Warranting Executive Rights.
INSTEAD Implies Necessarily Simple, Thought Effective, Alternate Dealings.
INTERIM Investigation Not Through, Existing Results Inscribed Meanwhile.
PERHAPS Pragmatically Evaluating Result Heroically Avoid Positive Stand.
PRECISE Pinpoint, Report Exactly Complete Information Serenely Expressing.
RESPITE Relief Experienced Stopping Participation In-between Tasks Execution.
SCATTER Shift Contents And Throw Them Everywhere Randomly.
SUPPOSE State Using Presumptions Possible Outcome Somewhat Exactly.


BIZARRE Benumbing, Irritating, Zooid Apparition, Really Rattling, Eerie.
DESTINY Doctrine Expressing Subsistence That Is Naturally Yours.
DROUGHT Deficient Rainfalls, Occasioning Unusually Grim, Hard, Times.
ECLIPSE Entirely Covering Light Irradiated Partially Screens Earth.
ETERNAL Everlasting Thing, Element, Redoubtable, Natural And Logical.
FORSAKE Feeling Overwhelmed Renounce Something Acting Kindly, Evangelically.
INSIGHT Instinctive, Natural, Susceptibilities Instantly Gauging Hidden Truths.
MYSTERY Melodramatic Yet Somewhat Tricky Experience Riddling You.
NATURAL Not Artificial, Tangible, Unadulterated, Rustic And Limpid.
PANORAMA Picturises A natural Overview, Refreshing, Almost Mesmerically Attracts.
PHANTOM Proverbial Hair-raising Apparition, Naturally Traumatic, Overstrains Mentally.
PRECEPT Passionate Reference Embodying Conduct Expected, Plainly Translated.
PRESENT* Plainly Recent Event Scenario Even Now Transient.
PSYCHIC Perceives Solely, Yonder Concerned, Happenings, Intelligently Conveys.
RAINBOW Raised Arch, Inimitable Nature’s Bouquet, Omnipotent Wonder.
STRANGE Suspect Thing, Rare And Not Generally Experienced.
SUPREME Sagacious, Universally Perceived, Ruling Entity Masterminding Everything.
* Present becomes past in no time.


CALIBRE Candid Assessment Linking Industry, Brilliance, Resourcefulness, Excellence.
CHERISH Consciously Hold Endearingly, Reminiscing Intimate Scenes Hypnotically.
CUSHION Control Unpleasant Situation Handling Impact Often Nonchalantly.
FACTORS Focus At Causes That Outline Results Seen.
GENERAL Guide, Explains Normal Expectations, Revealed Albeit Loosely.
DUBIOUS Doubtful, Unpredictable Behaviour, Is Often Unnecessarily Suspicious.
ELEGANT Essentially Luxurious, Extremely Graceful And Noticeably Tasteful.
ENTRUST Extol, Next Transfer Responsibility Under Stated Tasks.
OPINION Openly Publicized Information, Nay, Ideas One Nurtures.
OUTLOOK Our Understanding, Thinking, Leanings, Obsessions Outbidding Knowledge.
PATRIOT Person Aggressively Tackling Renegades, Incursion Of Territory.
PENANCE Punishment Endured Normally After Neglecting Conscience Earlier.
PERFECT Perform Exactly Right Formally Earning Candid Testimonials.
PRODIGY Precocious*, Really Outstanding, Deft, Indeed Gifted Youngster.
PROMISE Practice Reminiscent Of Making Important Sayings Everlasting.
PUZZLED Perplexed, Unwittingly Zesting, Zealously Looks Everywhere Desperately.
QUALITY Quizzical, Utilitarian, Attractive Looking, Invitingly Tempts You.
RADICAL Revolutionary, Aphoristic, Distinct In Character And Laconic.
REFLECT Review Every Facet, Look Earnestly, Carefully Think.
RESPECT Regards Express, Solemnly Praise, Exemplify, Courteously Treat.
SALIENT Special Attributes, Literally Important, Especially Noteworthy Technically.
SARCASM Stating Adroitly, Really Contemptuously And Somewhat Meanly.
SELFISH Some Egoistic Little Fellow Intently Serving Himself.
SILENCE Soft, Impressive Looking Elegant, Noise Controlled Environment.
SINCERE Steadfast In Nagging Circumstances, Exemplarily Responds Emotionally.
THOUGHT Transient, Honest Opinion Uncontrollably Guiding Human Temperament.
TYPICAL Tells You Peculiarities, Inherent Characteristics And Linkages.
UNIFORM Unvarying, Necessarily Involves Features Of Regulated Measure.
* Precocious means – having developed certain abilities or inclinations at an earlier age than usual.


ALMOST A Link Missing Obviously Stalls Thee.
BECAUSE Broadly Explaining Circumstances Advance, Usually, Some Excuse.
BEFORE Better Evaluate First Optimizing Resultant Expectations.
BENEFIT Benevolently Entertain, Next Extend Favours In Time.
DENIAL Distinctly Expressed “No”; Intent Aggressively Lodge.
DILEMMA Different Inferences Leave Even Mature Men Apprehensive.
EFFECT Emergent Findings From External Circumstances, Transactions.
ENIGMA Expression Not Immediately Giving Meaningful Account.
FLIGHT Fleeing, Leaving In Great Hurry, Timidly.
FORBID Forcefully Order, Restricting Behaviour, Irately Direct.
FUMBLE Feeling Unnerved Maunder* Briefly, Losing Equipoise.
GARNER Gather All Reports, News, Excerpts, Reviews.
GOVERN Giving Orders Very Effectively Rule, Nurse**.
GRADUAL Guided, Regulated And Delicately Undertaken Action – Largely.
HOLIDAY Harbinger Of Leisure In Delightful Atmosphere Yonder.
INSIDE Ideally Notifies Specific Items*** Detailed Elsewhere.
NEITHER Necessarily Exclude Items, Things Hitherto Explicitly Referred.
PERHAPS Pointedly Express Reservations Hinting About Possible Shift.
RANDOM Reach Aimlessly, No Definite Order Maintain.
SEARCH Scan Every Available Reference Carefully, Hunt.
WEALTH i) What Establishes A Link To hot-headedness.
ii) Wisely Expended Advances Life Towards Happiness.
*Move or act listlessly.
**Promote development.
***Reference is to newspapers, magazines.

And now here are some more words for which you can have multiple solutions:


Some of the words in common usage have widely divergent meanings and need deep reflection. Here are a few of these words, which fascinate me:

ACCURACY It is basic to style. Words dress our thoughts and should fit not only in their utterances but in their implications, their sequences and in their silences, just as in architecture the empty spaces are as important as those that are filled. The problem of all writing, speech and conversation is the same as that presented by the composition of a telegram. One has to convey a meaning with the use of few and generally inadequate words and eke it out with what the reader, drawing upon his own reserves will understand. The number of words one can use can never be enough to express one’s innermost and real feelings and the impression one wishes to convey. Hence the necessity for apt choice of the few words one really uses – but the reserves he can draw upon
in the readers or listeners mind are lavish indeed and that’s what counts. The entire art therefore lies in choosing the words that the person not only understands but has no room for ambiguity or misunderstandings.
BENDING The exercise most frequently performed by human beings. We bend over backwards for some people; we bend low fawning over others; we never miss a bender; teachers give benders; we periodically bend to pick up the shattered pieces of our lives; we bend double with pain; we bend low with care; we bend to touch our toes in vain attempt to stave off the middle age spread. In fact we are now beginning to stoop to any lengths…. And I wonder why our forefathers ever bothered to stand up in the first place.
BLESSINGS I am a confirmed believer in ‘blessings in disguise’. I prefer them undisguised when I happen to be the person blessed. But the theory that blessings in disguise are constantly happening to other people I find consoling. It enables me to bear their troubles without feeling miserable.
CHILDREN God has sent children to enlarge our hearts and to make us unselfish and full of kindly sympathies and affections rather than merely to keep up the race. – Children assist us in more ways than one: to give our souls higher aims; to call out all our faculties: to extended enterprise and exertion; and to sing round our firesides – bright faces, happy smiles and loving tender hearts.
COURAGE Courage is finding the inner strength and bravery required when confronting danger, difficulty or opposition. Courage is the energy current behind all great actions and the spark that ignites the initial baby steps of growth. It resides deep within each of us, ready to be accessed in those moments when you need to forge ahead to break through seemingly insurmountable barriers.
DO – GOOD If you seek what is honourable, what is good, what is the truth of your life, all the other things you could not imagine come as a matter of course. Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. Just don’t give up trying to do good, that you really want to do. Where there is love, will and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong. You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Everybody should carefully observe which way his heart draws him and then
choose that way with all his strength and he will see his dreams come true.
FALSEHOOD AND LYING There is a difference between telling a falsehood and lying. One who lies is not himself deceived, but tries to deceive others. He who tells a falsehood is himself deceived. One who lies deceives as far as he is able to, but one who tells a falsehood does not himself deceive more than he can help. A good man ought to take pains not to lie, a wise man, not to tell a falsehood.
FAMILY What is meant by saying that the regulation of the family depends on the cultivation of the personal life is this. Men are partial towards those for whom they have affection and whom they love, partial towards those whom they despise and dislike. Partial towards those whom they fear and revere; those whom they pity and for whom they have compassion; and those whom they do not respect. Therefore there are few people in the world who know what is unacceptable in those whom they love, and what is good in those whom they dislike. Hence it is said, people do not know faults of their children and also do not know (or are not satisfied with) the bigness of their seedlings. This is what is meant by saying that if the personal life is not cultivated, one cannot regulate his family.
GOD AND FREE WILL There is an old argument: if God is all-powerful, why did He not force all persons to His will. This ignores the limited Free Will granted to human beings, which is the whole basis of Ethics. God gives us every opportunity of knowing and understanding things, but He does not force us, for that would be against the ‘whole plan’ on which our present life is constituted. Even though God’s signs are everywhere in Nature and in men’s own conscience, yet in addition God has sent human Messengers to different group of People to call their attention to the ‘Good’ and turn them away from ‘Evil’. So one is not right in saying that God has abandoned them or that He does care for them. His Divine Grace always invites their will to choose the right course. While some people accept the guidance of the Divine Grace, others so surrender themselves to Evil that it must necessarily follow that Evil obtains a grip over them.
HABIT Habit is most difficult to defeat. If you delete the first letter it does not change “ a bit “. Delete another letter and you still have a “ bit “. Take off still another letter and the whole of “ it “ remains. If you take yet another, though the last letter, the egoistic “ I “ still remains. Now if you take off another, it is wholly used up. This goes to prove that if you want to conquer ‘habit’ you must throw it off altogether.
HUMOUR Humour – like mathematics – may be pure or applied. Pure humour, which has no other end than to amuse is an excellent remedy for tired minds. Applied humour, to my way of thinking, is the more important branch of the subject. It is a tool by the use of which injustice, hypocrisy, tyranny, and foolishness can be laughed into disrepute. It is a tool to whose use writers like Voltaire dedicated some of the comic writing in literature.
I Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself – I not events have the power to make me happy or unhappy! I can choose what it shall be! Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day – today – and I’m going to be happy in it and I can be!
IDLENESS It is a theory of mine that we owe most of our great inventions and most of the achievements of genius to ‘idleness’ – either forced or voluntary. The human mind prefers to be spoon-fed with the thoughts of others, but deprived of such nourishment it will, reluctantly, begin to think for itself – and such thinking, remember, is original thinking and may have valuable results.
MANNERS Manners are like the cipher in arithmetic, they may not be much value in themselves, but they are capable of adding a great deal to the value of everything else.
MIND A part of the human body which, like the parachute, works best when open. However, like the richest jewels that are sooner or later found to wear out their settings, a great many of the so-called open minds should be closed for repairs at the proper time lest they consume the body to which they are attached.
PITY There are two kinds of pity. i) The weak and sentimental kind, which is really no more than the hearts’ impatience to be rid, as quickly as possible, of the painful emotion aroused by the sight of another’s unhappiness. That which is not compassion but only an instinctive desire to fortify one’s own soul against the suffering of another. ii) The other, the only kind that counts, the unsentimental but creative kind, which knows what it is about and is determined to hold out, in patience and forbearance, to the very limit of its strength and even beyond.
SENTIMENTS & OPINIONS Sentiments are what unite people, opinions are what separate them. Sentiments are a simple bond that gathers us together, opinions represent the principle of variety that scatters. The friendships of youth are founded on the former, the cliques of old age are to be blamed on the latter. If we could only realize this early and arrive at a liberal view as regards others in cultivating our own attitude of mind, we would be more conciliatory and try to collect by the bond of sentiment what opinion has dispersed.
WHOM I VALUE MOST – I do not care what other’s say and think about me. But there is one man’s opinion which I very much value, and that is the opinion of…..(myself). Other’s I need not think about. I can get away from them, but I have to be with him all the time. He is with me when I rise up and when I lie down, when I eat and talk; when I go out and come in. It makes a great difference whether he thinks well of me or not.



ACTIVATE i) After Complete Testing Initiate Vital Actions, Timely Execute.
ii) Astutely Contribute Towards Initializing Venture, Assisting Tasks Execution.
DIALOGUE Direct Interaction, Arguments, Luckily, Often Generating Understanding Eventually.
ELECTION Explicitly Lets Every Contestant Tackle Individuals, Openly Nobbling.
INCIDENT Ignominious Non-event, Clearly Irresponsibly Driven, Eventually Not Terrible.
PERSUADE Painstakingly Explaining Rational Secure, Ultimately, Acceptance Desired, Explicitly.
PURCHASE Pick-up Utilities Required, Charges Hand-over Assisting Smooth Exchange.
SCAVENGE Search, Collect Anything Valuable Exploring Neglected Garbage, Earnestly.
WITHDRAW When In Trouble, Hoping Deliverance, Retreat And Wait.


ACTIVITY Appealing, Creative, Tough Itinerary Vitally Important To Youth.
APPLAUSE Appreciating Performance Praise Loudly And Unanimously Shower Excitement..
AUDIENCE Assemblage, Understandably, Desiring Innovative Entertainment, Now Curiously Excited.
CHAMPION Contestant Honourably Attaining Meritorious Position Inviting Official Notice.
DISGUISE Differently Interact, Somehow Getting Unrecognisable Identity, Surreptitiously Emerge.


ABDICATE Abandon By Declaration Inherent Claim And Then Eclipse.
ABROGATE Abolish By Regulation Or Governmental Action Troublesome Enactments.
ADVOCATE Advertise Dramatically Vibrant Objectives Candidly, Almost Tempting Everybody.
BARBARIC Brutishly Acts, Routinely Bashes, And Rejoices In Cruelty.
BEHAVIOUR Blatantly Exposes Habits, Attitudes, Values Instilled, Outlook Unabashedly Reflects.
CAREFREE Casual, Avoiding Responsibility Enjoys Fully Raffish Events Exuberantly.
CAUTIOUS Coldly Attends Usual Tasks, Insists On Utmost Safety.
DISCREET Displaying Intelligence, Speaks Circumvently, Responds Exemplarily Evading Trouble.
HESITATE Having Encountered Several Irritants, Think Afresh, Then Execute.
LIBERATE Lift Ingeniously Barriers Ensuring Rescue And Thereafter Emancipation.
OBSTRUCT Outrageously Behave Seeking To Restrain Unabashedly Course Taken.
PERSUADE Pursuing Ever Relentlessly Seek Understanding, Action Develop Eventually.
RESTRAIN Reviewing Exercise Stop, Taking Responsibility, Activity Initiated, Now.
TOLERATE Treat Overlooking Little Embarrassments Risking Almost Turbulent Existence.


ADMONISH Advise, Derisively Mentioning Omissions Noticed, Illumine Somewhat Harshly.
ADVOCATE Actively Defends Violators Of Criminal Actions, Truth Entangles.
BUSINESS Broadly Understanding Superstructure, Interpersonal Nuances, Expertise, Shrewd Soliciting.
COMPLETE Carefully Operating Meticulously Proceeding Largely Execute Task Eventually.
CONSERVE Carefully Overseeing Necessity Save Every Resource Very Efficaciously.
CONSIDER Checking Outright Named Suggestion, Intelligibly Deliver Evaluated Results.
CONTRACT Comprehensively Outlines Necessary Terms, Rules And Conditions Tersely.
DECIPHER Delving Extensively, Cleverly Interpret, Purposely Hidden, Essential Reports.
EMPLOYEE Engaged Manpower, Promotes Lofty Objectives, Yields, Even Expiates.
ESTIMATE Evaluate So-called Tangible Information Making Allowance Towards Error.
EVALUATE Every Vital Aspect Look Up, Assess Thereafter Expertly.
INTEREST In Normal Trading Expresses Recompense Expected, Somewhat Temptingly.
MECHANIC Machinery Examines Cleverly Handles Aberrations, Non-functional Instruments Corrects.
POSSIBLE Point Out Sure Success Is Believed Logical End.
PROGRESS Precise Result Of Growth Recognizing Every Single Step.
RERPORTER Researches Extensively, Pin-pointing Observations Reveals Tactfully Everything Recorded.
VOCATION Vibrant Occupation Chosen Aptly That Integrates, Oddly, Necessity.


ABSCONDS After being Sought, Cunningly Outwits, Nimbly Disappears Suddenly.
BETRAYAS Belying Expectations Treacherously Reacts And Your Activities Shares.
DISCOVER Doggedly Investigate, Searching Cautiously, Outsmarting Villains, Eventually Recover.
EVIDENCE Easily Verifiable Information, Documents Establishing Notified Circumstances Effectively.
INTRIGUE Impish, Nay, Treacherous Ruse Involving Guile Unabashedly Executed.
REGULATE Realistically Evolve General Utilitarian Laws And Thereafter Enforce.
RESTRICT Rule* Effectively Specifying Their Rights In Clear Terms.
MASSACRE Merciless Act. Selecting Some Adherents, Communities, Remorselessly Execute.
STRANGLE Suffocate Tightening Rope, Acting Neurotically Gradually Life End.
THREATEN Trade Haughtily Revengeful Expressions, Angry Tirade Emphasized Nastily.
* Rule here means ‘tell clearly’.


BACRONYM Brilliantly Assembled, Catchy, Rustic, Odd Narrative, Yields Meaning.
BLOCKADE Breaking Law, Overawing Citizens, Keeping Alert, Debar Entry.
CATALYST Chemical Agent Triggering Action Limpidly Yet Staying Tidy.
COMPUTER Controls, Operates Multiple Programs Unerringly, Translates Equations Reactively.
CONTRACT Conditions Of Named Transaction Records, Alternatives Clarifies Too.
CRITERIA Comprehensive Rules Indicating Truly Essential Requirements In Assessment.
DISCIPLE Devoted Individual, Sincerely Complying Instructions, Practices Lessons Enthusiastically.
DISTINCT Different In Style, Technique Is Not Comparable Too.
EDUCATE Ensuring Dynamic Understanding Condition* And Train Expertly.
GUIDANCE Gauging Uncannily Inherent Difficulties Advise, Nay, Clearly Enlighten.
IMPLICIT It Means Please Look Intensively, Certainly It’s There.
INDICATE Impart Now Detailed Instructions Checking All Things Early.
INTIMATE Inform Now, Tactfully, Important Message And Timely Educate.
LINGUIST Learns Instinctively, Nattily Grasps, Utters Intrepidly Several Tongues.
QUESTION Quietly Urge Eliciting Some Tangible Information Openly Now.
RATIONAL Reasoned Analysis Testifies It Obeys Natural Authenticated Laws.
REMINDER Request, Endorsing Matters Importance, Now Demand Early Resolution.
RESEARCH Reviewing Existing Sources Evaluate, Afresh, Recording Conclusions Hyper- critically.
STANDARD Specific Types Acceptability Norm, Deviations Allowed, Rating Details.
TEACHERS Train Errant, Albeit Conscientious, Humans Emerge Radiant Students.
*Condition here means ‘ accustom to behave in a certain way’.


CONSIDER Contemplating Objects Neatly, Sort Information, Duly Examining References.
CONVINCE Clearly Outlining Nascent Veritable Ideas Nurture Compliance Explicitly.
EUPHORIA Extremely Upbeat, Positively Healthy, Openly Radiating Intense Amusement.
INTEREST Inclination Neatly Transfused Encompassing, Really, Emotional Sensitivity Too.
IRRITATE Intimidate, Rebuke, Revile Insistently Taunt And Tease Egoistically.
LISTLESS Lacks Interest, Seemingly Tired Looking, Embarrassed, Somewhat Shaky.
PRESTIGE Particularly Rigid, Exasperating Stance To, Ironically, Gratify Ego.
STARTLED Suddenly Terrified And Rattled, Thence Looks Entirely Dumb-founded.
TRANQUIL Tenderly Rest, Appears Nonchalant, Quite Untroubled, Indeed


COMPLAIN Clearly Oppressed, Mortified, Protest Loudly About Ill-treatment Nevertheless.
COSMETIC Condition Our Skin Materially Embellishing, Thereby, It’s Complexion.
COURTESY Comforting Overtures, Utterances Really Touchy, Explicitly Swaying You.
FESTIVAL Fuses Effectively Social Ties Inter-linking Versatile Activities Lustily.
FOLLOWER Faithfully Obeying Leader Literally Operates Without Ever Remonstrating.
MARRIAGE Moral Arrangement Regulating Reproductions Influencing Actively Genes Engineering.
MATERNAL Motherly, Adores, Treats Endearingly, Really Nurses Affectionately, Lovingly.
OBITUARY Ordinary Biographical Information That Unfolds Afterwards Reminiscing You.
OBSTRUCT Outrageously Behave Seeking To Ruinously Unsettle Course Targetted.
PORTRAIT Picture Offering Resemblance Tracing Realistically An Individual’s Traits.
PRODIGAL Partly Raffish Or Delinquent, Immature, Gross, Awry Lad.


ABORTION Assassinating Biologically Offspring Rushing Towards Incarnation, Occasionally Necessarily.
DISABLED Deep Injury Squarely Affects Body Limbs’ Effectiveness Drastically.
DISTRESS Distinct, Intense Suffering That Really Endangers Someone’s Stability.
DYSPNOEA Debilitates Your Strength, Plants Nervousness, Obstructing Expiration, Aspiration.
EPIDEMIC Embroils Public In Disease Extensively Manifest In Country.
FRACTURE Fatal Rupture, Accidentally Caused, Treating, Uniting, Requires Expertise.
HYSTERIA Hilarious, Yucky, Sensitive, Trembling Emotionally Recoils In Anguish.
INSOMNIA Induces Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Often Medically Needs Immediate Attention.
MEDICINE Most Efficiently Decreases Infections, Cures Illness, Nurses, Enlivens.
PARANOIA Persistent Apprehensions Regarding A Notion Of Injustice Administered.
PARANOID Partially Afflicted, Really Acts Neurotically Operating, Intensely, Defensively.
PLEURISY Plugs Lungs, Effectively Undermines Respiration, Inflammatory, Suffocates You.
PREGNANT Proudly Report Embryo Growing Naturally And Noticeably Thriving.
REACTION Run-down Effect After Consuming Toxic Ingredients Organically Necessary.
REMEDIES Really Ensure Medicinal Effects, Decimating Infections Eases Sickness.
STRENGTH Strives To Reveal Energy Neatly Gauging Toughness, Hardihood.
SURVIVAL Still Under Restoratives, Vicious Illness Vitally Affecting Life.


ABNORMAL Acrid Behaviour Not Ordinarily Regarded Mature And Logical.
ARROGANT Abhors Rational Reasoning, Over-bearing, Generally Aggressive, Nastily Treats.
CAUTIOUS Carefully Acts Understanding, Thoroughly, Intricacies, Often Unduly Suspicious.
CONSTRUE Collating Observations, Notes, Strive Towards Real Understanding Eventually.
DOUBTFUL Devious Or Unreliable, Better Think First, Uncertain Lookout.
ENVISAGE Expect Nay Visualize Imaginatively Some Accomplishment Genuinely Evolving.
FLATTERY False, Loose Appreciation Tailored To Explicitly Regale You.
GLORIOUS Generally Lustrous Or Radiantly Illustrious, Often Unquestionably Splendid.
MEMORIES Melodramatic Events Most Often Resurfacing In Extreme Solitude.
MERCIFUL Most Eclectically Rains Compassion, Ignoring Faults, Unmistakably Loves.
PERVERSE Perforce Even Reasonable Views, Explanations, Rejects Somewhat Egoistically.
PERVIOUS Pliant, Every Reasonable View, Interpretation, Order Upholds Sanely.
TACITURN Talks Almost Callously, Indeed Tells Us Really Nothing,
TERRIBLE Troublesome, Extremely Reprehensible, Really Inhuman Behaviour, Loathsome Even.


ACCIDENT Activity Causing Considerable Immediate Dislocation, Even Nasty Tragedy.
CALENDAR Carefully And Logically Enumerating Neatly Displays Aesthetic Relevance.
FRICTION Formal Resistance Instantly Caused That Initially Obstructs Negotiation.
FRUCTIFY Final Reward Upon Completing Task Industriously, Favouring You.
ILLUSION Imagination Let Loose, Unconsciously Sees Interesting Objects Naturally.
INCIDENT It Normally Concerns Important Dramatic Event Nursed Tenderly.
MASSACRE Most Abhorrent, Seemingly Senseless, And Crude Revengeful Execution.
SHAMBLES Space Having Almost Messy, Besmirching Look, Eyesore Surely.
SOUVENIR Special Object Universally Visitors Esteem, Nostalgically Image* Refreshes.
* Image here means ‘mental picture’


ARCHIVES Administrative Records Conserved Here, Indeed Very Efficient Storehouse.
DISCOVER Distinctively Investigate, Searching Comprehensively, Obtain Valuable, Exceptional Relics.
FORECAST Future Overview, Reveal Events Carefully Analyzing Sacred Texts.
INFINITE Indicates No Final Identifiable Number, Is Tremendously Expandable.
INSTANT Indicates Naturally Specific Time Apparently Now Transient.
PROPHESY Partial Record Of Particular Happenings Encompassing Several Years.
RELIGION Revelations, Exhortations, Legends Involving God, Influences, Objections Notwithstanding.


AMBITION Admirable Milestone, Beguiling Individuals, That Is Often Noteworthy.
APTITUDE Academic Performance, Talent, Inclination, These Usually Determine Expertise.
ATTITUDE Acquired, Thoroughly Typical, Impassive Thinking Underlying Decisions Educed.
CHARISMA Charm, Holy And Radiant, Interfusing Supernatural, Magnetic, Attraction.
DESERVED Doggedly Earned Success, End Results Very Encouraging Decidedly.
DISTINCT Definitely Identifiable Straightaway Through Its Nature, Covetous Type.
DOGMATIC i) Discipline Observes, Goes Meticulously As Trained, Ignoring Criticism.
ii) Diligently Observes Guru’s Mantras And Teachings Implements Conscientiously.
INSTINCT Influences Naturally Surfacing That Interrelate Navigational Course Traditionally.
MODERATE Mature, Observant, Decidedly Elastic, Responsible And Tends Equitably.
OPTIMIST Openly Picturises Things In Magnificent, Intricate Settings, Tastefully.
PEACEFUL Paternal, Euphoric And Calm Environment Facilitating Urbane Living.
PECULIAR Patently Enigmatic, Curiously Unusual Look, Indeed A Rarity.
PRESTIGE Prize Recognition Earned, Showered, Truly Irradiating Genuine Excellence.
RIDICULE React Intensely Deriding, Ignominiously Chiding, Unaccountably Laugh Even.
SINGULAR Strange, Intrinsically Novel, Grandiose, Unique, Lastly A Rarity.
STRENGTH Stimulant That Releases Energy, Normally Guarantees Tenacity, Health.
SUITABLE Satisfactory, Ultimately It Transpires Adequate Besides Largely Efficient.
ULTIMATE Usually Last Tactic In Motivating And Thereupon Executing.
VALUABLE Very Attractive Looking, Untarnished, Alluring But Little Expensive.


ASTERISK A Symbol That Ever Readily Identifies Specific Keywords.
DISAGREE Differing In Substance, Argue, Guardedly Rejecting Entreaties Eventually.
FOREWORD Focuses On Remarkable Events Worthy Of Recall Dotingly.
METAPHOR Mystically Express, Through Adjectives, Point Having Obscure Relationship.
MISNOMER Matter-of-fact It Speaks Nakedly Of Matters Erroneously Represented ?

And now here are some more words for which you can have multiple solutions:


Now I have a lecture for you on DEFT DEFINITIONS
The task of a lexicographer is to find out the origin of the words, their meanings, usage etc., and arrange them in a particular order. His task is both difficult and easy, easy because a lot of work has already been done earlier by his predecessors. But it is also boring and I am afraid you are in for a bad 10 minutes (my allotted time) as I stand between you and your dinner. What are words or, to be precise, what is a Word? It is the skin of a living thought. The other day we had a dispute about the word Abnormal – what does it mean?
Abnormal – not conforming to standards. In matter of thought and conduct to be independent is to be detested: wherefore this lexicographer advises a striving towards a straighter resemblance to the Average Man than hath to himself. Who so attaineth thereto shall have peace, the prospect of death and the hope of hell. We also had a conference.
Conference – meeting of those individuals, who knowing that they cannot do a thing independently, meet and decide that nothing can be done collectively either.
Or take Absurdity – a statement of belief manifestly inconsistent with one’s own opinion.
We are these days also talking a lot about experience. But mind you Experience – is a hard teacher who gives the test first and the lesson afterwards.
But we are not being orderly, while I said that he has to keep that in mind also! So let me begin at the beginning. The lexicographer has to be comprehensive yet concise, in other words he should know where to stop. That brings me to my first word definition, Definition – setting limits. Having set the limits our activities get restricted or confined. But confinement arises only after conception – which gives me my next word.
Wit – a quick conception and an east delivery. Result is a baby.
Baby – a rivet in the bonds of matrimony.
Matrimony – the high sea for which no compass has yet been invented.
The next step to matrimonial talk is marriage.
Marriage – a barbaric formula designed originally to perpetuate the servitude of women and developed by modern courts to achieve the enslavement of men.
And what about marriage partners.
Man – a social animal that can be divided into two broad categories. Those who cannot do what they are told, and those who can do nothing else.
Woman – a member of the weaker sex, who is stronger than the stronger sex because of the weakness of the stronger sex for the weaker sex.
But there must be some affection?
Affection – a spot in the geography of the mind.
Geography, let us see whether our friends can recall their school days – yes Mr. X, how many continents are there? Yes five appears to be correct and what are their names? Well I am getting some telepathic messages. Those names have set a chain of thinking in somebody’s mind here, let us see whether we can fit in Geography of a woman:
From 15 to 25 she is like Africa,
Half virgin half-explored.
From 25 to 35 she is like Asia,
Hot torrid and mysterious.
From 35 to 45 she is like America,
Efficient, streamlined and co-operative.
From 45 to 55 she is like Europe,
Devastated but still good.
After 55 she is like Australia,
Everybody knows where it is but nobody goes there.
Well that was the geography of a woman! Mr. Y Am I right in interpreting your message? So that’s how the adult mind work, and who is an adult?
Adult – a person who has stopped growing at both ends and has started growing in the middle.
Let me now transport you to your younger days? You were, more likely than not, enchanted by three words – Kiss, Love and Lying? And I will take them in their alphabetical order.
Kiss – a peculiar proposition, which is of no use to one, yet almost bliss to two. The small boy gets it for nothing, the young man has to steal it and the old man has to buy it. The baby’s right, the lover’s privilege and the hypocrites mask. To a young girl – faith, to a married woman – hope, and an old maid – charity.
Love – a divine idea seldom realized or if you like – the fairest and most profitable guest that a reasonable creature can entertain.
Lying – a fault in a boy, an art in a lover, an achievement in a bachelor and second nature to a married woman.
If a lie is detected faith is in jeopardy, and what is faith?
Faith – substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.
If that be so can happiness be achieved? Yes if you follow this simple recipe.
Recipe for happiness – take equal parts of faith and courage, mix well with a sense of humour, sprinkle with a few tears and add a helping of kindness for others. Bake in a good-natured oven and dust with laughter. Scrap away any self-indulgence that is apparent and serve with generous helpings.
Let us end on this happy note! Good Night.
Wait a minute gentlefolk’s. Another message has come in. Have you ever tried to understand these words? I think you are using them mechanically since your pram days. You were told to do so at bedtime and old habits diehard. My friend here is remembering his younger days when his beloved uttered these words and he replied:

Goodnight! Ah! No! The hour is ill,
Which severs those it should unite.
Let’s remain together still,
Than it will be Goodnight.
How can I call the lone night good,
Though thy sweet wishes wing its flight,
Be it not said, thought, or understood,
Then it will be goodnight.
For hearts which near each other move,
From evening close to morning light,
The night is always good,
Because, my love, they never say goodnight.



ATTAIN Achieve Target Tenaciously Acting, Impediments
ATTEMPT Activity Taken-up To Efficiently Manage Projected Tasks.
ATTEND Ably Tend Tasks Entrusted Now, Duty-bound.
COMMAND Cull Out Meaningful Messages, Assessing Needs Distinctly.
COMPRESS Contract, Often Meticulously Pushing, Reset Ensuring Space Saving.
DRASTIC i) Deals Radically And Stringently Tasks Improbable, Complicated.
ii) Deadly Results Always Suggest Trying Innovative Corrections.
EMERGE Enter, Move Expectantly, Reveal, Get Exposed.
MEDDLE Misguidedly Engage, Deal, Doubtless Lacking Etiquette.
MISHAP Misadventurous Incident, Scary Happening, Accidental Predicament.
MITIGATE Make Immediately Troubles Ineffective, Generally Assist Total Elimination.
PREVENT Preemptively Resist, Even Violently, Eventually, Noticeably Tame.
PROCEED Picking Route Offering Comfortable Environment Exit, Depart.
PROVOKE Pass Remarks, Obviously Vacuous, Offensive, Kindling Estrangement.
PURSUE Proceed Until Results Surface, Unflinchingly Endeavour.
RESIST Refuse, Enduring Strong Insistence Stand Tough.
ROTATE Revolve, Orbit, Turn And Transfer Everything.
STALL Slow-down Temporarily Activity, Leading Listlessly.
STRIVE Seek Through Reasoned Initiatives Victorious Ending.
TEMPT Tantalize, Entice, Making Promises Trap.


ANNOUNCEMENT A Noisy Notice Of Utilitarian Nature Concerning Ephemeral* Meetings,
Events Now Transpiring.
APPLAUD Acclaim Passionately, Praising Loudly, Appreciation Unanimously Demonstrate.
CAMERA Captures Artistically Memorable Events, Resplendent Atmosphere.
CHISEL Chip, Helps Improve Shape, Enhancing Looks.
CLAP Cheer Loudly Appreciating Performance.
CONJURE Cunningly Operate, Neatly Juggle Uttering Religious Expletives.
DECORATE Deftly Engineer, Charismatic Objects, Rare Artistic Theme, Eclectically.
DISPLAY Distinctly, Imaginatively, Showcase Products, Luring, Attracting You.
GYMNASTICS Give Your Muscles Noteworthy Adaptability, Stimulus, Thereby Imparting
Coordination Strength.
PROCLAIM Publicly Reveal Or Clearly, Loudly Announce Important Message.
PROGRAM Prime Rules, Overall Governing, Regulating Activity Manifesto.
TELEVISE Transmit Electronically, Live, Every Visual Image, Sound Exquisitely.
* Ephemeral means ‘of short duration’.


BOYCOTT Blatantly Ostracize; Yammer Cynically Objecting To Trivia.
CARE Consider All Requirements Endearingly.
CLAMOUR Cry Loudly, Avidly, Making Odd, Unseemly, Request.
COMMAND Curtly Outlining Methodology Make Aware – No Defiance.
CONCEDE Convinced Options Not Conducive, Embrace Defeat Eventually.
CONTRIBUTE Considering Objectives, Need, Tender Resources, Indeed Bestow, Unhesitatingly, Time, Expertise.
CORDIAL Conduct Outright Respectful, Decent, Intimate And Loving.
DARE Defiant Action Raising Eyebrows.
DEFIANCE Deliberately Evade Following Instructions And Not Caring Eventuality.
DEMAND Desire Explicitly, Matter-of-fact Assert, Nicely Dictating.
DICTATE Deliver Instructions Clearly Telling Authoritatively – Tamely Execute.
DIFFERENCES Distinctly Identifiable Features Found Examining Rigorously, Ever Nimbly, Comparing Everything Systematically.
DISOBEY Defiantly Ignore Specific Order, Blatantly Escape Yielding.
DISMAY Disappointment, Intensely Shattering, Maddening, Agonizing You.
DISTURB Deliberately Interfere Showing Thereby Unduly Rude Behaviour.
DOMINATE Dictating Overmuch, Making Inroads Noisily, Adamantly Tackle Everything.
ENDURE Experiencing Nuisance, Disturbance Ultimately Reconcile Expediently.
ESPOUSE Extend Support, Propagating Objectives Utility Specifically Explain.
ESTRANGE Engage Such That Relationship Alienates Noticeably, Get Entangled.
FACILITATE Finally Accepting Certain Ideas List Impediments, Train, Allow Thereafter Execution.
FEASIBLE Formally Expresses Achievement, Success, Is Broadly Likely, Endeavour.
INFURIATE Irritate, Nay, Force Unacceptable Regimen, Incite Almost To Exasperation.
IRONIC Invidious, Reflects Often Naughty Intent, Caustic.
LEAST Lowest Entity; Also Smallest Thing.
MUSTER Mobilize, Urge, Support, Try Establishing Rapport.
MUTTER Murmur, Unstrung – Try To Express Reaction.
OFFEND Originating Fiendishly Facts, Excuses, Noticeably Displease.
PERSEVERE Persist, Enduring Reverses Steadfastly Engaging Verily, Expect Results Eventually.
PERSIST Pursue, Engage Relentlessly, Somehow Induct Success Thereafter.
PREVARICATE Pass Remarks Evasively, Viciously Act, Run In Circles And Truth Evade.
PROCRASTINATE Proceed Reluctantly Or Considerably Restrict Activity Stressing Trouble Imminent Now, Action Totally Evade.
PROVOCATION Pointed Remarks, Observations, Vicious, Offensive Causing Antagonism, Thereby Inciting Obnoxious Notions.
RELENT Reviewing Experience, Listen, Eschewing Negative Thinking.
RETALIATE Respond Earlier Threats, Aggressively Launch Intimidating Attack Thwarting Evildoers.
REVENGE Retaliation Executed Victoriously, Enables Nearly Get Even.
TOLERANT Treats Offenders Lightly, Enraged Remains, Apparently, Not Troubled.


ACCOST Approach, Call Curtly, Often Seeking Trade.
ASSESS Assiduously Scrutinize, Scientifically Evaluate, Shrewdly Summarize.
AUCTION Allows Universal Competitive Trading, Isochronus Options Normally.
BLUNDER Bothersome, Look Unpardonable, Nay, Devastating Error Really.
COMMERCE Concerns Overall Material Management Ensure Resource Control Efficiently.
COMPLICATIONS Condition Of Multiple Problems Lately Impeding Completion Affecting Tasks Initiated, Operations Need Scrutiny.
CONDITION Clearly Outlined, Neatly Defined, Integral Terms, Irrevocably Operational Now.
CONTINGENT Conditional, Often Neither Thought Impossible Nor Generally Expected, Non-committal Touch.
CONTRIVE Carefully Originate Novel Techniques Reasoning Intelligently, Venturesomely Execute.
CONTROL Conduct Operations Nimbly Tracking Results Outcome Levelheadedly.
CURTAIL Cut Unaccountably, Restrict, Take Away Initiative Lamely.
DEPLETE Demand Exceeding Procurement Levels, Expend Things Excessively.
DETAIL Description Encompassing Total Available Information, Largely.
INFERIOR Is Not Found Exactly Right, Improvement Obviously Required.
INFORMATION Important News, Facts, Or Recorded Mandatory Activity, That Is Often Noteworthy.
INSPECT Impassively Notice Specific Points Examining Critically Technicalities.
INTERVIEW Identify Natural Traits, Expertise, Record Visual Impressions, Evaluate Worth.
NEGOTIATE Notify Expectations, Gather Options, Thereafter Interact Amiably, Tactfully Engage.
PATENT Plagiarizing Attempt Thwarts Expressly Notifying Title-holder.
PATRON Person Assuming Total Responsibility, Oft-times, Nobly.
POSTMAN Patronizingly Offers Services Transmitting Mail And News.
PROFIT Positive Result Of Fortuitous Investments, Transactions.
PROMOTE Performance Review Outstanding, Meets Other Terms, Elevate.
PROSTITUTE Perversely Relies On Sex Trade, Initially Tense, Ultimately Tramples Emotions.
RECEIPT Records Expenditure Covering Every Item Purchased Tidily.
SELECT Suitability, Economics, Limitations Evaluate, Choose Thereafter.
SHATTER Sharply Hit And Totally Tear, Effectively Ruining.
SOLICIT Seek Or Look Imploring Courteously Influencing Trade.
SORT Spread Over, Rearrange Thereafter.
STANDARD Scientifically Testified Accepted Norm, Diligently Applied, Reasonably Dependable.
SURVEILLANCE Seriously Undertaken Rigid Vigilance, Especially In Locating Lethal Activities, Nullifying, Containing Evildoings.
SYMBOL Sign, Yet Meaningful, Briefs Onlookers Lucidly.
SYSTEM Supports Your Search To Evolve Methodology.
TACKLE Task Accomplish Covering Key Lacunae Explicitly.
TYPOGRAPHY Translates Your Printing Options. Guides, Rendering Artistic Presentation, Helps You.


CAPTURE Criminals Actively Pursuing, Tackling Unwaveringly, Roundly Entrap.
CONFISCATE Complying Official Notice Forcefully Invade, Seize Cash, Articles, Trivia, Everything.
DECIPHER Distinctly Extricate Coded Information, Provide Help, Essentials Reveal.
DECODE Detail Exactly Concealed Observations, Deciphering Expertly.
DEMOLISH Destroy Entirely, Most Often Labelled Illegal, Structures High-handedly.
DISRUPT Directly Interfere, Somewhat Rudely, Undermining Perilously Task.
DISTURB Disdainfully Interrupt Simply To Upset, Reprehensibly Bother.
DIVEST Deprive, Intrinsically Violating Etiquette Snatch Things.
FRACAS Fearsome, Rowdy Activity, Commotion Associated Scenario.
GRAVITY Ghastly Realisation About Vital Implications Threatening You.
HOMICIDE Hurting Openly Mankind, Injury Culminating In Death Expeditiously.
IMPLICATE Immorally Move Picking Loopholes In Certain Actions, Then Entangle.
IMPOSE Inflict, Make Potently Obligatory Some Enactment.
INSTRUMENTAL It Normally Specifies Those Responsible, Unveiling Means Employed Now To Achieve Lead.
LOOPHOLE Lacuna, Operation Openly Permissible, Helps Override Legal Enactment.
MUTILATE Mercilessly Upset Through Injury, Limb Amputate, Thereby Embitter.
PATROL Prescribed Area Travel Regularly, Offenders Lambaste.
PRISONER Person Rightly Interned, Seemingly Offense Notified Established Reasonably.
PROBE Painstakingly Reconstruct Operations, Bracket Evildoers.
PROSECUTE Producing Record Of Stated Evil-doing Carefully Unfold Telling Evidence.
RANSACK Running Amok Nefariously Seize And Create Kerfuffle.*
RANSOM Release Amount Nefariously Sought, Outrageously Mostly.
REFUTE Rebut Entirely Falsities Using Tangible Evidence.
RESERVE Release Exclusive, Specific Entitlement, Rights Very Explicitly.
RUSE Roguish, Uncharitable, Steps Encountered.
SABOTAGE Scurrilously Act, Blatantly Organize Treacherous Activities, Grisly Execute.
SLANDER Sordid Language And Nasty, Detrimental, Embarrassing, References.
SURETY Someone Undertaking Responsibility Entailing Timely Yield.
TACKLE Troubleshoot, Astutely Control, Keep Looking, Engaging.
TRESPASS Though ‘Restricted Entry’ Sign Press Ahead Seeking Surreptitiously.
USURP Uproot, Seize Unlawfully, Ruthlessly, Power.
VIOLENCE Viciously Inflicted Onslaught, Leaves Everyone Nearly Criminally Entangled.
VOUCH Voluntarily Offer, Unambiguously, Case History.
* Kerfuffle means ‘commotion’.


ABBREVIATE Abridge By Broadly Retaining Evident, Viable, Initial Alphabets, Tersely Express.
ABSTRACT A Brief, Somewhat Technical, Record About Certain Topic.
ADOBE Atmospherically Dried Ordinary Brick, Essentially.
ALGORITHMS A List, Guide Outlining Rigid Instruction That Help Mathematical Solutions.
ALMOST Achievement Lies Marginally Outside Specific Target.
ARCHITECT Artistically Raises Community Houses Integrating Tastefully Environmental Conditions, Trends.
ARITHMETIC Assemblage Recording Interrelationships That Help Mathematical
Evaluation; Tool In Computation.
ARMISTICE Agreement Restricting Military Intransigence, Striving To Infuse Conciliatory Environment.
BASE Broadly Ascribes Something Elemental.
BOMBARD Blast Off Mercilessly Bitterly Attacking Resolute Defenders.
CANOPY Covering, A Nest Overhead Protecting You.
CAST Create And Shape Tidily.
CHART Compilation Having All Relevant Tabulations.
COACHES Concentrating On Academic Courses Helps Evolve Solutions.
CONCEPTS Convey Our Notions Concisely Enunciating Problems Theoretical Solution.
CONCISE Condensed, Overall, Nevertheless Complete Information Suitably Expressed.
CONQUER Completely Overcome, Nay Quell, Uproot Enemy Ruthlessly.
CONSTITUTE Carefully Observing Norms Select Trustworthy Individuals To Undertake Tasks Envisaged.
COUNSELLOR Career Opportunities Underlines, Next Specifies Educational Linkages,
Latent Orientation Reckoning.
CURSOR Computer Use Related Symbol, Overviews Recording.
DATA Details Assembled Through Answers.
DELETE Detecting Errors, Literally Erase Thereupon Everything.
DELIBERATE Deeply Explore Latent Ideas, Broadly Examine Rationale And Thereafter Execute.
DESERVE Diligently Engage, Steadily Execute, Resultant Victory Enjoy.
DIAGRAM Drawing, Ideally A Graphic Representation Astutely Manipulated.
DISC Digitally Inter-acting Stores Commands.
EFFACE Erase Fully Facts And Cleanse Entirely.
ELUCIDATE Explain Logically, Unfolding Certain Important Details And Tactfully Edit.
EXCERPTS Extensively X-raying Contents Extract Redoubtable Parts That Stupefy.
FACET Feature, Aspect, Concisely Expressed Theory.
GATHER Get Articles, Technical History, Extensively Research.
GENOCIDE Gruesomely Exterminate Nationals Of Country Irresponsibly, Destroy Ethnically.
GRADUATE Grasp Reasoning Ability, Develop Understanding And Technical Expertise.
GRAPH Gives Readily, Accurately, Performance History.
GUIDE Giving Useful Instructions Diligently Educate.
GUILD Generates Understanding, Intelligent Learning, Diligence.
HOVEL House Offering Very Exasperating Living.
HYPOTHESIS Helps You – Properly Outline Theory, Highlight Essential Steps, Import Simplicity.
IDEA Imaginatively Developed Experimental Assumption.
INFER Interpreting Numerous Facets, Expectations Reveal.
LANGUAGE Learning Activates, Neatly Guides Us And Grasp Ensures.
LIFT Look It Flap, Transports.
MICROSCOPE Magnifying Instrument, Carefully Reaching Objects Smallest Constituent, Overall, Perfectly Enlarges.
MODEM Modulation Or Demodulation Easily Manipulates.
MODERN Mesmeric Outrageous Demeanour Everyone Reveres Nowadays.
NETWORK Nimbly Exchanges The World Over Research, Knowledge.
PAGINATE Papers Arrange, Give Intelligently Numbers And Tidily Enter.
PREAMBLE Purpose, Rationale Expounds And Material Background Logically Explains.
PROBABLE Points Realistically Outcome By Accounting Broadly Likelihood, Eventuality.
PROBABILITY Processing Realistically Outcome Behaviour, Authentically Building Its
Likelihood, Intelligibly Tells You.
PROOF Precise Reasoning Objectively Outlining Formulation.
PROPAGATE Providing Resources Openly Publicize Activity, Get Audience, Then Educate.
QUERY Question, Usually Engrossing, Riddling You.
RECAPITULATE Recount Emphatically Crucial Aspects Projecting Information That Understandably Links All Targeted Expectations.
RENTAL Routine Expenditure Notably Towards Accommodation Leased.
RESORT Regal Establishment Selectively Offering Relaxation Typically.
RESUME Recommence, Earlier Stopped Undertaking, Musing Expectantly.
RIGMAROLE Releasing Information, Goings-on, Mechanically And Ritually Offering Lengthy Explanations.
SCORE Success Chart, Overall Ranking Establishes.
SHARPEN Steadfastly Help Achieving Results Positively Exciting, Noteworthy.
STATISTICS Systematic Tabulations Analyzing Technical Information, Strangely Though It Conceals Simultaneously.
STROP Sharpens The Razor, Obliquely Polishes.
TEACH Train, Educate And Cultivate Harmony.
THEOREM Testifies Hypothesis Explicitly Offering Round Explanation Mathematically.
THINK Try Helping, Ideas Now Kick-start.
UNDER-STAND Upturn New Data, Explanations, Review Suitably Thence Absorb Neatly Details.


AGONY Acute Grief Oppressively Needling You.
ANTICIPATION Assimilating Noteworthy, Tangible Ideas, Carefully Interpreting, Pick-up Alternative That Is Obvious Now.
BERATE Belittle, Even Rant And Tersely Express.
CONDESCEND Convinced Or Not, Nobly Decide Extending Some Concessions Eventually Now, Diplomatically.
DEPRESSION Deep Emotional Paralysis, Roundly Entailing Severe Strain, Induces Obdurate Nervousness.
DISGUST Deep Indignation Sensed, Grim, Unusually Sordid Tactic.
DISPOSITION Displays Inclination, Sensitiveness, Projecting Outright Susceptibilities In
Temperament Indicating Offhand Nuances.
DREAD Deeply Reflect Expecting Awesome Doings.
ELATION Exuberance, Lively Attitude That Induces Optimism Normally.
JUBILANT Joyous, Unusually Boisterous, Is Lively And Noisily Triumphant.
PASSIVE Pliant And Submissive, Simply Indifferent, Very Easygoing.


CHUMP Characterizes Half-witted, Unwise, Mediocre Person.
CONCUR Conveys Opinion Nonchalantly, Clearly Upholding Reasoning.
CONSORT Companion Openhearted, Nay, Spouse Of Royal Title-holder.
DELINQUENT Does Everything Loathsomely, Irksome, Naughty, Quizzical, Uppity, Essentially Not Trustworthy.
DEMISE Death, Eventual Movement Into Supernatural Empire.
DESIRE Details, Emotionally Satisfying, Intentions Requiring Execution.
DHARMA Distinctive, Hereditary Attributes; Recognized Moral Authority.
DISCUSS Delve Intelligently, Suggest, Clarify, Ultimately Surfing Solution.
DISTRIBUTE Deliver Items Selectively To Recipient Individuals Bequeathing Ultimately To Everyone.
ELOPEMENT Exercise Lovers Occasionally Perform Entering Marriage Elusively, Nervously Though.
ETHIC Etiquette That Human Idealism Crystallizes.
FLAME Favourite Little Angel, Mesmeric Eve.
FOGY Fervid, Old-fashioned Gentlefolk, Yes.
FRIENDSHIP Firm Relationship Is Entered, Nobly Developed, Sincerity Here Is Paramount.
HOPE i) Herald Optimism, Parade Expectations.
ii) Highlight Our Prime Expectations.
INDULGE Impetuously Noticing Desire Utterly, Lavishly Gratify Ego.
INTERVENE Initiate Nobly, Thinking Enterprisingly, Reconciliation, Virtually Ending Now Estrangement.
LORE Legends Of Remote Era.
MACHISMO Man Actively Cultivating His Identity, Stomping Masculinity, Obsessively.
PLEASE Praise, Lavishly Entertain And Satisfy Expectantly.
PLIANT Patiently Listens, Immediately Attends Named Tasks.
PRIVATE Personal, Really Intimate Vivid Account, Totally Exclusive.
PUNISH Peeved, Upset, Nastily Inflict Some Hardship.
RELATIVE Represents Every Legal, Ancestral Tie, Induces Varying Emotions.
REMEMBRANCE Recalling Enchanting Memories, Endearing Moments, Blissful, Rapturous And Nostalgic Charming Episodes.
SCREAM Shout Crazily, Rave Ever Angrily, Maddeningly.
SIMPLETON Stupid Individual, Mostly Pliant, Led Easily Talks Often Nonsensically.
SORRY Sense Of Remorse Reassuring You.
STIMULANT Stratagem That Induces Me Unhesitatingly Lunge After Named Task.
STRICT Stand Takes Rigidly, Insists Compliance Thereof.
SWEAR Spoken Words Emphasize, Accepting Responsibility.
TRAMP Thrives Receiving Alms Moving Perpetually.
VAMP Vivacious, Alluring Madame, Permissive.
WOMAN World’s Ovulation Machinery, Exquisite Nursemaid.
YOBBISH Youngster Overtly Boisterous Busybody, Indeed Shrewd Hooligan.


ABDOMEN Actually Belly, Digestive Organ, Metabolizes Entire Nourishment.
ASTHMA Almost Suffocates, Typically Hinders, Mismanages Aspiration.
CHRONIC Condition Having Recurrence Of Nerve-racking Illness, Complaints.
CLONING Creating Look-alike Organism Nakedly Ignoring Normal Generation.
DENTURE Duplicates Eventually Natural Teeth Using Replicas Efficiently.
DYSPHASIA Dignified Yet Some Pronunciation Hindrance Affecting Speech Inhibits Actions.
INJECT Insert Needle Judiciously, Essential Chemicals Transfer.
LIPSTICK Lascivious, Incites Passions, Sweet Taste In Carnal Kisses.
LOBE Lambent Organ, Beautifies Ear.
LUNATIC Largely Unstable, Nay, A Totally Insane Character.
MANIA Mental Affliction, Nerve-racking Inadvertent Aggression.
MORPHINE Mainly Opium,* Relieves Pain, Helps In Nursing Enormously.
NAPE Neck, Albeit Partly Eclipsed.
NUMB Now Under Mental Block.
OPIUM Organic Poppy Is Used Medically.
ORGAN Object Regulating Germane Activity Naturally.
PARALYSIS Permanently Affects Reactions And Leaves Your Sensibilities Incapacitated Selectively.
PASSION Prime Attraction, Sometimes Sexual, Irresistible Obsession Normally.
PATHOLOGIST Proficiently Analyzing Tests, Health Observations Lists, Ostensibly Guides
In Selecting Treatment.
PHOBIA Phantasm Hindering Ordinary Behaviour Inflaming Aversion.
PSYCHOLOGIST Painstakingly Searching Your Convictions, Hidden Obsessions, Lifestyle Organizes Getting It Sagaciously Transformed.
PUSTULE Pimples, Untidy, Septic, That, Usually, Liken Encapsulation.
SHIATSU Sophisticated Healing Instrument, Acupressure Type System, Utilitarian.
SURGERY Skillfully Undertaken Repairs, Grafting, Engineering,
Rejuvenates You.
SWEAT Skin Watering, Especially After Tiredness.
TAMPON Timely Absorbs Menstrual Periodic Outflow Neatly.
VOMITS Violently Offloads Meals Inside The Stomach.
*Unripe poppy seeds are used to prepare morphine.

Try these Bacronyms under the themes mentioned, but thereafter try under other themes of your choice:



Shocking isn’t it? And yet isn’t it true that the passions are the winds that fill the sails of the vessel of life? They sink it at times but without them it would be impossible to make way. Many things that are dangerous here below are necessary.
Are virtue and evil two different things or have only one meaning and is mere manifestation of one quality separated into widely overlapping compartments by each individual according to his own whims and fancies and circumstances at any particular point of time? Good and bad, healthy and sick, up and down are but examples of pairs of aspects of one underlying phenomenon. They are creations of our own minds, are relative terms and have no separate existence.
Is the so-called voice of conscience not in reality the voice of society and environment and breeding and changes with times as fashion in life style and thinking of society change? This is a permanently changing universe and of what use are conceptions of unchanging permanence? Maybe for Pluto only the permanent was real but the contrary view that change is reality has also its advocates.
Is there any human act, however good, which is not open to criticism or is rather not well looked at, in some society or the other, or was not considered so in the good old days or would not be so considered in the days to come? Our values of things undergo change, our standards of measurement and evaluation are never constant and, in fact, should not be so, because every act needs to be looked at in proper perspective, if justice – not mere court justice – but real justice is to be meted out. In the days gone by corporal punishment was the order of the day. One was held entirely responsible for all his/her acts of commission and omission and invariably the torture awarded by way of punishment was also meant to serve as a deterrent for others, and was co-related to the evil act committed. Today it is not so. Today we go into the related background of the act; the blame for the evildoing of an individual is shared by the society at large as well as the country. Today we proceed on the understanding that no man/woman is bad, but that it is the upbringing and the mental condition created by his/her environment that contribute to his/her acts. What was good for our forefathers need not necessarily be good enough for us.
Who is mean – the friend who does not offer his last cigarette to his friend or the friend who knowingly accepts it?
Who is great – the man who enjoys all his earthenware as if it were silver plate or the man to whom all his silver plates are no more than earthenware?
Can you sit in judgement and give a verdict, which will find universal acceptance? Well, if you say yes – my only answer would be don’t deceive yourself. Greatness and meanness, hot and cold etc., as everyone well knows, are merely relative qualities. Not only that but like two negatives combining to form a positive, extremeness in virtue also give rise to evils.
How our thinking, our values have changed would be apparent when we take a few examples: the custom of ‘Sati’ so highly prized and so widely practiced by the Rajput womenfolk today is banned by law and is taken to mean suicide. Or take suicide itself, which is still considered a respectable thing in Japan (hara-kiri) and some other countries. Abortion – linked with murder – is legalized in many countries. The conceptions about unmarried mothers have, in recent times, undergone a sea change in many countries. And day is not far off when mercy killing would find universal acceptance for the terminally ill if the patient so desires.
The reasonable man adopts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adopt the world to his way of thinking. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. I know you wouldn’t agree.
Let us look at some of the qualities good and bad and you be the judge!
The word LOYALTY, according to me, is so black and white, so often misapplied, so double-faced and hard to recognize from one side to the other, that, perhaps, it would be better to leave it altogether out of use? Its presence is assumed, its absence blamed with a partial and unreasonable passion. Rarely the same for him who speaks and him who hears from even the least divergent angle: and the fact is that the word is a collective, whose use with a singular meaning is almost, without exception, a mistake. By its very nature it provides ground for conflict between truth and faithfulness.
DECEPTION – Look at our mythology and you will find a number of instances where deception has been used. I will only relate two classic cases. The killing of Bali by Lord Rama hiding behind 7 trees, because in an open combat he had the boon to absorb half the strength of his opponent and thus remain superior by his own strength. The second example I would like to quote is about the distribution of Amrit and Vish( poison) to Devtas and Demons after the Sagar-Manthan. Need I say more? Maybe the ends justify the means??
Look at another set of examples – Satyawadi Raja Harish Chandra selling his wife and child to keep a word given in the dream to sage Vishwamitra ignoring the marriage vows taken in real life. Or the banishment of his pregnant wife Sita by Maryada Prushottam Rama, on the word of a dhobi, although Sita had undergone an Agni-pariksha earlier to prove her chastity.
LOVE – in love we rarely think of moral qualities and scarcely of intellectual one’s, two essential qualities otherwise. Temperament and manners alone with physical beauty excite love!
PRIDE – remember there is a certain noble pride through which merit shines better than modesty, because unless one takes pride in his work and gives his best he is not performing his duty.
MODESTY – is the lowest of the virtues and is a confession of some deficiency. Others justly undervalue him who undervalues himself!
Among the smaller duties of life, I hardly know any one more important than that of not praising where PRAISE is due. Reputation is one of the prime goal which bolsters the spirit of competitiveness and spurs the desire to excel. Lack of praise, when rightly deserved can lead to frustration. On the other hand, praise showered to please with ulterior motives can lead a person astray. It can make the person proud and boastful. So let us shower praise lavishly but, at the same time, judiciously.
PURITY – is like virginity, it has to be violated if life is to survive.
INTEGRITY AND KNOWLEDGE –integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.
FORGETFULNESS – is it not a virtue when we forget the grievances we have against others?
ANGER – isn’t it righteous if it has grief on account of what is happening to others and not a grudge on account of what is happening to oneself.
GENEROSITY – there is wisdom in generosity as in everything. But a friend to everybody is a friend to nobody: or else in his simplicity, he robs his family to help strangers, and so becomes a brother to a beggar.
CHARITY – is indeed a noble virtue, grateful to men and approved of by God. But charity must be built on justice. It cannot, nay should not, supercede justice. Charity should not be by robbing Peter to pay Paul – which is what frequently happens, we part with a portion of our ill-gotten gains and call it charity.
FRIENDSHIP – friendship is of a royal lineage. It is not of the same kith and breeding as loyalty and self-forgetting devotion and proceeds upon a higher principle than even they. For loyalty may be blind, but real friendship must not be, devotion may sacrifice the principle of right choice which friendship must guard with an excellent and watchful eye. The object of love is to serve and not win? How many of us can claim to be a good friend and to how many?
In our material world virtue is more difficult to accept than vice. Vice has a way of saying ” Here I am ; take me and forget the rest ” Virtue has a way of saying ” Here I am; you cannot take me and you cannot forget me.” Virtue seems to defeat itself whereas vice conquers!
BOLDNESS – is ever blind, for it sees not danger and inconveniences, whence it is bad in council though good in execution.
Lastly I would conclude by saying ” In everything you do consider what comes first and what follows, and so approach it, otherwise you will come to it with a good heart first, because you have not reflected on any of the consequences, and afterwards when difficulties come in sight you will shamefully desist.
And remember; the cards in the game of life are given to us all. We do not select them. We may not like the way they have been shuffled and dealt with – but we like the game and so we want to play. According to some these cards are traced to our past “Karma” – be it true or not, we can call as we please, lead what suit we will and we gain or lose according to how we play our cards!!!



ADROIT i) Adept, Dexterous, Result Oriented, Industrious Type.
ii) Adept, Diligent, Remarkably Orientates Imbibing Technology.
AGHAST Acting Grotesquely Horrified And Seemingly Terrified.
ASPIRE Ambitiously Seek, Pursuing Intently, Results Envisaged.
GESTICULATE Grinning Expectantly Seek Through Indications Complete Understanding, Literally Air Thoughts Effectively.
HAUGHTY Highly Arrogant, Uncompromising, Generally Harsh, Taunts You.
IMPOLITE Impudent, Makes Painful Or Loose Indecent Talk Egoistically.
INQUISITIVE Immensely Nosy, Quite Unashamedly Interferes Seeking Information That Is Very Exclusive.
INSTRUMENT Identifies Normally Someone Truly Responsible, Unveiling Means Employed, Naturally, Thereto.
MOTIVE Main Object That Initiates Ventures Execution.
NARRATE Noticed Activities Relate Religiously And Truthfully Express.
OBSERVE Ordinary Behaviour, Scenes, Events, Reactions View Expectantly.
PATHETIC Pitiable, Abject Total Helplessness Endured Timorously Ignoring Consequences.
PIERCE Penetrate Instrument Entailing Rupture, Causing Eruption.
REVOLT React Expressing Violently Opposition Literally Threatening.
RILE Rudely Irritate, Leave Exasperated.
SATISFACTION Success, After Tackling Impediments Steadfastly Faced, Assuredly
Comforts, Thrills, Incidentally Overcoming Nervousness.
SENSIBLE Systematically Evaluates New Schemes, Ideas By Looking Exhaustively.
SINISTER Somewhat Inimical, Nasty Intentions, Sadistic Thoughts, Ever Repugnant.
STIGMA Something Tarnishing Image Giving Mental Affliction.
STILL Seriously Tell Identifying Lurking Lacunae.
VENTILATE Victimized, Expound Now Thoughts Innermost, Letting Anger Take Expression.


ADVERSE A Distinctly Very Exasperating Result, Serious Error,
APPARENT A Perfect Picturisation Aptly Representing Emerging Nascent Thought.
ARBITRATION Accepting Results By Inducting Trustworthy Representative Allocate Titles Impartially Operating, Normally.
BEAR Barriers Erode Acting Resolutely. (When efforts bear fruit)
BEDLAM Boisterous Environment, Demonstration. Lunatic Asylum, Maybe.
BIDE Build Intentionally Delays, Expectantly.
CASE Circumstances Accompanying Specific Event.
COBWEB Clear, Ornate, Beautifully Woven, Elegant Barricade.
CONFIRM Critically Observing Numerous Factors Indicated, Reaffirm Meaningfully.
CUNNING Crafty, Unusually Naughty, Nifty, Insidious, Normally Greedy.
CURRENT Clear Unadorned Reference Regarding Experiences Now Transient.
DAMPEN Drawing Attention Make Pessimistic Elucidation, Nervously.
DEBACLE Defeat Extraordinary Brought About Clumsily, Losing Easily.
DEBATE Discuss Elaborately, Boldly Argue, Thence Evaluate.
DECIMATE Destroy Entirely Certain Items, Materials, Acting Thoroughly Embittered.
DEFEND Devilish Enemy Fiercely Engage Now, Doggedly.
DEFLECT Divert Essentially From Likely Earlier Course, Tangibly.
DEPLORE Deeply Expostulate, Poignantly Lament, Often Raving Emotionally.
DETERMINATION Displaying Enthusiasm, Tackle Everything Resolutely, Managing
Impediments, Neatly Attempt To Influence Others Nicely.
DETERMINED Despite Encountering Ticklish Emergencies Resolutely Make
In-roads, Neatly Executing Decisions.
DISCRIMINATION Differentiation In Specific Circumstances, Readily Ignoring Moral
Inhibitions Nonchalantly And Trusting Intuition, Opted Now.
DISSUADE Discourage, Informing, Somewhat Seriously, Using Arguments, Drawbacks Expected.
ECLECTIC Everything Charismatic Looking Evaluate Critically Thereafter Ideas Chooses.
ELIMINATE Examine Looking Intently, Make Initial Noting And Thence Exclude.
FIERCE Fearsome, Inherently Explosive, Really Completely Evil-eyed.
FRISK Fearing Risks Initiate Search Keenly.
HECTIC Highly Excited, Concludes Thoughtlessly Ignoring Consequences.
HEROIN Highly Effective Relief Option, Insidious Narcotic.
IMPORTANT It Means Positively Of Relevance Therefore Absolutely Necessary Too.
INCIDENTAL Inferences Not Consciously Imagined; Denouements Even Not Thought About Literally.
INCLINATION Intuitive Natural Choice, Leanings Influencing, Nudgingly, Alternative That Is Opted Now.
INFATUATION Intense Newfangled Feelings, Attachment Thought Unnatural And Totally Idealistic Or Nutty.
LURCH Launch Unsteadily, React Clumsily, Half-heartedly.
MESSAGE Meaningful, Educative Statement; Sometimes A Guarded Entreaty.
MINOR Main Inference – Not Overly Relevant.
OVERT Ostensive Venture Executed Rather Tranquilly.
PERVADE Permeate, Extend Reach Virtually All-round Diffusing Everywhere.
PRACTICE Persist Repeating Actions Calculatively Thereby Improving Competitiveness Evermore.
PREPARE Provide Resources, Ensure Provisions Availability Relatively Early.
RATION Restricted Allocation To Individuals Of Necessities.
REFER Requiring Extra Facts Explore Resources.
RESPONSE Reply Expounding Sensibly Personal Opinion, Nay, Solution Explicitly.
REWARD Realistic Expectation With Achievement Record Dazzling.
RIPOSTE Retort Instinctively Poured, Often Sarcasm Tersely Expressed.
SATIATE Satisfy A Taste In Anything That Enchants.
SCAN Surf Carefully And Note.
SEAL Secure, Effectively Avoids Leakage.
SEPTUM Simply Expressed – Partition That’s Urbane Mount.
SIGN Symbolic Indication, Guides Noticeably.
SIGNAL Specifically Indicate, Get Noticed And Lead.
SILENT Speechless, Inference Lacks Explanation, Nervous, Tense.
SITUATION Specific Information That Underscores About The Incident Ongoing Now.
SQUANDER Spend Quite Unnecessarily, Acting Nutty Demand Everything Resolutely.
STIFF Seemingly Taut, Inflexible, Firmly Fixed.
STIMULUS Supportive Tonic Inducing Momentum Uncannily Launches Us Steadily.
STRAP Support That Regulates Appropriate Position.
TIRADE Taunting, Indecent, Remarks Almost Delivered Exasperatingly.
TRANSFER Timely Relocate At New Station For Exigent Reasons.
VIOLATE Venture Illegally, Operating Loosely Act Treacherously, Evil-mindedly.
VIVID Veritably It’s Very Intense, Distinctive.
VOTER Voices Opinion Through Electoral Route.


AUGURS Approaching Upheavals, Gauges Uncannily, Reveals Symbolically.
CLOUD Condensed Liquid Overland, Universal Drip.
CRATER Cavity, Residue After Terrible Explosion Ravages.
DESTINY i) Direction Earmarked Specifically That Is Now Yours.
ii) Destination, Elemental, Sacrosanct That Is Now Yours.
DREAM Defying Reality Expect A Miracle. (refers to daydreaming)
FAMINE Fatal Adverse Monsoons Influencing Nation’s Economy.
FORESEE i) Feel Or Realistically Envisage Scenes, Events Emerging.
ii) Find Options Researching Exhaustively, Sense Expected Event.
FORETELL Futuristic Operation Relate Enigmatically, Translate Events Logistically Likely.
FORTUNE Favours, Outlandish Rewards, Though Unthinkable, Nevertheless Emerge.
FREE Formally Release, Enable Escape.
FUTURE Forthcoming, Unstoppable Time, Unfailingly Rule Everywhere.
HAIL Hydrous, Albeit, Ice Laden.
HARBINGER Heralds, Announces, Reflectively Brings Important News Generating Excitement Rapturously.
HOLI Hindus Outpouring Lavishly Impudence.
INGRAINED Identifiable Natural, Generally Routine, Attitude Incidentally Now Embedded Deeply.
INNATE Inborn, Natural, Not Accomplished Through Education.
INSTINCT Inherent Natural Susceptibility, That Interprets, Normally Correctly Things.
LIGHT Lustily Illuminates Generating Heat Too.
MONUMENT Majestic, Outstanding National Unsullied Memorial Enduring Natural Turbulence.
NASCENT Natural Action Systematically, Calmly, Evolving, Now Tangible.
NATURAL Normal Activity That’s Usually Rational And Logical.
NECROMANCY Narrating Extrasensory Communications, Relate Observations Monitored And News Concerning You.
OMEN Obliquely Mirrors Events Nascent.
PAGAN Pantheist, All Gods Accepts, Non-religious.
PORTEND Proclaim Ominously, Reveal Tentatively Events Now Destined.
PREACH Paraphrase Religious Education And Conduce Holiness.
PREDECEASED Parted Relatively Earlier, Destiny Ensuring Circumstances, Even, Abetting
Sudden Early Death.
PREDICT Pointedly Reveal Events Due In Coming Times.
PRESENT Period Relating Events Surfacing Explicitly Now, Turning-point.*
PRISTINE Pure Relict, Its State Truly Inviolate, Natural Ever.
PURE Perfect, Unadulterated, Really Elemental.
SECEDE Separate Empire Create, End Dependence Effectively.
SHADOW Space Having A Dark Overspread, Wavery.
SPACE Separating Points Aesthetically Conditions Environment.
SUSPENSE Sensational Undercurrent Skillfully Portrays, Event, News Suppressing Enticingly.
TORNADO Twirling Outlandishly, Rains Noisily, Abruptly, Destruction Overland.
TREASURE Things Really Exotic, Accumulated Souvenirs, Undeniably Rare, Exceptional.
TREMOR Temperate, Run-of-the-mill, Earthquake, Mild Oscillations Result.
YORE Years Of Remote Era.
*Turning-point as present instantly changes future into past.


BLOT Base, Largely Obnoxious Testimony.
CHARACTER Combines Habits, Attitude, Routine Actions; Conveys, Tacitly, Expected Reactions.
CONCENTRATE Closely Operate, Nay, Coordinate Endeavour Nimbly To Really Achieve
Target Early.
CONSERVATIVE Consistently Old-fashioned, Novel, Social, Economic, Religious Values Abhors, Trusts Implicitly Views Embedded.
CROWN Country-wide Recognition Of Worthiness, Nobility.
DEDICATE Duly Execute, Devoting Implicitly, Carefully Attend Tasks Entrusted.
DEVOTE Do Everything Viable Or Try Enthusiastically.
ELEGANT Enchanting Looks, Exceptional Glow, Appealing, Noble Touch.
HONOUR Highlight One’s Nobleness, Offer Unreservedly Regard.
LOYAL Literally Obeys You Ardently Loving.
METTLE Moral Excellence, Testimonial Tracing Laudable Etiquette.
NOTIONS Naughty Overlapping Thoughts Invading Our Navigational Systems.
PRAGMATIC Practical, Rational Approach Govern Main Actions, This Individuals’ Cornerstone.
RESPONSIBLE Reliable, Earnestly Serves, Pursues Objectives Nonchalantly, Strives Industriously Besides Listening Enthusiastically.
SEDULOUS Steadfast, Extremely Devoted, Undoubtedly Laborious, Operations Undertakes Sedately.
SENTIMENT Standard Emotional Notions That Influence Mental Equilibrium, Naively Transmitted.
SINCERE Steadfast In Nakedly Complying Every Reasonable Expectation.
SPIRIT Seemingly Permanent Inherited Resilience, Instinctive Tenacity.
STEADFAST Serenely Tackles Entrusted Assignment, Dexterously Faces Any Sudden Trouble.
STOICAL Sagaciously Tolerates, Observing Internal Control Astutely Listens.
TOLERANCE Though Offended Literally Excuse Rudeness And No Chiding Either.
WISDOM What Instinctively Seems Desirable Or Meritorious.


BLATANT Bold, Largely Arrogant, Terse, Almost Nasty Talk.
DICE Distinctly Identifiable Cube, Entices.
FISHING Further Information See Humans In Naughty Games.
GROSS Generally Rude, Obscene, Somewhat Squalid.
HUMBUG Hypocritical, Usually Meaningless, Brash Utterances, Gruesome.
INERT It Never Exerts, Resists, Transforms.
IRONY Intent Really Of Needling You.
NOISE Naughty, Obnoxious Interference, Signal Error.
NONSENSE Neither Orderly Nor Significant, Erratic, Nuisance, Scurrilous Even.
OPTIMIST Outcome Predictable, Task Is Manageable, I’ll Surely Triumph.
OTHER Option That Helps Ensure Results.
PAWN Pliant Agent Working Nefariously.
PESSIMIST Predictably, Even Sees Serious Impediments, Machinations, In Small Things
RING Ritualistic, Inimitable, Nuptial Governor.
RISK Reconnaissance Involving Security Kaleidoscope.
SERVICE Something Everyone Requires, Verily Individuals Conveniently Evade.
SHAVE Scrape Hairs Attaining Velvety Effect.
SHOT Specific Hit On Target.
SHUN Strictly, He’s Unwelcome Now.
TALK Tell And Listen Keenly.


AGAIN Astutely Go And Iterate Naively.
BEING Briefly Explaining Implications, Neatly Guide.
(As in ‘This being the case’)
BESET Bothersome Engagement, Somewhat Eternal, Torment.
COME Cross Over Moving Endearingly.
DAMP Distinctly A Moist Part.
FINDINGS Final Impressions Neatly Defined Incorporating Newly Gathered Specifics.
FLAME Fluttering Light And Mainly Ephemeral.
FLEE Forcibly Leave, Edgily Escape.
FLING Forcefully Let It Now Go.
GREET Giving Respect Embrace, Endearingly Treat.
HAND Happily And Neatly Deliver.
HOARD Hold On, Amass, Refuse Dealings.
HOLE Hideous Orifice, Leaking Eternally.
LAPSE Lists Activity, Perchance, Somehow, Excluded.
LOAD Lift Over And Deposit.
NAY Nearly Appropriate, Yet?
PART Painfully Abandon, Resenting Treatment.
POSTPONE Pull Out, Seek Time, Practical Obstacle Neatly Explain.
PRIOR Pointed Reference Indicating Order Required.
ROPE Reach Out, Pressurize, Enroll.
SOMETIME Superficial Observation Meaning – Elastic; This Implies
‘Maybe’ – Essentially.
SPECIFIC Select, Particular Entity Clearly Identified For Immediate Convenience.
SPECULATE Study Probability, Expectations, Cleverly Using Logic Act Thereafter Early.
STAIN Spot That Attracts Immediate Notice.
STILL Silent, Tense, Inert, Looks Lifeless.
VAGUE Very Adumbrate Generalized, Unclear Expression.
WORK Wants, objectives, Returns Kneads.

Some more for your trial run for the SPECIAL COMPETITION, most of the words will yield minimum of 2 solutions.


You may disagree if you like, but that’s what I feel:

Though man has language as a patent means of expression and he has the intellect also to argue his case and to convince others, yet man ultimately uses the ways of the animal who do not have language and reason to as their means to seek justice. So the lesson I learn from history is that man does not learn LESSONS FROM HISTORY.

Going into SILENCE enables you to manage your thoughts better. You will find there is no need to worry. Most of the answers you are looking for will come to you without too much effort on your part.

When you are shown DISREGARD, check yourself. If you’ve done nothing wrong, your conscience is clear and your attitude is well-meaning, understand that the situation is a test of your ability to remain beyond the judgement of others.

This is how your great Scientists responded to an invitation.

Pierre and Madame Curie were radiating enthusiasm. Einstein thought it would be relatively easy to participate. Volta was electrified and Archimedes buoyant at the thought. Ampere was worried he wasn’t up in his current research and may not be able to spare time. Ohm resisted the idea at first. Boyle said he was too much under pressure. Edison thought it would be an illuminating experience. Watt reckoned it would be a good way to let off steam. Stephenson reacted saying that the whole idea was loco. Wilbur Wright accepted with the proviso that he and Orville could get a flight. Dr. Jekyll declined – he hadn’t been feeling himself lately. Morse’s reply? I’ll be there on the dot, can’t stop now – must dash. Graham Bell said he is undecided yet, will give a ring later. Newton was apprehensive that the whole idea will fall down. Ramanujan from India, said the time of 6 p.m. if converted into minutes is a very interesting number. 360 is divisible by 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,15, 18,20,24,30,36,40,45,60,72,90,120 and 180. Also if 5 is added to 360 we have 10^2+11^2+12^2 = 13^2+14^2 = 365 which is the number of days in a normal year. Milton Reynolds reply was illegible, his ball-point pen ink must have dried up. Mrs. Rice heart was keen to come provided there was to be a competition, she was confident of being named the aviation queen. Werner Heisenberg harped on uncertainty principle associated with all his programmes. Dr. Alexander Lippisch was sure that even if he is held up at his prior engagement place he will be able to reach at supersonic speed.
(Notice that the reply clearly gives out the invention for which the scientist was well known.)

And now how about some words ending in ANCE, and match how you normally deal with them.

DANCE – Appreciate it. CHANCE – Needs grabbing.
PRANCE – Avoid it. STANCE – Sensibly take it.
TRANCE – Be cautious. FINANCE – Utilize profitably.
ADVANCE – Carefully. PENANCE – Take it seriously.
ROMANCE – Be serious. DEFIANCE – Think soberly.
INSTANCE – Examine implications. NUISANCE – Check it.
RELIANCE – Don’t overdo it. RIDDANCE – Indulge judiciously.
DALLIANCE – Overcome it. FRAGRANCE – Enjoy it.
BRILLIANCE – Acknowledge it. TOLERANCE – Cultivate it.
IGNORANCE – Do away with. COMPLIANCE – Study the order first.
UTTERANCE – Let wisdom guide thee. CONNIVANCE – Desist from it.
IMPORTANCE – Judge properly. EXUBERANCE – Filter it.
REPENTANCE – Show with earnestness. MALFEASANCE – Resist it
SURVEILLANCE – Be attentive. PERSEVERANCE – Cultivate it.
ACQUAINTANCE – Be on your guard. EXTRAVAGANCE – Shun it.



ABERRATION Action Broadly Enigmatic, Rejecting Rational Approach Tries Innovative Operation Now.
COMPROMISE Considering Other Members Points, Respecting Opinions, Marginalizing Impact, Settle Everything.
ERADICATE Effectively Remove And Destroy Immediately Causing
Always Total Extinction.
PARTICIPATE Promptly Accepting Request Totally Involve Cheerfully In Proceedings And Truly Enjoy.
SIMULTANEOUS Steps Initiated Methodically, Ultimately Linked Together And Neatly Expediting Our Utilitarian Schemes.


ADVENTURE Authentic, Dramatic, Vibrant Experience Narration That’s Unusually Romantic Exposition.
CARICATURE Comical, Artistic, Replica, Is Certainly Appealing, Though Usually
Raises Eyebrows.
CHALLENGE Contest Hotly, Asking Limpid, Logical Evidence, Nastily Glare Egoistically.
CREATIVITY Clear, Refined, Enterprising Activity That Intermixes Various Ideas, Tantalising You.
ENTERTAIN Excite, Normally Through Exuberant, Robust, Theatrical Activities,
Innovations Nonchalantly.
INTRODUCE Inform Name, Tactfully Recount Other Details Usually Considered Exemplary.


BEHAVIOUR Broadly Emphasizes Habits, Actions, Varying Interests Of Utmost Relevance.
CANTANKEROUS Clashes About Nothing Tangible, Aggressive, Nasty Knave, Ever Resentful, Often Unusually Supercilious.
CLADESTINE Conduct Loose, Against Normal Dicta, Ethics, Secretive, Treacherous In Nature Even.
HYPOCHONDRIAC Healthy Yet Ponders Over Contraction Heterogeneous Or
Non-specific Deceases, Reiterates Imagining Adverse Conditions. /Ignoring Existing Circumstances.
HYPOCRITE Handles You, Pretending Own Conduct Righteous, Impeccable, Though Evil-minded.
IMPRESSES Intelligently Manipulating, Posing Respectfully, Expressing Somewhat Solicitously, Endears Shrewdly.
IMPULSIVE Instantly Moves, Probably Unwittingly, Looking Smug, Immerges* Very Excitedly.
MANIPULATES Making Apt Noises, Impresses Persons Unstintingly, Lionizes And Trickily Ensures Support.
PERSEVERE Push Extra Relentlessly, Searching Ever Vigorously, Engage Risking Everything.
* Immerges here means ‘to plunge into’.


ACTUARIES Assessing Comprehensively Transparent Uncertainties Accept Risks Insuring Everyone Schematically.
ACCOMODATE After Careful Consideration Of Management Matters Officially Decide About Treating Exceptionally.
ADVERTISE Aptly Describing Various Elements, Release Technical Information, Selectively Emphasizing.
ALTERNATIVE Another Line That Ensures Results, Now Acceptable, Through It Very
ASTROLOGER Ascertaining Stars Transitory Route, Optimistically Lists, Often
Guesswork, Events Reckoned.
CALIBRATE Calculate And Link, Indent Base, Review And Tidily Engrave.
CONSOLIDATE Combine Objects, Numbers, Subjects, Often Looking Into Details And
Thereafter Encompass.
CREDITABLE Clearly Remarkable, Elegantly Done, Impressive Task, Achievement, Best Likely Ever.
DELIBERATE Diligently Examine, Lacunae Investigate, Basis Evaluate Rationally And Test Everything.
DEPRECIATION Describes Exact Price Reduction Entitlement Considered In Assessing
Taxable Income, Officially Notified.
IDENTICAL Impeccably Described – Every Narration Testifies Its Characteristics Admittedly Look-alike.
INFLATION Identifies, Notionally, Financial Long-range Assessment Through Increases Occurring Now.
INSURANCE Insulates Neatly Specifying Usual Rules And Notifying Conditions Explicitly.
MYTHOGRAPHER Mystique, Yesteryears, Theosophical History Orchestrates Giving Rare And Philosophical Heresy Ethical Representation.
NEWSPAPER Numerous Events, With Strict Pragmatic Approach, Presents Everyday Regularly.
PROGRAMME Planning Religiously, Ostensibly Generate Resources And Manage
Meticulously Everything.
PROMOTION Positive Reward Of Maximizing Output Tangibly Integrating Objectives Notified.
PUBLICISE Profitably Using Basic Latest Information, Camouflaging Inconvenient Sections, Elaborate.
RECIPROCATE Relay Extra Courteously Information, Provide Resources. Often Choose
Appropriate Trade-off Even.
REMITTANCE Renders Exclusively Monetary Instruments Transfer Transaction At
Negligible Cost Efficiently.
STIPULATE Specifically Translate Important Proviso, Usually Listing Adverse Terms Enforceable.
SUMMARISE Study, Understanding Message Make Abbreviated Report Including Selectively Essentials.
SUPERFLUOUS Simply Useless, Possibly Even Red-herring, Fully Lacking Utility,
Offhand -Unquestionably Spare.
TERMINATE Totally End Rights, Making Infrastructure Necessarily And Totally
UNANIMOUS Understanding Nuances And Necessities Individuals Mutually Offer Utmost Support.


ACCOMPLICE Active Conniver, Carries Out Master Plan, Link In Criminal Endeavour.
AUTHENTICATE After Uncovering The Historic Events Notify Tacitly Information Certifying Accuracy Thereof Eemphatically.
CIRCUMSTANTIAL Certain Inferences, Rationally Conceptualized, Using Material
Suggestive, Tricky, Although Not Totally Incontrovertible And
FABRICATE Fashion Astutely, But Real Intentions Criminal, Artistic Things Exactly.
IMPLICATE Incriminate, Maliciously Provide Link In Criminal Activity Through Evidence.
INSTIGATE Influence Nefariously, Seeking Total Involvement, Get Action That’s Effective.
INTIMIDATE Influence Nefariously, Terrify, Intimate, Most Irksomely, Defiance Attracts Terrible Exposure.
MACHINATE Manipulate, Acting Cunningly, Handle Intrigues, Nefariously And Treacherously Engage.
NOTORIOUS Nefariously Outsmarts Thousands Other Rogues, Irritates, Often Unflinchingly Scares.
PROSECUTE* Present Relevant Observations, So-called Evidence, Cryptic
Utterances, Tactfully Exaggerating.
RETALIATE Really Enraged, To Avenge, Launches Incisive Attack
Tackling Energetically.
SLAUGHTER Sadistically Lead An Unruly Group Headlong To Exterminate Ruthlessly.
STRICTURE Sarcastic, Tenuous Rancour, Invariably Causing
Tension, Upsets, Really Embarrasses.
SUFFOCATE Stifle Using Force Fiercely, Obstruct Circulation And Thus Endanger.
* Prosecute in court.


ALPHABETS Authentic Language Particles Helping Articulate, Better Express, Thoughts Straightaway.
ALUMINIUM A Light Utilitarian Metal, It’s Non-ferrous, Is Utterly Malleable.
CAMOUFLAGE Carefully Attired Militia Operational Under False Looks Attacking, Grappling Enemy.
CERTIFICATE Clear Entitlement Record That Inscribes Factual Information Concerning Achievements, Tersely Expressed.
CHRONICLE Contains Historical Records Of Note- worthy Incidents, Considered Leading Events.
CONGRATULATE Compliment Ostensibly Nonchalantly Grinning, Richly Applaud, Treating Usually Lavishly And Truly Encourage.
COSMETICS Curator Of Skin, Ministered Efficiently Transforms Its Condition Scientifically.
DEFINITION Details Each Facet In Natural Instructive, Theoretically Intelligible, Organized Notes.
DETERMINE Deeply Explore, Thereafter Examine Results, Make Inferences, Niftily Evaluate.
DIFFERENT Distinct In Features, Fully Examining Resemblance Easily Notice Turning-points.
DIFFICULT Daunting, Involves Formidable Functions, Implementation Certainly Uphill, Loathsome Task.
DOCTORATE Degree On Conducting Truly Outstanding Research Alongside Thesis Evaluation.
ELABORATE Explain Logically, Assiduously Bringing Out Reasoning Appropriate To Evaluation.
FUNCTIONAL Fully Usable, Notionally Can Turn It On Now At Last.
INTERPRET Illumine Neatly True Essence Recapitulating Precisely Relevant Excerpts Too.
KNOWLEDGE Key Nest Of Wisdom, Lets Everyone Deftly Get Educated.
MAGNIFIES Makes Altogether Grand New Image, Features Intelligently Enlarging Significantly.
PRINCIPAL Proficient, Reputed Individual, Noteworthy Counsellor, Ideally Promotes Academic Learning.
PSYCHOLOGY Prolific Study Yielding Comprehensive History, Ostensive Links,
Obsessions, Governing You.
QUADRANGLE Quite Unblemished And Distinctly Right Angled, Neat Grandiose
Looking Establishment.
QUOTATION Quite Urbane Original Thought Advanced That Inspires Others Now.
REFERENCE Recalling Exact Facts, Earlier Revealed, Explicitly Naming Contributor Etc.
SIGNIFICANT Something Important, Generally Noteworthy, In Fact, Indirectly Cautions Against Nascent Threats.
STATISTIC Sacrosanct, Tricky, Albeit Technical Index, Sometimes Tabular, Immaculately Computed.
TRANSFORM Thoroughly Recast After Noticing Several Faults Or Reviewing Methodology.
ULTIMATUM Unambiguous Letter Threatening Immediate Militant Action, Terms Unless Met.


ACCOMMODATE After Careful Consideration Of Misapprehensions Magnanimously Open Door And Timely Entertain.
AFFECTION Ardent Feeling, Fretful Emotional Concern That Influences One Naturally.
CONFIDENCE Conveying Opinion, Natural Feelings, Ideas, Decisions Effectively, Normally Convincing Everybody.
CONFUSION Creates Overmuch Nervousness, Fearsome Uneasiness, Some Indecisiveness Only Natural.
DISCOURAGE Detecting Inherent Shortcomings, Categorically Opine, Underscoring
Reasons Against Getting Entangled.
FELICIATATE Formally Eulogize, Literally Idolizing, Congratulate Insisting That
Achievement Totally Emulative.
INDIGNATION Identified Nasty Designs Invariably Generate Nasty Annoyance That Is Overtly Noticed.
REMEMBER Refreshing Entire Memory Eventually Mention Boldly Event’s Recollection.
RETICENCE Refrain Exposing Tangible Information, Carefully Evade, No Commitment Either.
SENTIMENT Serenely Entertained Noble Thoughts Ideally Meeting Emotional Needs Too.
SPELLBOUND Struck, Ponders, Excitedly Looks, Literally Bewildered , Obviously Undecided Naively Desists.
VERACIOUS Very Emphatic, Rational, Accurate, Completely Incontrovertible, Obviously Unqualified Statement.


CELEBRATIONS Cosmetic Entertainment, Lively Events, Birthdays, Religious, Artistic,
Traditional, Ironically, Originating Noisy Scenario.
COMMUNICATE Convey One’s Message Underlying Niftily Importance, Calling Attention Tactfully Emphasize.
CONTRADICT Convinced Or Not Tentatively Refute And Deny In Clear Terms.
CONVERSATION Channel Of Nebulous Value, Earliest Rational System Assisting Thought Inter-communication, Observation Network.
DISCIPLINE Doggedly Instilled, Self Cultivated, Informal Practises Linking Interactive Norms, Ethics.
ETIQUETTE Equitably Tackling Interpersonal Qualms, Usually Ensures Tenderness Towards Everybody.
EUTHANASIA End Ushered Taking Health Affliction Nasty And Stressful, Ignominious, Abysmal.
FRIENDSHIP Formal Relationship, Intensely Emotive, Niftily Dampening Sorrows, Happiness Intimately Partakes.
GLAMOROUS Good Looking, Alluring, Modern Outlook, Radiant, Often Unwittingly Seductive.
INFATUATION Involvement, Nearly Fanatical, Attraction That Usually Attempts To
Induce Outrageous Notions.
INTERCOURSE Intimate Natural Technique Enabling Reproduction, Conjugal
Obligation Usually Regarded Sexually Exciting.
MATRIARCH Mother, Also The Recognised Inheritor And Real Constitutional Head.
NEIGHBOUR Nearby Established Inhabitant, Generally Helpful, Benign, Ordinarily Uses Restraint.
PATRIARCH Paternal Authority That Routinely Inherits All Rights Claiming Heredity.
PRAGMATIC Practical, Rational And Generally Measured Approach That Is Crucial.
SURRENDER Seeing Unfavourable Results, Review Everything, Negotiate, Deal Ending Resistance.


DIAGNOSES Doctor Interpreting Ailment Gravity Nattily Overviewing Symptoms, Examined Systematically.
DIARRHOEA Dreaded Indigestion Affecting Resistance. Ruining Health Oppresses Everyone Alike.
HOMOEOPATHY Hahnemann’s* Observations, Medical Order, Expertise, Overall Practical Approach, That Heals You.
IDIOPATHY Illness Defying Identification Or Perplexing And Thereby Harassing You.
INSEMINATE Inject Neatly Semen, Eve Methodically Impregnate Next And Transformation Effect.
MASTICATE Mash And Softly Tear Intakes, Chew And Then Eat.
MENOPAUSE Medically Expressed – Now Ovulation Possibilities Anatomically, Undoubtedly, Simply End.
MOUSTACHE Male Ornament, Usually Smooth Trim And Cosmetic Hairy Entity.
PHYSIOTHERAPIST Painstakingly Helps You Secure Improvement Only Through Healthy Exercises Regularly And Physical Impairments Successfully Treats.
PRESCRIPTION Precisely Recommends Essential Specific Compounds, Right Intake,
Proper Timings, Ingeniously Optimizing Nutrition.
PSYCHOPATH Person Strongly Yucky, Cantankerous, Half-witted, Often Pugnacious
Almost Tacitly Helpless.
PSYCHOSOMATIC Perceived Sickness You Contemplate Holding Onto Some Obscure Mental Attitude Though Indications Contrary.
*Mr. C F S Hahnemann was the founder of the homeopathic method of


ANTICIPATE Analyzing Notionally, Trusting Intuition, Control Impact, Pre-empting Adverse Times Exposure.
BRILLIANT Bright, Radiant, Intelligent, Lucidly Learned, Illustrious And Naturally Talented.
CIRCUMSTANCES Certain Innate Reasons Causing Unimaginable Movements Silently Tracking And Nursing Crucial Events Scenario.
COMPOSURE Calmly Or Maintaining Poise, Overlook, Serenely, Unwelcome Results Encountered.
CONSIDERATE Compassionate, Offers Nice Solutions, Indeed Distinctly Encourages, Routinely Assists Talking Endearingly.
COURTEOUS Consciously Observes Universally Respected Teachings, Etiquettes, Overall Utterly Sentient.
DETERMINED Does Everything Tenaciously, Effectively Rectifying Mistakes, Is Not Easily Discouraged.
DIFFERENTIATE Distinctly Identifying Features, Formally Enter Results, Explore New
Traits In All , Thereafter Elucidate.
DISCRIMINATE Deliberately Ignore Specific Characteristic Related Individuals, Maltreat, Indeed Neglect And Totally Exclude.
ECCENTRIC Exceptionally Caustic, Cussed, Even Nutty, Totally Rustic, Intransigent Character.
INCREDIBLE Implausible, Not Comprehensible, Really Exceptional, Decidedly Irreproachable, But Look – Exists.
OBSTINATE Obsessed By Stand Taken Initially Never Alters Track, Ever.
RECOLLECT Recall Eventually Certain, Otherwise Long Lapsed, Events Concentrating Tenaciously.
SARCASTIC Speak Almost Regally, Casting Aspersions, Scoff Tacitly Inducting Contempt.
SATISFIED Sometimes Achievements Turn-on Instant Smiles Fathoming, Incidentally, Expectations Discerned Loathsome, Evil.
VIVACIOUS Very Idyllic, Vibrant And Charismatic, Is, Overall, Undoubtedly Sportive.


ANONYMOUS Authorship Neither Owned Nor Yet Mentioned, Obviously Unduly Secretive.
APPROPRIATE Almost Perfect, Pasteurizing Results Of Performance Realistically Indicating Aptness, Testing Everything.
CONTRADICTION Completely Opposite, Nay Thoroughly Reverse Assertion, Distinctly Indicating Criteria That Is Often Nonsensical.
OBSTRUCTION Object Blocking Someone’s Track Rendering Ultimately Course Taken Impossible Of Negotiation.
PERPETUAL Purportedly Everlasting, Runs Permanently Even Though Used At Length.
PRACTICAL Purpose Related Activity, Carefully Tackled, Ideally Controlled And Legitimate.
PRECAUTION Preventive Recourse, Expecting Certain Adverse, Unwelcome Times, Initiate Operations Necessary.
RELUCTANT Remonstrates, Expresses Lightly Unwillingness, Cautions Tactfully And Nervously Tackles.
SCRUTINISE Study Critically Reports, Understand Their Implications,
Next Instruct Suitably Everyone.
SUGGESTION Specific, Utilitarian, Guidance Given Encouraging Someone To Implement Obstacles Notwithstanding./ Initiate Operations nonchalantly.
TREACHEROUS Trust Reposed Entirely Abnegating, Cheats, Harms, Even Ruins
Operating Usually Stealthily.


CATHEDRAL Church, Artistic, Theosophical, Holistic Edifice, Decidedly Religious, Aesthetic Layout.
CLAIRVOYANCE Clear, Legendary Ability, Involving Revelations, Verily Occult Yet
Awe-inspiring, Notifying Coming Events.
CONSCIENCE Custodian Of Norms Society Commonly Imposes, Evil Notions Condemns Even.
EARTHQUAKE Explosion Activated Remotely That Has Quivering Underground Almost
Knocking Everything.
GRANDIOSE Gorgeous Representation, Attractive, Noteworthy, Design, Impressive Omnifarious, Spectacular Environment.
HALLUCINATE Hear And Literally Look Utmost Clearly Incidents, Not Authenticated,
Though Experienced.
HYPNOTISM Helps You Project Notions, Orders, That Influence Subject’s Mind.
INTUITION Inference Normally Thought Unnatural, Inexplicably True, Its Origin Numinous.
MEDITATION Morality Elevates, Discipline Inculcates, Trains And Tries Influencing Our Nature.
MESMERISM Masterly Entertainment, Symbolic Magnetic Effect Rendering Individuals Simply Mystified.
PARACHUTE Patently Allows Remaining Aloft/Afloat Controlling Humans Uneasy Travel Earthwards.
PERPETUAL Pandemic Existence, Remains Permanently Ever There, Unending And Lively.
PREMONITION Psychic Reading Expounding Mystically On New Incidents To
Immediately Occur Now.
PRIMITIVE Primarily Rudimentary, Implications Mainly Inchoate – That Is Very Elemental.
SACRIFICE Slaughter Animals Citing Religious Injunctions For Immediate Corporeal Expectations.
SENSATION Saucy Exciting News, Scandalous And Tendentious Incidents, Often
SPONTANEITY* Specific Principle Of Nature – Tao – Ambitions Need Extermination
Indisputably True Yet.
SUPERNATURAL Strictly Unworldly, Perhaps Esoteric, Really Not Attributable To Usual Regimen As Learnt.
SUPERSTITION Statement, Underlying Perchance Events Repetitions, Supporting
Treatise Insisting This Is Occult Nemesis.
SURRENDER Suffering Umpteen Reverses, Reconsider Exercise, Negotiate Deal, End Resistance.
TELEPHATIC Through Extra-sensory Linkages Easily Perceives Another’s Thoughts, Help Intelligibly Conveys.
VENTRILOQUIST Verbally Expresses Nonchalantly, Thoughts Reveals Immobilizing Lips, Offhand Quizzically Utters In Simple Terms.
VOLCANOES Viciously Outpouring Lava, Causing Alarm, Noisily Obliterate Entire Surroundings.
* Giving up action – living in tune with law, which Lao Tzu calls TAO. In Tao Te Ching he says the important difference between God and Tao is that God produces the World by making it but Tao produces it by not making it. It lets things grow. The Tao principle is Spontaneity.


ATTRIBUTE Accredited Trait That Readily Identifies Being – Usually Thought Elemental.
APPRECIATION Acclamation, Passionate Praise Recognizing Exceptional Creativity,
Interesting Achievement, That Is Operational Now.
BEAUTIFUL By Every Attribute Undoubtedly Tops, In Fact, Unique Looks.
CELEBRATE Customarily Entertain Looking Exuberant, Blissfully Run About Thoroughly Enjoying.
CHARACTERISTIC Convincingly Highlights A Radiant And Consistent Trait Enabling Recognition, It’s Something That Is Classic.
CHARITABLE Compassionate, Helps All Remembering, Incidentally, That Assistance
Be Largely Emboldening.
COINCIDENCE Chance Occurrence, In Normal Circumstances Intelligence Deciphers
Entirely Nonconforming, Candidly Expressed.
COMPETENT Clever, Observant, Methodical, Performs Every Task Efficiently, Naturally Talented.
CONVENTION Commonly Observed Norms, Views Expressed Normally, Thought Indispensable, Often Noteworthy.
CONVICTION Considered Opinion, Normally Very Impressively Conveyed, That Is Often Noteworthy.
ENVISAGE Expect Nay Visualize Imaginatively Some Accomplishment Genuinely Evolving.
ESSENTIAL Enlists Specifically Supportive, Especially Necessary Thing, Indispensable, Almost Lifeblood.
FASCINATE Frantically Attract Showing Characteristics Inviting Notice And Thoroughly Ensnare.
FLAMBOYANT Favours Lavish And Majestic Bravado, Ostentatious, Yes Almost
Nonsensically Talks.
FORTUNATE Fate Occasionally Rewards, Treats Us Nobly And Truly Enthralls.
IMAGINATION In-born, Mind-boggling And Grand Ideas, Not Always Thought Impracticable, Often Nebulous.
INDIVIDUALISTIC ‘I’ Normally Dominates In Ventilating Ideas, Dealings, Usually
Abhors Logical Interpretations. Suggestions Treats Imbibing
INFORMATION Important News, Facts, Operational Reading Material, Announcements That Instruct, Often Necessary.
LUDICROUS Laughable, Unappealing, Definitely Insidious, Convincingly Ridiculous, Overall Utterly Senseless.
MAGNANIMOUS Most Ardently Generous, Neither Authoritative Nor Insipid, Mostly
Offers Unconditional Support.
MANNERISM Manipulative Actions, Nursed Nonchalantly, Exercised Realistically In Sagacious Manner.
PAINSTAKING Performs Always Industriously, Nay, Seeking Thoroughness Actively Keeps Improving, Never Grumbles.
POTENTIAL Presents Optimal Technical Evaluation Neatly Translated Interweaving All Loopholes.
PREJUDICE Personal Reasoning, Experience, Judging Unjustly Decisions Involving Crucial Events.
PRINCIPLES Prime Rules Individuals Never Compromise In Practice, Lovingly Even Suffering.
PROSOPOGRAPHY Prolific Record Of Someone Outlining Personality, Obsessions, Greatness, Ruggedness, Achievements, Picturesquely Highlighting Yesteryears.
REASONABLE Rational Explanations Accepts Sensibly, Opinions Not Acceptable Blasts
Laughingly, Endearingly.
REMARKABLE Rated Excellent, Memorable Attempt, Recommended Keenly, Acclaimed
By Literally Everyone.
SACRIFICE Sympathetically Acting, Candidly Relinquish Interest Facing Implications Cheerfully Enough.
SOMERSAULT Stand, Opinions, Most Emphatically Reverse. Select Alternative,
Understanding Long-range Target.
STEADFAST i) Spiritedly Tends Every Activity, Diligent, Faces, Almost Single-handed, Troubles.
ii) Seeks To Execute Assignments Duty-bound Facing All Surfacing Turmoil.
STRAIGHTFORWARD Someone Truthfully Revealing Acrid Intentions, Giving His Thoughts Freeway Or Recording Without Any Restraint Decisions.
WONDERFUL What’s Obviously Novel, Distinctive, Exciting, Royal, Faultless, Unbelievably Lustrous.


BACRONYMS Brain-storming Amidst Critical Resemblance Oft-times Neatly Yields Meaningful Sequences.
COINCIDENCE Chance Occurrence, Imagined Not, Cause Indeed Defies Explanation, No Connection Even.
COMPROMISE Change Opinion Meeting Partially Raised Objections, Modify Initial Stand Expectantly.
CONDITIONS Compilation Of Neatly Defined Instructions, Their Infringement Ordinarily Not Safe.
DICTIONARY Distinctively, Indiscriminately, Coherently, Tutors, Interpreting Overtly Nomenclature, Almost Reassuring You.
INTERPRETATIONS Implications Neatly Translated, Essentially Revealing
Possibilities Reasonably Expected Tentatively And
Turning Ideas Over Nervously Sometimes.
SOMETIMES Safe Observation Masking, Entirely, True Intentions, Mainly Evasive Statement.
SPONTANEOUS Straightaway Perform Operations, Neither Thinking Actively Nor
Evaluating Or Undertaking Study.

Special Competition.

Judge yourself after you get at least 12 words successfully completed from each part.


Business magnates and entrepreneurs meet:
A week before the dawn of the new year at Agra, a representative gathering of Tradesmen and Professionals from different walks of life discussed the state of their business enterprises. Extracts from their discussions collected by our reporter are given below:
It is just going down wailed the Miner.
Mine is just flowering beamed the Florist.
I am still hammering out a solution to my difficulties mumbled the Blacksmith.
Things are opening up said the locksmith.
Ours is child’s play declared the Toy-maker.
My business is dyeing said the Dyer.
Mine is all dusty murmured the Vacuum-cleaner representative.
Mine needs relocating was the point made out by Real Estate dealer.
Ours is just building up commented the Real Estate builder.
The honest Share-broker was not ready to comment anything, when pressed said ‘it is all profit’ whichever way you people meddle.
Mine is very risky bemoaned the Insurance Agent.
My profits are in tune sang the Musical-instruments shop-owner.
It is all a gamble said the Casino-owner grinning all the way.
I am well covered, trust me in my business responded the Banker.
Litigation continue to pile up was the candid comment of the Lawyers representative.
Mine is a trying experience wisely put in the Jurist.
Our results are beyond my expectations exclaimed the Principal of a Government school.
Mine is looking better said the Beautician.
I am being frequently bowled out cried the Cricketer.
I seldom achieve my goal said the Football-player.
I wish I could successfully avoid all the traps set for me said the Chess-player.
Mine is glamorous demonstrated the Actress.
Mine is balancing confidently said the Trapeze Artist.
The performance is getting more and more trickier grumbled the Magician.
I am still struggling to make it to the top said the Wrestler.
I am holding my own was all the Weight-lifter was prepared to say.
Could I only swim out of my troubles, I would be a success said the long-distance Swimmer.
Mine is alarming simply put in the Clock-repairer.
Mine is stationary muttered the Paper Merchant.
Mine is just clicking rued the Photographer.
Mine is simply burning out said the Fireman bravely.
Mine is all ‘washed out’ was the bitter reply from the Laundry-man.
Mine is in ‘flames’ warned the Welder good humourously.
Mine is building up said the Mason joyfully.
I am being laughed at all the time barked the Joker.
People still have full faith in my predictions was the exuberant comment of the local Astrologer.
My business is picking up smilingly declared the Taxi-driver.
Mine requires spoon-feeding gratefully acknowledged the Hotelier.
The dough is rolling in the Baker was all smiles saying it.
My sweet success relies on savoury taste said the Tasty-Bite Proprietor.
Mine is soaring promptly responded the pilot of a private plane.
My business is looking up said the Astronomer quietly.
Mine is only show-business grinned the Film producer.
Mine is going up in smoke complained the Cigarette manufacturer.
Mine is ‘all write’ chuckled the Author.
I wish I could ’solve all my problems’ was all the Scientist was prepared to say.
Mine is just sew-sew (so-so) remarked the Tailor.
Mine is ‘growing’ boasted the Farmer.
It is all fault finding grumbled the Electrician.
My business is cooling down in spite of things getting hot elsewhere mumbled the Fridge salesman.
Mine is extremely noisy said the Fireworks chap.
Mine is fishy was the pungent comment of the Fisherman.
Mine is healthy retorted the Fruit merchant.
Mine is drugging(dragging) deplored the Chemist.
Mine is improving was the confident assertion of the Physician.
Mine is ‘looking better’ clearly pointed the Optician.
I started from scratch ruefully said the Dermatologist.
Mine is in plaster said the Orthopaedician.
It requires a lot of mental balancing pitched in the Mental Hospital warden.
Mine is roaring loudly said the Auto-mechanic.
Mine is still very colourful pointed out the Painter.
Mine is going down the drain said the Sweeper.
Mine is just shining was the assertion by Shoe-shine-boy.
Mine is picking up joyously said the Rag picker.
People are getting very stingy bemoaned the Beggars leader.
Mine is crumbling said the ‘Demolishing squad leader’.
We are still trying to cope with the unruly traffic in the city said the Traffic Inspector.

Let me conclude with some well known interesting one liners:
Luck is the residue of design.
I can resist anything but temptation!
Where boasting ends dignity begins!
Like fire words can burn or warm up?
You can plant anything in an open mind.
Everybody laughs in the same language!
Friends are not made they are recognized?
Curiosity is the mother of Venetian Blinds?
Success is the tribute life pays to excellence.
An idler is like a clock that lacks both hands!
A praise is as good as the person who tenders it!
Apology is a courtesy that’s a bit late in arriving!
A life is for a generation, a good name is forever!
The city is not a concrete jungle – it is a human zoo?
Circumstances do not make men, they discover them!
Conceit is a form of “I” strain that Doctors can’t cure!
Faith is the bird that feels the light when it is still dark!
Don’t stay angry. A smoldering fire makes bitter smoke!
Experience is a good teacher but it sends in terrific bills!
Disappointments should be cremated and not embalmed!
A man likes to feel he is loved, a woman likes to be told!
He who is not ready today will be even less so tomorrow.
Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself?
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
A tree will not only lie as it falls, but it will also fall as it leans!
Chance – a willing accomplice of one who is ready to venture all!
Corruption, the most infallible symptom of constitutional liberty!
Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear!
By nature men are all alike; by practice they get to be wide apart!
Quantity is what you can count quality is what you can count on!
A sure way to stop a red-hot argument is to reel out a few cold facts!
A dignified silence is the only weapon to use against vulgar persons!
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen!
A man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary.
The drama is make-believe art, it does not deal with truth but with effect.
Experience is a hard teacher, it gives the test first and the lesson afterwards!
A fanatic is one who refuses to alter his mind and will not change the subject!
Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; arguments an exchange of ignorance!
A man gazing at the stars is proverbially at the mercy of the puddles on the road!
There is no better test of people’s character than their behaviour when they are wrong.
A man may fail many times, but he is not a failure until he begins to blame someone else?
Cease to inquire what the future has in store and take as a gift whatever the day brings forth!